Riot by Frank Ternier

Riot by Frank Ternier

A young black man is killed in an altercation with a vigilant neighboor and the police. An indignant crowd gathered together. The feeling of injustice is high.
A group isolates itself. Emotion engenders riot .... In the absence of words, can the body take its revenge?

"Here words are dead. Only the body speaks". Frank Ternier makes consistently powerful films (from Swallowing the Devil to 8 Bullets), but this is by far the most explicitly, anger-infused film.

Which has nothing to do with the animation style, by the way. Here live-action and body performance takes out to complement with real bodies what the animated part leads to. Working within a tightly structured (but always varied) geometrical space, Ternier brings out both the indifference and a sense of being lost in a space which can't support humanity. Rage and riots is only its natural equivalent.

With meticulously placed interaction between animation and live-action segments, Riot leaves no stone unturned in its depiction of bodily movement (live-action), emotional escalation (narrator) and graphical representation. The film really makes a case for your being there on the spot, and witnessing an event that you'd rather not be mute about it. A robust film.


Director: Frank Ternier - Ideal Crash/
Music: Frédéric Duzan aka Zed
with Alan Page aka Junior coldboy, Waldo Pierre aka Junior Tiger and Suzie Babin

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