Anima Festival 2024: Selection Results

Anima Festival 2022 selection results collage

26 animation shorts and 17 student animation shorts comprise the international competition lineup of this year's Anima Festival. The Brussels festival (23 Feb - 4 March 2024), which has a spotlight on sci-fi for its Feb/March edition, includes high-profile animation films.

Such as the Palme d'Or winner '27' by Flóra Anna Buda, and 'Electra' by the Oscar-nominated Daria Kashcheeva (the latter in the International Student Competition, technically a 'student' film). Berlinale presences, such as 'A Kind of Testament' by Stephen Vuillemin, are here.

Equally important is the National (Belgian) competition, in which we detect the black comedy Drijf by Levi Stoops -and, of course, the films for young audience section. 'Battery Mommy' by Seung-Bae Jeon is a festival favorite here.

Animation Shorts at Anima Festival Brussels 2023: The Full Lineup

International professional short films

27, Flóra Anna BUDA / France, Hungary
A White White Day, Vasily CHIRKOV / France, Russia, Canada
Architect A, Jonghoon LEE / South Korea
D'une peinture... à l'autre, Georges SCHWIZGEBEL / Switzerland, France
De Imperio, Alessandro NOVELLI / Portugal, Spain
Été 96, Mathilde BÉDOUET / France
From Our Side, Massi SIMONE / Italy
Harvey, Janice NADEAU / Canada, France
La Grande Arche, Camille AUTHOUART / France
La Saison pourpre, Clémence BOUCHEREAU / France
Lack, Pawel PREWENCKI / Poland
Le Sexe de ma mère, Francis CANITROT / France
Misaligned, Marta MAGNUSKA / Poland, Latvia
Pariah, Daniel BRUSON / Brazil
Return to Hairy Hill, Daniel GIES / Canada
Sweet Like Lemons, Jenny JOKELA / United Kingdom, Finland
Telsche, Sophie COLFER and Ala NUNU / Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia
The Family Portrait, Vidakovic LEA / Croatia, France, Serbia
The Garden of Heart, Olivér HEGYI / Hungary, Slovakia
The Waiting, Volker SCHLECHT / Germany
The Waves, Joung YUMI / South Korea
A Kind of Testament, Stephen VUILLEMIN / France
Un trou dans la poitrine, Alexandra MYOTTE and Jean-Sébastien HAMEL / Canada
Wander to Wonder, Nina GANTZ / Netherlands
Wild Summon, Saul FREED and Karni ARIELI / United Kingdom
Zima, Tomek POPAKUL and Kasumi OZEKI / Poland

Zima (Winter)

International student animation films

Au 8ème jour, Agathe SÉNÉCHAL, Alicia MASSEZ, Elise DEBRUYNE, Flavie CARIN and Théo DUHAUTOIS / France
Crab Day, Ross STRINGER / United Kingdom
Dede is Dead, Philippe KASTNER / Czechia
El ombligo de la luna, Sara ANTÓNIO, Julia GRUPIŃSKA, Bokang KOATJA, Tian WESTRAAD and Ezequiel GARIBAY / France
Electra, Daria KASHCHEEVA / Czechia, France, Slovakia
In Loving Memories, John EATON / United Kingdom
It's Just a Whole, Bianca SCALI / Germany
La Notte, Martina GENERALI, Simone PRATOLA and Francesca Sofia ROSSO / Italy
La Nuit blanche, Audrey DELEPOULLE / France
Le Parc aux cerfs, Mahault ROBIN, Apolline BUCHER, Marine AZAM, Lilou DUBREUIL, Louise MOULIS and Nicolas WILHELM / France
Les Pissenlits par la racine, Chloé FARR / France
Oliver the Giant, Júlia LANTOS / Hungary
Quem Salva, Laure DEVIN, Maxime BOURSTIN, Nathan MEDAM, Charles HECHINGER and Titouan JAOUEN / France
Rising Above, Natálie DURCHÁNKOVÁ / Czechia
Such Miracles Do Happen, Barbara RUPIK / Poland
Wedding on the Execution Ground, Zilai FENG / United States, China
Wipe Your Tears on My Ears, Imogen GRAHAM / United Kingdom


International short films for a young audience

Battery Mommy, Seung-Bae JEON / South Korea
Beurk !, Loïc ESPUCHE / France
Don't Blow It Up, Alžbeta MAČÁKOVÁ MIŠEJKOVÁ / Czechia
Entre deux sœurs, Anne-Sophie GOUSSET and Clément CÉARD / France
Frite sans maillot, Matteo SALANAVE PIAZZA / France
King Sausage, Mascha HALBERSTAD / Netherlands, Belgium
Liv&Bell "Planet of the Marimo", Natsuki KIDA / Japan
Marcel le père Noël (et le petit livreur de pizzas), Julie REMBAUVILLE and Nicolas BIANCO-LEVRIN / France
November Ultra - Come Into My Arms, Tamerlan BEKMURZAYEV / France
Princess Aubergine, Dina VELIKOVSKAYA / Germany
Pufferfish, Julia OCKER / Germany
Rhino, Julia OCKER / Germany
Somni, Sonja ROHLEDER / Germany
Swing to the Moon, Marie BORDESSOULE, Adriana BOUISSIE, Nadine DE BOER, Elisa DRIQUE, Chloé LAUZU and Vincent LEVRERO / France
The Goose, Jan MIKA / Czechia, France
The Smeds and The Smoos, Daniel SNADDON and Samantha CUTLER / United Kingdom

Battery Mommy

National (Belgian) professional short films

As If It Could, Ada GUVENIR / Belgium
Beautiful Men, Nicolas KEPPENS / France, Belgium, Netherlands
Camino, Arevik D'OR and Klaas VERPLANCKE / Belgium
Cheesecake, Yoann STEHR, Lukas GEVAERT and Diogo HEINEN / Belgium
Conte sauvage, Aline QUERTAIN / Belgium, France
Cut Short Crisply, Claudia CORTÉS ESPEJO and Margot REUMONT / Belgium
Drijf, Levi STOOPS / Belgium
Le Crépuscule, Laura VANDEWYNCKEL / Belgium
Le Tout Petit Voyage, Emily WORMS / France, Belgium, Switzerland
The Choolers: Fish & Meat, MONSIEUR PIMPANT / Belgium
The Miracle, Nienke DEUTZ / Belgium, France, Netherlands
Wat zit er in die kist?, Bram ALGOED / Belgium
Wavewidth, Ethann NÉON / Belgium

Wild Tale

National (Belgian) Student Films

Le Cas d'Hervé c'qui?, Luna FILIPPINI
Les Abeilles d'eau douce, Emma KANOUTÉ
Mords sur ta chique, Nathan PIERARD
Muscle Man in: Metal Mayhem, Nicolas GEMOETS
Sunny Beach, Jana LEEUWERCK
The Great No-Man's Land, Giacomo SEGERS
The Leak, Paola CUBILLOS
Wonderless, Lou EFFINIER
Yuri,  Céline DEMARET, Eloïse HAYOIT and Antoine GUISSE

The Leak

The full selection and out-of-competition films at the Anima Festival website

The 43rd edition of the Anima Festival takes place from 23 February to 4 March 2023.

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