2 Animation Shorts for the Cannes Palme D'Or

 Out of 9 short films selected for this year's Cannes film festival, two are animated. They are both adult-friendly, and compete for the Palme D'Or award for Short Films.

 Ely DAGHER, WAVES '98, 15', Lebanon, Qatar (Beaver and Beaver Productions)Waves '98 is as much a narrative film as it is a personal visual essay dedicated to Ely Dagher's hometown, Beirut. The film is an artistic exploration of the director's current relation with his Lebanon, his home country, projected through the story of a teenager and set in 1998.

 Since moving abroad to study and work, Ely Dagher has been spending more and more time outside of Lebanon, and his attachment to Beirut Started to become more and more complicated.

The overall narrative of the film is heavily based on Ely's efforts to understand his changing relationship with the city and it's life, juxtaposed with the narrative of a teenager's exciting discovery of this segregated city.

Céline DEVAUX, LE REPAS DOMINICAL, (Sunday Lunch), 13', France (Sacrebleu Productions)

It's Sunday. While eating lunch, Jean observes his family members. They ask him questions but don't listen to his answers, they give him advice that they don't follow, they pet him and slap him. It's normal, it's Sunday lunch.


The 68th Cannes Film Festival takes place between 13 and 24 May 2015.  Both films have their world premiere on 23 May (11:00 am, re-run at 16:00) at Debussy theatre, Cannes.  Good luck to the two animation directors.

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