Anima Festival 2024: The Essential Industry Events

Anima Festival Brussels 2024 Collage of Animation Industry Events

Anima Festival (Brussels, 23 February - 3 March 2024) has consistently traversed in its coverage the liaison with both Francophone countries and the English-speaking world, making us aware of concurrent animation developments in different parts of the world. This year and its 49th edition is no expectation. An array of events, from masterclasses to conferences and speed dates set the tone of both informing, educating and connecting animation professionals during its happenings.

Here's a preview and a look of the various animation industry events during the 2024 Anima Festival and its Futuranima programme to enjoy (in calendar order)

MAKING OF: 'Chicken for Linda'
The delightful 'Chicken for Linda' (2023 Annecy Cristal) will have its directors Sébastien Laudenbach and Chiara Malta unveil its secrets; from the bold visual choices to its sharp dialogues and music, it seems this event will be a source of info and delight. 
Mon 26 February, 14:30 - 16:00 (in French, with simultaneous translation in English)

MAKING OF: 'Mars Express'
Director Jérémie Périn and lead layout background artist Anne Raffin will talk on the festival's opening sci-fi/dystopian film 'Mars Express' and its different stages of production, followed by a Q&A (moderator, Morgan Di Salvia).
Monday, 26 Feb, 17:00-18:30 (in French, with simultaneous English translation) 

CONFERENCE: Artificial Intelligence: State of the Art
The talk of the day. This round-table discussion co-organized with ABRACA on the controversial subject of artificial intelligence (AI), will explore both the creative opportunities and undeniable threats that AI presents for the future of the creative professions and copyright. What stance should we take and what concrete measures should we implement?

• Bartel Bruneel (Concept Artist & Storyboarder, ABRACA)
• Lauri Saunders (Director & Storyboard Artist, ABRACA)
• Virgilio Vasconcelos (Research Unit Inter-Actions, LUCA School of Arts)
• Mouna Ferré (Gaming Industry Creative Pioneer)
• NIX, Marnix Verduyn (Comic Book Artist, Scriptwriter, Animation Artist, PhD Creative AI)
• Olivier Maeterlinck (Head of Communication & Cultural Affairs of Sabam for Culture)
• Tanguy Roosen (Head of Legal Department of SACD)

Allie Weis (Ethics Coordinator in International Game Development at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment)
Wed 28 February 10:30 - 12:00 (in English)

MAKING OF:  Belgian Shorts
4 Belgian-produced shorts and their maker, selected for the festival's national competition, will have their spotlight in letting the audience know the complicated world inside each film and its making (moderator: Stéphanie Coerten)

• Nienke Deutz (The Miracle)
• Monsieur Pimpant (The Choolers: Fish & Meat)
• Aline Quertain (Wild Tale)
• Bram Algoed (What's Inside That Crate?)
Wed 28 February, 14:30 - 16:00 (in English)

The Miracle

MAKING OF: 'The Peasants'
'The Peasants' animation feature was adapted from the Nobel Prize-winning novel by Władysław Reymont. It is the second feature film from DK and Hugh Welchman, after the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent. Again with the hand-painted technique (after shooting in live-action), the work of more than 90 animators in five countries was supervised by animation chief Piotr Dominiak. Hugh Welchman talks (moderator: Erik van Drunen)
Wed 28 February, 17:00 - 18:30 (In English)

 After 'My Life as a Zucchini' everyone awaits the next feature project by Claude Barras, 'Sauvages!'. The Swiss/French environmental stop-motion feature, follows a girl (Kéria), and her father and a rescued baby orangutan and their both physical and emotional journey. 

The first images of this project will be revealed at the event, with the participation of the director Claude Barras,  Vincent Tavier (producer Panique!),  Christine Polis (puppet fabrication),  Dorien Schetz (1st assistant), Ludovic Delbecq (production manager).
Thu 29 February, 10:30 - 12:00 (mostly in French)


MAKING OF: Koning Worst & Knor
After presenting Oink (Knor) last year at Anima Festival , director Mascha Halberstad comes back with a short film prequel, 'King Sausage' (Koning Worst) to be screened during the event; accompanied by a making-of session of 'Knor'.
Thu 29 February, 14:30 - 16:00 (in English)

PITCHING: Rendez-vous des auteurs : les pitchs !
After getting paired up for the 2023 edition (Belgian Animation Rendez-Vous), the screenwriter and artist duos will now pitch their projects to an attentive audience of industry professionals.
Thu 29 February, 17:00 - 18:30 (In French)

MASTERCLASS:  Screenwriting with Michael Arndt
Who said that animation filmmakers have no use of expert help on screenwriting? US screenwriter Michael Arndt (Oscar-awarded for 'Little Miss Sunshine') comes to Anima Festival to introduce the scriptwriting tips and rules. Arndt was also involved in the writing process of such classics as 'Wall-E', 'Inside Out', 'Toy Story 3' and 'The Incredibles 2'.

This masterclass will take an in-depth look at Act One, which sets up everything for your story. It’s where all the pieces of your story are introduced: you present the hero/heroine, their shortcomings or trauma, their wants and needs, and the new world to which they aspire.
Friday, 1 March, 13:30-16:40 (in English)

MAKING OF: I'm Perfectly Fine
A 30-minute short film ('I'm Perfectly Fine') based on Maaike Hartjes’s graphic novel, is a big deal. The event includes the screening of the film, and also a discussion on how to write a script and storyboard for a 30-minute film

• Dario van Vree (director & co-screenwriter)
• Maaike Hartjes (art director & author of the original graphic novel)
• Rudi Mertens (storyboard artist & lead animator)
Fri 1 March, 10:30 - 12:30 (In English)

MASTERCLASS;  Music in Animation with Pablo Picco
The composer 'Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds', 'Marona', 'Adama', Pablo Picco, comes to Anima Festival to share his insights on music composition for animation. Pablo Picco has received many awards for his work and this has enabled him to collaborate with musicians such as Oxmo Puccino, Isabel Sörling and Arthur H. Time to hear what he has to say
Sat 2 March13:30 - 16:00 (in English)

Different ticket prices for those events apply. Consult the Anima Festival website for more info

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