First Masterclasses for Anima Brussels 2021

First Masterclasses for Anima Brussels 2021

As part of the Festival's 40th edition, the Futuranima programme will be a special 100% Belgian affair with the master classes, conferences, panel discussions, studio presentations and work in progress meetings all highlighting the talents of animation in Belgium.

This exclusive content will be available on the Anima Online platform, not only for Belgian professionals and students but also for foreigners, giving the opportunity for the international sector to discover exceptional homegrown talents and meet up virtually with the many speakers in the daily Q/A sessions and other panel discussions on the hottest animation news.


The famous duo Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier will take festival viewers behind the scenes of their last A Town Called Panic special, Les Grandes Vacances, with a master class focusing on Stop Motion.

With several animated series (Billy & Buddy, Ernest & Celestine, Petit Poilu, etc.) and the feature SamSam to her credit, Valérie Magis will share her experience in a writing master class as a screenwriter and author for the young.


  • Industry Day (Monday, 15th February) will feature presentations of the latest projects from busy Belgian studios, a panel discussion on the new digital sobriety trend, along with sharing experiences about lockdown and teleworking.
  • Student Day (Tuesday, 16th February) will be taken up with information sessions about audiovisual contracts and company internships, as well as webinars and training available online. Students will also have a panel of industry professionals at their disposal to speak with.

For the first time, Futuranima will welcome a dozen or so Belgian filmmakers with their short or feature films in progress, while big industry names will present the history of contemporary animation in Belgium in an interview format. Futuranima will also explore animation through other closely related media, such as video games made in Belgium, digital publications and web creation.

Co-organizing partners: Amplo, the Association des Scénaristes (ASA), Cartoon, Creative Europe Desk Belgium, Mediarte, the PILEn, the Sabam, the SACD, the Scenaristengilde, the VAF (Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds) and

Details of the Futuranima programme and times of the live sessions will be announced on January 19th at

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