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Early highlights of the 35th edition of Anima, Brussels.

The 35th edition of Anima, the international Brussels animation film festival, has been scheduled February 5 to 14, 2016.
The 2016 programme will include a variety of awaited novelties, previously unreleased short films and features for young and less young audiences, initiation workshops for children, training sessions for adolescents, exhibitions on the art of animation, signings as well as encounters and talks with animation filmmakers from all across the globe.
During Futuranima (scheduled February 10 to 13), renowned domestic and international professionals will examine and discuss the latest developments and trends in animation. Focus:sound, storyboard, imagery and more,Work in Progress presentations, Making of sessions and lectures.
Two countries are honoured during Anima’s 2016 edition: the United Kingdom and Japan, two countries incredibly prolific in animation.
 Anima’s 2016 visual has been designed by Dutch visual artist Sue Doeksen She plunges spectators into her sympathetic and uplifting universe with bright colours and simple shapes.  Doeksen, who attended Anima’s 2015 edition, animated a cut-out animation workshop, the result of which was used as VJ-ing during the 2015 Animated Night.The 2016 Anima festival takes place 5-14 February 2016 in Flagey, Brusssels. Part of the festival programme will be presented simultaneously at various cities throughout Flanders and Wallonia.

Its full programme will be available onlineas of 13 January 2016. 



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