MIFA 2020 Pitches: Award Winners

MIFA 2020 Pitches: Award Winners

In an unprecedented context, the project leaders of the traditional and coveted Annecy International Animation Film Festival Mifa Pitches found a way to adapt and bounce back to deliver their best via video pitches.

Among the 630 projects submitted, 38 were selected and could take advantage of distance coaching. Top-level expertise helped project leaders prepare to the best of their ability the new video-pitching format.

Two Argentinian projects, Coda by Juan Pablo Zaramell and The World's After by Florentina Gonzalez won in the Feature Film and Short Films projects respectively. Also check the new project and feature film version of The Man-Woman Case by Anais Caura, now called Eugene.

Flora Buda also wins her project 27 – My Last Day at Home, and Martin Smatana (The Kite) gets the Open Workshop prize for his next project, Hello, Summer!

Short Films Category

  • Arte France Prize: The World's After by Florentina Gonzalez
    Humanity no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix remain, two ghosts in comfortable sports clothes. They meet while wandering among the remains of an extinct civilization, looking for a Wi-Fi connection, and a giant cetacean's head. Together they listen to doomsday's final playlist.
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma/Bourse des festivals Prize: Grey Sun by Camille Monier
    Two bored teenagers under the apocalyptic sunshine.
  • Ciclic Prize: 27 – My Last Day at Home by Flóra Buda
    Alice turns 27 today, she still lives with her parents. During a trippy party on a rooftop and a drunken bike accident, she learns how to take responsibility.
  • Ciclic Prize – Shortway: The World's After by Florentina Gonzalez
  • NEF Animation Prize : Girl . Dog . Cancer . Space by Kiana Naghshineh.
    Shari is facing death due to advanced cancer. The sky collapses on her and she meets cosmonaut-dog Laika in space. In a spiritual journey through space, she guides Shari through the stages of denial, anger, fear, acceptance and gratitude
  • SACD Prize: 300 000 kms Per Second by Clément Courcier
    A woman is at her window, lost in thought, when a luminous body enters and bursts in the atmosphere. Caught up in the vibrations of this gigantic stellar fireworks display, she sets off on a journey out of her body and out of time.
  • Studios Alhambra Prize: Bigger than Us by Aurélie  Garnier
    Through our main character, a fisherman, we journey to Greenland to explore the impact that our daily lives have on the marine wildlife, and how we can improve it.
  • Open Workshop Prize: Hello Summer, Martin Smatana
  • Hello Summer is for children aged 5-9 and their parents about a family travelling to summer holidays. Made by combination of stop motion animation of everyday objects and hand drawn animation.

Feature Films Category

  • Ciclic Prize: Coda by Juan Pablo Zaramella  (read more about Coda)
  • Cristal Publishing Prize: Eugène by Anais Caura
    Sydney, 1920. Eugene, 45, is suspected of killing his ex-wife Annie. With superintendent Dick on his trail, he goes on the run. But why if he is, as he claims, innocent? What if it's something else? Does he have a secret he wants to hide at all costs?
  • TitraFilm Prize: Un Viaggio a Teulada / Journey to Teulada by Nicola Contini
    Assunta is struck down by a sudden illness and is rescued by her neighbor, Fatima. The old woman survives but on awakening she discovers that the illness has brought back her past, scarred by the creation of the largest military proving ground in Europe which caused the end of her small community.

  • TV Series & Specials Category
  • Ciclic Prize: Mehdi: Delivery Notice by Oussama Bouacheria
    In a popular Parisian suburban town, Mehdi, a young postman, works hard to support his family. One day, the Post Office manager changes his mail distribution route and his life is turned upside down. The series of new encounters on this route has many surprises in store for him!
  • Disney+ Prize for a New Series: Where it Falls by Guillaume DOUSSE
    In a world where gravity suddenly shifts 90°, a reunited family goes on a perilous journey in search of their missing mother. As they learn and grow together, they reconnect in a disoriented world.

Digital Experiences Category

  • SACD "Interactive" Prize: Nana Lou by Isabelle Andreani
    Nana Lou is a VR interactive animated short film inviting the viewer to play the guardian angel at a grandmother's bedside during her last moments, a fantastic journey between the medical environment and a world of colorful memories.

Animation du Monde Category

  • Folimage Prize: A Rough World by  Sitraka RANDRIAMAHALY
    A satirical portrait of a society where bad habits have become the norm.

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