III, Love Me Fear Me Win at 2018 Animateka

III, Love Me Fear Me Win at 2018 Animateka

Artistic director Igor Prassel has talked of the extensive programme of diversity and vigour of the Animateka animation festival. While celebrating its 15th. jubilee year, the Ljubljana fest still manages to be an essential hub for Central and Eastern European animation showcase, while also partnering with US international animation professionals.

The jury of the 15th Animateka festival, comprised of Luca Tóth, Michael Frei, Špela Čadež, Marc Bertrand, and Jean-Baptiste Garnero, chose III by Marta Pajek (Animoon, /Poland, 2018, HD, 12:00) for its Jury Grand Prix Award - Eastern and Central European Competition Programme).

Man and Woman meet in a waiting room and immediately get closer to each other. They commence a game that gradually gets more and more ferocious. Their faces resemble masks while shapes slowly lose their integrity. Bodies are formed like clay, embracing each other until the limits of impossibility.


The film also won the ;DSAF Audience Award (Awarded for films in the Eastern and Central European Competition Programme), and a monetary award in the amount of €1,000 is presented by the Slovenian Animated Film Association.

In the Young Talent Competition programme, Love Me, Fear Me by Veronica Solomon (FILMUNIVERSITÄT BABELSBERG KONRAD WOLF) / Germany, 2018, HD, 6'06'') took home the award. The award is sponsored by An Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana) and School of Arts (University of Nova Gorica) .

What would you be willing to do for them to love you?” Love Me, Fear Me is a danced-out metaphor about the roles we play and the shapes we take, about the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.

Justification: For its outstanding use of the animation medium and flawless technical execution, but also its clear-cut, innovative treatment of a well-know, yet always relevant subject matter.

The Elephant: Children Jury Award (€1,000, Awarded for films in the Elephant in Competition programme) went to The Theory of Sunset / Teoria zakata, Roman Sokolov (Peterburg Animation Studio), Russia, 2017, digital, 8’48’’

Deep in the night, a dedicated cyclist traverses a wintry forest. His challenge is to make sure the new day gets off to a fresh and timely start.

Justification: We chose the winning film because of its beautiful art and its interesting story. it was also funny, and it presented an everyday topic in an original way.

Jury special mentions

Special mention by Špela Čadež: Two for two / Dva na dva, Jelena Oroz (BONOBOSTUDIO) / Croatia, 2018, HD, 8'00''
Justification: Immersive contemplation on a relationship of a couple who ended up in a tender bunny hug.

Special mention by Luca Tóth:Sounds good, Sander Joon (ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS, THE ANIMATION WORKSHOP, BOP!) / Estonia, Denmark, 2018, HD, 9'45''
Justification: Playful and fresh approach to a picture that sounds good.

Special mention by Marc Bertrand: Per tutta la vita, Roberto Catani (WITHSTAND FILM, MIYU ANIMATION) / Italy, France, 2018, HD, 5'20''
Justification: The sweet thread of memory of a love story unfolds before us, thanks to the mastery of the animation of fluid transitions and the captivating sound design… and a top hat.

Special mention by Michael Frei: Electrician’s Day / Elektrika Diena, Vladimir Leschiov (LUNOHOD) / Latvia, 2018, HD, 8'44''
Justification: Funny. Clever. 220 volts.

Special mention by Jean-Baptist Garnero: Mary And 7 Dwarfs / Maria Ja 7 Pöialpoissi Riho Unt (OÜ NUKUFILM) / Estonia, 2018, HD, 12'30''
Justification: A life punctuated by routine, “illuminated” by a spark plug and the wish to feel solitude of heaven.

Student Jury special mention: Bless you! / Na Zdrowie! Paulina Ziółkowska (POLISH NATIONAL FILM SCHOOL IN LODZ) Poland, 2018, HD, 4'45'
Justification: A compelling film that stands out for its strong artistic expression and use of the animation medium, as well as its innovative premises and topic.

The 15th edition of Animateka International Animated Festival took place 3-9 December in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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