'Electra', 'Is Heaven Blue' Get Top Prizes at Animafest Cyprus 2023

Stills from animation films winning at Animafest Cyprus 2023

The 22nd edition of Countryside Animafest Cyprus had its closing ceremony on Saturday August 12 in the village of Salamiou, Paphos, after four successful days of screenings concerts and exhibitions.

This year’s edition included 31 international and 4 Cypriot films in competition, as well as a children’s film program, several music events, exhibitions, workshops, and installations. The jury consisted of Andreas Hykade (Germany), Varya Yakovleva (Russia), and Constantinos Kyprianou (Cyprus).

Grand Prix Dimitris Eipides for a narrative film to the stop-motion/pixillation film 'Electra' by Daria Kashceeva (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia).

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The Grand Prix Dimitris Eipides for a non-narrative film, for crafting a personal subject in a non-narrative way on the highest artistic level, to the 20-minute film 'Is Heaven Blue?', by Paul de Nooijer and Menno de Nooijer (Netherlands, Norway).

Uncertainty has crept in. What started out tough, ends in melancholy. Time leaves its mark on the faces and bodies of the father, mother and son. They started out as a creative artistic family, and now the young grows old, the healthy sick - Film Synopsis. 

The winner of the National competition goes to In the 'City of Dust' by Haris Pellapaisiotis and Maud Nivet (Cyprus) for creating a visual and acoustic poem in a touching way. The jury also gave three special mentions: For finding beauty in ugliness, to the film 'Écorchée' (Skinned), by Joachim Hérissé (France). For successfully creating a contemporary Eve, to the film 'Eeva' by Lucija Mrzljak (Estonia, Croatia). And finally to the stop-motion 'Antipolis' by Kaspar Jancis (Estonia).

The children’s jury awarded the first prize for the children’s film competition to 'Luce and the Rock' by Britt Raes (Belgium, France, Netherlands): “We chose this film because the plot was very entertaining yet very meaningful. The film was well-created in all aspects, such as the music, the animation and the plot!”.

The children’s jury also gave a special mention to 'Harvey' by Janice Nadeau (Canada): “We found the film suitable for the younger and older kids. We really liked its unique animation and its humorous and touching story”.

Three audience awards were also presented. The audience award for the international competition went to 'Electra' by Daria Kashceeva (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia). The national competition audience award went to 'Phantom of Venus' by Christiana Ioannou (Cyprus). The winner of the children’s competition audience award went to 'Friendly Fire' by Tom Koryto Blumen (Israel).

Is Heaven Blue?

City of Dust

Friendly Fire

The 22nd Animafest Cyprus Views of the World Festival took place 9-12 August 2023 in Salamiou, Cyprus. The festival is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture.

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