Rules of Play by Merlin Flügel

Rules of Play by Merlin Flügel

 „RULES OF PLAY“ by German animation director Merlin Flügel  is all about the phenomenon of playing. The play field is the center of the ritual activities: Role play, gambling, competition and intoxication. Play is free. Play is not „ordinary“ or „real“ life. Play creates order. Play demands order absolute and supreme. Today the border between work and play gets smaller and smaller. What happens if nobody questions the rules anymore?

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Rules of Play can certainly change all the time at the point of leading to major restructuring of the whole rule set; aggression and confusion follows. All these are fairly evident in Merlin Flügel's animation short.

Story, Direction, Animation: Merlin Flügel | Sound Design: Jonatan Schwenk | Production: Merlin Flügel FILMS | World Distribution: MIYU

About Merlin Flügel
Born in Naila, Germany. 2012 Intern at Studio Filmbilder (Andreas Hykade). Graduated in 2017 at the University of Arts and Design Offenbach. Lives and works in Frankfurt/Main.

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