9 VR Animation Projects for Annecy Festival

Le Cri VR (France) - Sandra PAUGAM, Charles AYATS

This year, within the context of the transversal XR@Annecy, the VR Works have entered into competition status, among over 90 projects from around thirty different countries. The selection committee particularly noted a strong focus on gaming and interactive projects.

 VR Works are in the Official Festival Selection and one of them will have the accolade of winning the Cristal Award for Best VR Work, chosen by a specialized jury. 47% of the projects submitted come from France or the USA

The lineup:

Ayahuasca - KosmiK Journey (France, Luxembourg) - Jan KOUNEN
An interactive experience of one of the most mysterious rituals in the world: guided by a shaman singing in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, prepare yourself for an inner journey.

Doctor Who - The Runaway (United Kingdom) - Mathias CHELEBOURG
You've been in a collision. You wake up inside the TARDIS. The Doctor introduces you to the thing you collided with. He's a strange and magnificent ball of sentient energy called Volta.

Gloomy Eyes (Argentina, France) Jorge TERESO, Fernando MALDONADO
In a city that has been plunged into darkness for years, two children, Nena and Gloomy, may hold the solution to bringing the sun back, even if everything seems to be working against them. Is it possible for a little girl and a zombie-child to love each other?

Enter a dream where your childhood ghostly apparitions await you.

Le Cri VR (France) - Sandra PAUGAM, Charles AYATS
A documentary experience bringing Munch's thoughts to life. As the museum walls evaporate, the painter's demons crawl out from the canvas to submerge you in the sources of his inspiration.

Nothing to Be Written (United Kingdom) - Lysander ASHTON
This experience was created using music composed by Anna Meredith and uses the "field postcard" as its inspiration to produce a contemporary response to the First World War.

The Lost Botanist (South Africa) - Ree TREWEEK, Rick TREWEEK
A dying world searches for dreamers to restore harmony. Knowing its end is near, it chooses you, a curious outsider, to record all its many wonders in an effort to stave off the inevitable.

tx-reverse (Austria) - Virgil WIDRICH, Martin REINHART
The collision between reality and cinema draws its viewers into a vortex in which the familiar order of space and time seems to be suspended.

Wolves in the Walls, Chapter 2, It's All Over! (USA) - Pete BILLINGTON
Based on the work by renowned author Neil Gaiman, "Wolves in the Walls" draws you into a storybook where only you can help Lucy discover what's truly hiding inside the walls of her house

More Info On the Projects

The Official Selection of the Festival’s VR Works is carried out by Yves Nougarède (Films & Programme Planning Manager CITIA) and Clémence Bragard (Independent Events Manager specialized in animation film, and Programmer of the National Animation Film Festival for the Afca).

Annecy Festival takes place 10-15 June 2019 in Annecy, France.

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