Animafest, MSU: Selection Results

 Animation goes MSU will present 16 various site-specific national and international animated works from all around the world. The opening of screenings on MSU's media facade is scheduled for 23 May at 8pm.

The screenings will be available to passers-by until the closing of the festival, i.e. 8 June. As many as 50 works submitted their applications to the call for entries, which constitutes a success and a motivation to continue the collaboration between Animafest and MSU in the future.

Among the submitted entries, 16 various animated gems were selected.

The selection was made by Animafest’s art director Daniel Šuljić and curator at MSU’s Collection of Film, Video, Photography and Media Art Leila Topić.

The list of all works to be screened on MSU’s media facade within the scope of Animation goes MSU:

  • Akira Arimochi, Open Play, Forgetting Eye (Japan/Estonia);
  • Dirk de Bruyn, OptSnd#1 (Australia);
  • Jonathan Hance, It Occurred To Me While Walking Down The Street (U.S.A.);
  • Maja Kalogjera, New City (Croatia);
  • Maja Kalogjera, Awakening of Particles (Croatia);
  • Juliana Kučan, Prolaz (Croatia);
  • Holger Lang, Review (Austria);
  • Lei Lei, Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger And Bigger (China);
  • Parissa Mohit, Where Have I Seen This Before (Canada);
  • Ivan Mršić, I Can Hear You With My Eyes (New Zeland/Croatia);
  • Ben Ridgway, Tribocycle / Cosmic flower unfolding / Continuum infinitum (U.S.A.);
  • Filip Roca, Kromosom (Serbia);
  • Tom Mikulić, U čast prve kompjuterski animirane špice Animafesta Z'84 (Australia/Croatia);
  • Tracy M. Robbins, Strange Neighbors (U.S.A.);
  • Andi Spark, Peaking, Crashing, Falling (Australia);
  • Tea Stražičić, 02V0IT0A0 (Croatia).

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