Selection Results: Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020

Selection Results: Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020

This year, the Ottawa International Animation Festival received a total of 1950 entries from 84 different countries. Of those, 92 short films, including VR and Animated Series (results for VR to be announced in August), and 6 feature films were chosen for competition. In addition, 16 films were selected in the   Canadian Student Competition and 41 panorama films were chosen to represent the efforts of the Canadian, international, and student communities.

The pandemic certainly hasn’t slowed animators down,” says OIAF Artistic Director, Chris Robinson. “This year’s crop of films are as solid, inspired, bizarre and diverse as any other. There’s sexual silliness (Peter Millard’s Cumcumcumcumcum Everybody and Ivan Li’s sure to be heatedly discussed short, Fruit), indie rock icons (new music videos for Sparks and The Breeders), boozy preachers (I, Barnabe), love affairs with a convict (Shoko Hara’s stop motion documentary, Just a Guy), and some rather timely films that deal with those pandemic words we all now know so well: face touching (Leah Shore’s Don’t Touch Your Face), masks (Patrick Smith’s Beyond Noh), elderly (mis)care (Kaspar Jancis’ funny and poignant Kosmonaut) and isolation (the playful, Living in a Box by Oscar nominee, Theodore Ushev).” - Chris Robinson

The full lineup of Ottawa International Animation Festival

Bru & Boegie: The Movie, Mike Scott, South Africa/ Feature
Circumstantial Pleasures, Lewis Klahr USA / Feature
Zabij To Wyjedz Z Tego Miasta (Kill It and Leave This Town),    Mariusz Wilczynski / Bombonierka, Poland / Feature
Mosley, Kirby Atkins / Huhu Studios, New Zealand /  Feature
My Favorite War, Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen / BIVROST FILM & TV, Trond JACOBSEN, EGO MEDIA, Guntis TREKTERIS    Latvia & Norway / Feature
Nos ili zagovor netakikh (The Nose or The Conspiracy of Mavericks), Andrey Khrzhanovsky School-Studio "SHAR", Russia & Moscow / Feature
10 000 Ugly Inkblots,  Dmitry Geller / Jilin Animation Institute, Russia & China / Narrative
4 North A, Howie Shia & Jordan Canning /National Film Board of Canada Canada    / Narrative
Alien Felines From Beyond the Galaxy,  Ugo Vittu & Peter the Moon, France / Narrative
Altötting, Andreas Hykade /Studio Film Bilder, National Film Board of Canada, Ciclope Filmes, Germany & Canada, Portugal / Narrative
Kosmonaut (Cosmonaut), Kaspar Jancis /Eesti Joonisfilm, Estonia  / Narrative
Fruit, Ivan Li, Canada  / Narrative
Schast'e (Happiness), Andrey Zhidkov, Russia / Narrative
Hide, Daniel Gray / LA CELLULE PRODUCTIONS (France), NATIONAL FILM BOARD (Canada) , CUB ANIMATION STUDIO (Hungary)    France & Canada, Hungary / Narrative
Homeless Home, Alberto Vázquez /Autour de Minuit/Uniko France & Espagne / Narrative
Human Nature, Sverre Fredriksen / Family Affair Films Netherlands/ Narrative
Moi, Barnabé (I, Barnabé), Jean-François Lévesque / National Film Board of Canada    Canada     / Narrative
In the Shadow of the Pines, Anne Koizumi /Nava Projects Canada  / Narrative
Just a Guy, Shoko Hara / Studio Seufz    Germany / Narrative
KKUM, Kang-min Kim  / studio zazac, Open The Portal , South Korea & USA / Narrative
Lizard Ladder, Ted Wiggin, USA / Narrative
Mor visste ingenting (Mother Didn't Know), Anita Killi / Norway  / Narrative
My Exercise, Atsushi Wada / New Deer, Japan / Narrative
Polka-dot boy (Polka-Dot Boy), Sarina Nihei /Miyu Productions France / Narrative
Sogni al campo, Magda Guidi & Mara Cerri /MIYU PRODUCTIONS France  / Narrative
Något att minnas (Something to Remember), Niki Lindroth von Bahr / Malade    Sweden     / Narrative
Thanadoula, Robin Mckenna / Gaudete Film National Film Board of Canada Canada  / Narrative
Pracka (Washing Machine), Alexandra Májová, Czech Republic  / Narrative
Anonymous, Steven Subotnick,  USA / Non-Narrative
Beyond Noh, Patrick Smith / Blend Films USA & Japan  / Non-Narrative
cumcumcumcumcum everybody, Peter Millard UK   / Non-Narrative
Dune, Gabor Ulrich / Kecskemétfilm, FocusFox Hungary  / Non-Narrative
Flamingo, Kawo Sushijojo / Sunshine Vacancy Production Taiwan & Macao / Non-Narrative
Ghosts, Jee-youn Park /  Nowornever    South Korea     / Non-Narrative
Hierarchy Glitch, Vessela Dantcheva / Compote Collective Bulgaria & Austria    / Non-Narrative
Living in a Box, Theodore Ushev Canada / Non-Narrative
Median Life and / or Death, Petteri Cederberg, Finland / Non-Narrative
Opera, Erick Oh / BEASTS AND NATIVES ALIKE South Korea & USA    / Non-Narrative
Perennial Stream, Sonnye LimUSA / Non-Narrative
La mer à boire (The Sea Is Too Much to Drink)    Charlotte Arene France     / Non-Narrative
Esfinge urbana (Urban Sphinx)    María Lorenzo    Enrique Millán    Spain  / Non-Narrative
2.3 x 2.6 x 3.2, Jiaqi Wang /UK  / Student
A Girl Who’s Afraid Of Touching People, Liang Hsin Huang / UK & Taiwan / Student
Pá kis panelom! (Bye Little Block!), József Fülöp & Éva Darabos  Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest    Hungary     / Student
Cockpera, Kata Gugi / Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Zagreb film Croatia (Hrvatska) / Student
Doghead, Momo Takenoshita / Japan / Student
Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Meredith Binnette, RISD USA  / Student
Hangend (Hanging), Mathieu Georis    Atelier de production La Cambre Asbl ENSAV, Belgium / Student
Naked, Kirill Khachaturov / Moscow school of new cinema Russia     / Student
Papa Sun, Noah Gallagher /Rhode Island School of Design, USA     / Student
Room with a Sea View, Leonid Shmelkov / Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia / Student
SH_T Happens, David Stumpf & Michaela Mihalyi / BFILM, FAMU, Bagan Films Czech Republic & Slovakia, France / Student
A forrás és a torony (The Wellspring and the Tower)    Melinda Kádár    Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest Hungary / Student
Adult Swim 'Super Sentai Rick', Pádraig Fagan, Eimhin McNamara & Rachel Feury /Titmouse, Inc., Paper Panther, USA /  Commissioned
Artemis, Bárbara Cerro     / Argentina/  Commissioned
Camp Saint Helene 'Protector', Benjamin Clement, USA / Commissioned
Consumerland, Bjarne Anmarkrud /  Animaskin Norway /  Commissioned
FME 2019 'Trailer', Martine Frossard     / Canada & France /  Commissioned
France 'Patrouille de France / Dernier tour, Emmanuel Lantam /Miyu Production France /  Commissioned
Habito 'The Climb, Andy Baker/ Hornet    USA & UK  / Commissioned
Happy Year of the Rat 2020, Lei Lei China /  Commissioned
Jo Goes Hunting 'Careful', Alice Saey / Miyu Production & De Nieuwe Oost France & Netherlands /  Commissioned
Kaspersky: Interview,    Alexandra Krechman /Blaster Studio Russia  /  Commissioned
Kuricorder Quartet ‘Southpaw’, Sawako Kabuki / Japan     /  Commissioned
Lightning Bolt 'Blow to the Head, Caleb Wood    USA  /  Commissioned
Moon King 'Free Time', Jordan Minkoff     / Canada /  Commissioned
Onoe Caponoe ‘The Message’, TOCHKA / Netherlands & UK, Japan     /  Commissioned
Plants and Animals 'House on Fire'Emily Pelstring, Canada  /  Commissioned
Sparks - One for the Ages, Chintis Lundgren / Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio    Estonia  /  Commissioned
The Lunachicks' Gina Volpe 'Don't Touch Your Face',     Leah Shore USA     /  Commissioned
Tricky Women / Tricky Realities 2020 Trailer    Rachel Gutgarts / Austria & Israel  /  Commissioned
Walking with a Killer, Marcos Sanchez & Kim Deal / USA & Chile /  Commissioned
Abstract Animals, Dana Sink & Ivica Širanovi / Dana Sink /USA & North Macedonia /  Shorts for 6-12
Alastair Moock 'Be A Pain' Sara Kochanski, USA /  Shorts for 6-12
On est pas près d'être des super héros (And Yet We Are Not Superheroes), Lia Bertels /Ambiances...ASBL/Animais AVPL/Luna Blue Films/La Clairière Ouest, Belgium & Portugal, France /  Shorts for 6-12
Eve & Garak, Collective: 14 children /Camera-etc Belgium /  Shorts for 6-12
Glue Boy Saves the Day    Tony Dusko, USA /  Shorts for 6-12
Kapaemahu, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson & Daniel Sousa / Kanaka Pakipika    USA/  Shorts for 6-12
Matilda ir atsargin galva (Matilda and the Spare Head), Ignas Meilknas / M-Films Lithuania/  Shorts for 6-12
Pool, Islena Neira & Benoit Michelet / EMCA France    /  Shorts for 6-12
The Girl from the Other Side, Yutaro Kubo & Satomi Maiya /WIT Studio    Japan/  Shorts for 6-12
Devochka-ptichka (The Girl-Bird), Ekaterina Nevostrueva / Studio Ural-Cinema    Russia    /  Shorts for 6-12
Odeyalko (Blanket), Marina Moshkova / Souzmultfilm Studio    Russia     / Shorts for Preschool
C is for Cars    Warren Brown & Adam Goddard    Goddard/Brown    Canada     / Shorts for Preschool
Fuwa Fuwa Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu”Fushigi na Tane“ (Fluffy Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu "Mysterious Seed"), Hiroyuki Mizoguchi / NHK ENTERPRISES, INC. Animation Global Business Headquarters, Japan  / Shorts for Preschool
Ollie    Anton Setola    Lunanime, Ink-and-Light & Belgium & Ireland, Norway  / Shorts for Preschool
Der Pinguin auf meiner Schumesedecke (Patchwork Penguin), Angela Steffen, Germany  / Shorts for Preschool
Bease no mori no Rabby (Okataduke) (Rabby of Beads Forest (Clean up)), Masam Hashimoto / Japan     / Shorts for Preschool
ShalaBonBon, Yoko Yuki    /Japan & Japan / Shorts for Preschool
L'odyssée de Choum (Shooom's Odyssey)    Julien Bisaro    Picolo Pictures, France & Belgique / Shorts for Preschool
Os Pelúcias (The Fluffies), Sergio Gambier Campos & Vivian Altman Eberhard,  Brazil  / Shorts for Preschool
Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen (The Little Bird and the Bees), Lena von Döhren Switzerland     / Shorts for Preschool
Ballmastrz: 9009: Big Boy Body, Big Boy Heart! Can you Endure the Pain of Love? Babyball, Discover it Now!!Christy Karacas    Titmouse, Inc.USA  / Animated Series
Big Mouth: Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!    Bob Suarez / Titmouse, Inc., Brutus Pink USA  / Animated Series
L'amour a ses réseaux - Petit Piment (Fail in love - Berlin), Cécile Rousset & Romain Blanc-Tailleur,  Darjeeling, France    / Animated Series
Life After a Mass Shooting, Curtis Brown, Jon Reyes, Padraic Driscoll, Ignacio Osorio, Carla Howe & Patience Carter /CNN Digital    USA / Animated Series
Undone Episode 2 "The Hospital", Hisko Hulsing / USA / Animated Series
Les espionnes racontent 'Yola' (Women Undercover 'Yola'), Aurélie Pollet / Quark productions France / Animated Series
Animation Week 80th Anniversary of the NFB, Alex Boya, NFB Canada/ Canadian Panorama
Borrachero, Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea Canada / Canadian Panorama
Coldshot, Evin Collis /Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Fan (Fan) Fiction, Lynn Dana Wilton / LDW Freelance Animation, Art & Design    Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Katalog of Flaws, Marv Newland / International Rocketship Limited, Canada/ Canadian Panorama
Odeurs sonores (Smell of Sound), Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand, Canada / Canadian Panorama
Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2019 Trailer    Martine Frossard, Canada & France / Canadian Panorama
Sporegasm, Kjell Boersma / Astronaught Media Inc. / Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Stache and the Inner Walk, Joanne Fisher / Canada / Canadian Panorama
TAAFI x Industry, Noam Sussman & Ali Kellner / Canada / Canadian Panorama
The Fake Calendar, Meky Ottawa / NFB    Canada    / Canadian Panorama
The Fourfold, Alisi Telengut / Canada    / Canadian Panorama
The Lonely Spruce, Dan Sokolowski / Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Le mangeur d'orgues (The Organ Eater), Diane Obomsawin / Canada / Canadian Panorama
The SerVant 'The Forest' (The SerVant 'The Forest' ),  Éric Falardeau / ThanatoFilms Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Whatever Tree, Isaac King / Isaac King Canada    / Canadian Panorama
Across the Bridge, Alisha Steinberger & Goody Chao Wu / Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Canada & Germany, Taiwan    /  Canadian Student Competition
Breaker Point, Samantha Van Rootselaar / Seneca College Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
Catch of the Day, Gillian Xu & Perrin Lew / Sheridan College    Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Flee    Merick Cormier    Dawson College    Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Metamorphosis, Anna Rudichenko / Sheridan college Ukraine & Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
Moundform, Catherine Slilaty / Concordia University  Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Ouroboros , Madisyn Dell / Concordia University  Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Pandemia, Dani Sadun / Geminus Studios Canada & Ecuador /  Canadian Student Competition
Pizza Panic!, Elizabeth Eaton, Danny Silva, Cassandra Parker, Mark Anthony Quiban, Yushan Li, Miguel Ventura, Cindy Alice Yu, Caroline Lorch, Michaela Groves, Kyle Bullock, Wan Yue Zhao & Nell Alexander    Sheridan College Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Prey, Nathan Chen, Aiken Chau, Ella Ye, Keni Xiao Xuan Ji, Ryan Maman, Anastasia Adela Putra, Alice Liu, Sabrina Shan, Saniya Baig, Danny Del Toro, Rujun Ma, Summer Oh & Monica Santos    Oh Deer Studios (Sheridan College) Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Sea Major, Elisha Wang    Sheridan College Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
The Curious Case of the Buzzing Box, Isaac Delaney / Sheridan College Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
The Hotline, christina taratufolo & tien nguyen seneca / Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
The Lighthouse Man, Matthew Walton / Sheridan College Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Le Poète (The Poet), Vincent Hurtubise-Martin     / UQAM Canada    /  Canadian Student Competition
Trilo-Bite, Joshua Ralph /Emily Carr University of Art + Design Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
Yarlung, Kunsang Kyirong / Emily Carr University of Art+ Design Canada /  Canadian Student Competition
Black Snot & Golden Squares, Irina Rubina /  Germany / World Panorama
Kharchang (Crab), Shiva Sadegh Asadi / Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon), Iran /World Panorama
Carne (Flesh), Camila Kater & Julia Teles / Abano Producións, Doctela Brazil & Spain / World Panorama
Ma hingan lihtsalt rohkem (I Just Breathe More), Bruno Quast & Viktoria Grahv, Estonia / World Panorama
Incomplete Venereal Disease Anthology, Michail Lazarev / Russia / World Panorama
Jack, Faiyaz Jafri / Hyper-Unrealism    USA /     World Panorama
Lursaguak. Escenas de vida (Lursaguak. Scenes From Life), Izibene Oñederra, Spain    / World Panorama
Stunting Cunts    Gina Kamentsky    USA / World Panorama
Les 2 Souliers (The 2 Shoes), Paul Driessen / Miyu Productions, Netherlands & France / World Panorama
The Drill, Richard O'Connor & Pilar Newton / Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC, USA & United States / World Panorama
The Surrogate, Stas Santimov Ukraine / World Panorama
We Have Everything, Francisca Villela    Germany & Chile / World Panorama
Afternoon Tea, Andrea Szelesová, FAMU    Czech Republic    /  World Student Panorama
Cage Match, Bryan Lee    USA /  World Student Panorama
Cartoons and Tunes, Ray Ryan / Elmhurst College USA    /  World Student Panorama
Izzy's Demons, Gregory GarayUniversity of Southern California USA /  World Student Panorama
Millenium (Millennium)    Daria Godyn / Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow Poland    /  World Student Panorama
Mother Figure, Chia Tse Chang / TAINAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS Taiwan /  World Student Panorama
Needs, Júlia Lerch / Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Budapest Hungary /  World Student Panorama
Sasa si Petre (Sasa and Petre), Luca Istodor & Saa Lupescu / Harvard University, Romania & US /  World Student Panorama
The Most Woke Man in America    Jordan Wong & Mitra Jouhari / USA /  World Student Panorama
L’homme qui est foudroyé (The Thundered Man), Valentine Vendroux / France /  World Student Panorama
White Horse, Yujie Xu / Royal College of Art    UK /  World Student Panorama
Wild West Compressed, Christian Kaufmann, Germany / World Student Panorama

This year’s virtual OIAF runs September 23 to October 4.

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