Young European Animators: Cartoon Springboard, 17-19 Nov

CARTOON Springboard is a new pitching event where young talents of European animation schools will be able to pitch their project in front of a panel of experts from the audovisual world.

The event takes place in Halle (Germany) between 17-19 November 2015. It is addressed to European young talents who have graduated from an animation school in the last 3 years, and want to develop and test their new animation project or property for the international market and/or to be distributed on several screens (360 approach).

Eligible kinds of projects inlcude:

• a TV Special (minimum 26 minutes)
• a TV series
• a feature film (minimum 60 minutes)
• an animated project dedicated to cross-media
• short films are NOT accepted

The 3 day-event will focus on 2 parts:

• Didactic presentations by key animation players (broadcasters, distributors, producers, digital players).
• Pitches made by animation young talents coming from all over Europe.

Applicants should submit a 10 (minimum)/20 (maximum)-page PDF document with two stills. More submission rules here. Submission procedure will open soon.

Even though this event is not an actual opportunity for co-productions at this point, what this pitching forum aims at is to have  the experts point out the strengths and weaknesses of an applicant's project, what s/he needs to improve, change or highlight to make this project more consistent and in line with market requirements.

In other words, it aims to establish a preliminary step on the road to Cartoon Forum (TV series), Cartoon Movie (feature films) or Cartoon 360 (crossmedia) pitching forums.

The event is also open to young talents without a project but who have a project in mind for the future and are willing to learn how to pitch and how to better prepare new projects.

There is a submission fee of 200 EUR for young talents pitching a selected project (instead of 500 EUR). These costs cover technical costs. Meals (3 lunches and 2 dinners) and accommodation (3 nights) are offered.

Closing date for project submissions: 7 September 2015.








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