Selection Results for Anima Brussels 2020

Selection Results for Anima Brussels 2020

ANIMA, the Brussels International Animation Film Festival (21st February to 1st March 2020,  Flagey, Brussels), announced  the selection of short films in competition for this 39th Festival.

The selection committee watched over 1,700 films submitted.

We can confirm a trend for Anima 2020: the running time of shorts has shifted to a longer format, sometimes between 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes even longer, in order to develop more proficient screenplays and varied and original visual worlds - Anima Festival

The 67 short films chosen for the international competition are mainly European (46 films) and will be screened in 7 "Best of Shorts" programmes for adults. France has been very prolific with 22 films in the  international selection, followed by Germany and Canada. Highlights include the new short by Bruno Collet, Mémorable (also nominated for the 2020 Césars), the latest from Kaspar Jancis Cosmonaut, along with Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days by Régina Pessoa, The Dawn of Ape by Mirai Mizue or The Physics of Sorrow by Theodore Ushev. 

International Competition:

Acid Rain, Tomek POPAKUL / Poland
Cortège (Le), Pascal BLANCHET and Rodolphe SAINT-GELAIS / Canada
Cosmonaut, Kaspar JANCIS / Estonia
Drive, Pedro CASAVECCHIA/ Argentina, France
Flow, Adriaan LOKMAN France/ Netherlands
Friends, Florian GROLIG / Germany
Gon, the Little Fox, Takeshi YASHIRO, Japan
Listen Papa!, Olga POLIEKTOVA, Tatiana POLIEKTOVA, Anastasia PAVLOVICH, Fabienne GIEZENDANNER and Lilia SCHNEIDER / France, Germany, Russia
Lola the Living Potato, Leonid SHMELKOV / Russia
Matter and Motion, Max HATTLER / China, Hong Kong
Mémorable, Bruno COLLET / France
Metamorphosis, Carla PEREIRA and Juan Fran JACINTO / Spain, France
Movements, Dahee JEONG / South Korea
Mr. Mare, Luca TÓTH / Hungary, France
Per Aspera Ad Astra, Franck DION / France
Physique de la tristesse, Theodore USHEV / Canada
Purpleboy, Alexandre SIQUEIRA / Belgium, France, Portugal
Repasse-moi, Ivan RABBIOSI / France
Tête dans les Orties (La), Paul CABON / France
Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves, Chintis LUNDGREN / Estonia, France, Croatia
Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days, Regina PESSOA / Canada, France, Portugal
Winter in the Rainforest, Anu-Laura TUTTELBERG / Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico

International Student Films

A l'Ouest, Jérémie COUSIN / France
Animals, Tue SANGGAARD / Denmark
Beauty (The), Pascal SCHELBLI / Germany
Blieschow, Christoph SAROW / Germany
Clean Conscience, Francesco CORRADO, Sara BINETTI, Francesca DE TONI and Simone STASSANO / Italy
Daughter, Daria KASHCHEEVA / Czech Republic
Deepness of the Fry, August NICLASEN / Denmark
Déjeuner sur l'herbe, Jules BOURGES, Jocelyn CHARLES, Nathan HARBONN VIAUD and Pierre ROUGEMONT / France
Forglemmegei, Katarina LUNDQUIST / Denmark
Goodbye Mommy, Jack WEDGE / United States
In Passing, Esther CHEUNG / Canada
Inès, Elodie DERMANGE / France
Nestor, João GONZALEZ / United Kingdom, Portugal
New Neighbours, Andrea MANNINO, Sara BURGIO and Giacomo RINALDI / Italy
o28, Otalia CAUSSÉ, Geoffroy COLLIN, Louise GRARDEL, Antoine MARCHAND, Robin MERLE and Fabien MEYRAN / France
On, Jelena SINIK / Australia
One Liner, Matthew LEE / United Kingdom
One Slimy Story, Assile BLAIBEL / France
Parasite, Yajun SHI / United States
Pile, Toby AUBERG / United Kingdom
Sh_t happens, David STUMPF and Michaela MIHALYI / Czech Republic, France, Slovakia
St. Moritz, Joseph Balaclav and Raz Sonnenfeld / Israel

International Competition - Short films for children

Au Pays de l’aurore boréale, Caroline ATTIA / France, Switzerland
Bird & the Whale (The), Carol FREEMAN / Ireland
Bonjour le monde !, Anne-Lise KOEHLER and Eric SERRE / France
Cat Lake City, Antje HEYN / Germany
Kite (The), Martin SMATANA / Czech Republic, Slovakia
Ma Vie de château, Nathaniel HLIMI and Clémence MADELEINE-PERDRILLAT / France
Maestro, ILLOGIC / France
Nest, Sonja ROHLEDER / Germany
Odyssée de Choum (L'), Julien BISARO / France
One Stormy Night, Gil ALKABETZ / Germany
Renard & l'Oisille (Le), Sam GUILLAUME, Fred GUILLAUME and Robert BONER / Switzerland, Belgium
Smile, Alicia LEGGIADRO / United States
Spectacle de maternelle (Le), Loïc BRUYÈRE / France
Splyushka, Ruslan SINKEVICH / Russia
Tigre sans rayures (Le), Raúl ‘Robin’ Morales Reyes / France, Switzerland

The number of documentary films has also continued to increase and confirms the importance of Anima competition programme of documentaries.

International Competition - Short documentaries

Bach-Hông, Elsa DUHAMEL / France
Flesh, Kater CAMILA / Brazil, Spain
Girl in the Hallway, Valerie BARNHART / Canada
I Bleed, Tiago MINAMISAWA, Bruno H CASTRO and Guto BR / Brazil
Mon Juke-Box, Florentine GRELIER / France
Post, Lukas CONWAY / Canada
TED-Ed "Accents", Robertino ZAMBRANO / Australia


International Competition:

Jonathan Hodgson, independent British animator, whose shorts Night Club or The Man With The Beautiful Eyes have left their mark and won many international prizes. His latest autobiographical short Roughhouse has done very well on the festival scene (especially at Anima 2019) and also won a BAFTA.  Filmmaker, illustrator and teacher Sébastien Laudenbach experiments with animation in all its forms. He spent nine months drawing every frame of his feature The Girl Without Hand and was rewarded with the Jury Award at Annecy 2016, among other prizes. The young Polish animator Karolina Specht has already made half a dozen student films that have won numerous prizes in international festivals.

National competition - Short films

#21xoxo, Sine OZBILGE and Imge OZBILGE / Belgium
Carrousel, Jasmine ELSEN / Belgium, Czech Republic
Crossing, Pieter COUDYZER / Belgium
Freeze frame, Soetkin VERSTEGEN / Belgium
Ghost Eye, Wouter SEL and Thijs DE CLOEDT
Hello, Are We in the Show ?, Simona DENICOLAI and Ivo PROVOOST / Belgium
Lying Angel (The), Kris MERGAN and Geert VANDENBROELE / Belgium
Machini, Frank MUKUNDAY and TÉTSHIM / Belgium
On n'est pas près d'être des super héros, Lia BERTELS / Belgium, France, Portugal
Poisson fidèle (Le), Atelier COLLECTIF / Belgium
Saigon sur Marne, Aude HA LEPLÈGE / Belgium, France
Vigie (La), Atelier COLLECTIF / Belgium
White Paradise, Xavier ISTASSE / Belgium

National Competition - Student films

Après la pluie, Solène MICHEL and Elisabeth MAIRA / Belgium
Au large, Mathilde PEPINSTER / Belgium
Balance, Timothée CRABBÉ / Belgium
Cancer (c'est quoi?) (Le), Max LANGLET / Belgium
Double Teinte, Audrey PASCO, Audrey BERNARD, Salomé RION, Mateo MUNOZ PEREZ and Nicolas REIMER / Belgium
Dutchgaria, Capucine MULLER / Belgium
Ecume de la Ville (L'), Pierre WATTEYNE / Belgium
Hangend, Mathieu GEORIS / Belgium
Higher, Suzie KIEHN and William LEBRUN / Belgium
Internet explorer, Willem STESSENS / Belgium
Limbo Fungos, Alexis MENARD / Belgium
Tête de linotte !, Gaspar CHABAUD / Belgium
Un Eldorado, Nicolas GEMOETS / Belgium

National Competition - Short films for children

Blueprint, Alice DE VLIEGHER / Belgium
Boomhoog, Martina SVOJIKOVA / Belgium
Cerise sur le gâteau (La), Frits STANDAERT / France, Belgium
Dernier jour d'automne (Le), Marjolaine PERRETEN / Switzerland, France, Belgium
Fox and Hare - Winner, Mascha HALBERSTAD and Tom VAN GESTEL / Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Quatuor à cornes 2 (Le) – Là-haut sur la montagne, Benjamin BOTELLA and Arnaud DEMUYNCK / France, Belgium, Switzerland

National Competition Jury:

Juan Antin, Argentinean filmmaker of many shorts and two features, Mercano, the Martian (2002) and Pachamama (2018) that you were able to discover at Anima 2019 Journalist Alex Dudok de Wit, who grew up in London and has been immersed in the world of animation from a very young age. He is currently associate editor at Cartoon Brew and curator for Short of the Week. Sarah Van Den Boom, filmmaker and character designer, who co-founded the production studio Papy3D. Her latest film Raymonde or the Verticle Escape has been screened at over one hundred festivals and has recently won its 30th prize.

The full Festival programme will be announced on 30th January 2020 at the press conference. ANIMA, the Brussels International Animation Film Festival, set to take place from the 21st February to 1st March 2020, in Flagey

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