Selection Results: 80 Animation Shorts For Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Selection Results: 80 Animation Shorts For Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Since 1994, Fredrikstad Animation Festival curates the Nordic-Baltic animated short film category in Fredrikstad, Norway. This year,  20 short films, 11 student films, 6 children’s films and 33 commissioned pieces have been accepted into the  Nordic-Baltic competition festival programme of Fredrikstad Animation Festival. Countries such as Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden are here represented.

Still Lives, Elli Vuorinen's new film Still Lives is here, exploring the concept of "busy stillness". Estonian Priit Tender competes with an animated incarnation of the Orpheus myth, whereas Norwegian Robin Jensen explores love's darker side in  meat grinder Farce.

The selection committee, consisting of festival director Anders Narverud Moen, Swedish director Malin Erixon and French animation expert Alexis Hunot, chose the following films for the respective competition programmes:

Nordic-Baltic Short Film Competition Programme 1

Night Shore, Jan Otto Ertesvåg / Norway
Skeleton In The Closet, Tomi Malkki / Finland
Hugo & Holger, Teddy Halkier Kristiansen / Denmark
Florena, Lou Morton / Denmark
Origin Of Man, Pjotr Sapegin / Norway
Suggestion of least resistance, Michelle & Uri Kranot / Denmark
Still Lives, Elli Vuorinen / Finland
MIMI,  Lisa Fukaya / Denmark
Boilermaker, Risto Kütt / Estonia
Traveling Deity, Mikkel Mainz / Denmark

Nordic-Baltic Short Film Competition Programme 2

Human Nature, Sverre Fredriksen Netherlands
Pulsator, Thor Sivertsen /  Norway
Icon Don't Stop the Motion (DSTM)  / Sweden
Dad, Atle Blakseth & Einar Dunsæd /  Norway
Riga's Lilac, Lizete Upite/ Latvia
Orpheus, Priit Tender / Estonia
Farse, Robin Jensen / Norway
Eternity, Anastasia Melikhova / Denmark
Teofrastus, Sergei Kibus/ Estonia

                                                                                                  Farse, Robin Jensen

Nordic-Baltic Children's Film Competition

Angela's Trumpet (Inglitrompet) Martinus Klemet / Estonia
Teofrastus Sergei Kibus /  Estonia
Dad, Atle Blakseth & Einar Dunsæd / Norway
All the dear little animals (Alla döda små djur),  Michael Ekblad /  Norway
Rudy and the lightning monster, Endre Skandfer / Norway
Hugo & Holger, Teddy Halkier Kristiansen / Denmark

Nordic-Baltic Student Film Competition

Stack, Asbjørn Lote /  Norway
Gorilla in the Washing Machine,  Hung Huei Jen Red /  Estonia
Good Intentions, Anna Mantzaris UK
Sounds good Sander Joon / Denmark
Combing (Šukavimas),  Eglė Mameniškytė  / Lithuania
I will never see you again – only the memory (Ser deg aldri mer - bare minnet),  Suzannah Rehell Øistad / Norway
Sweet Sweat,  Jung Hyun Kim /  Estonia
Food Chai, Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi / Esttonia
Forget-me-not, Katarina Lundquist / Denmark
Her Head (Hänen päänsä), Emma Louhivuori Finland
Dream Cream, Noam Sussman / Estonia

Nordic-Baltic Commissioned Film Competition

Gutten & Dragen, Hanne Berkaak / Norway
The sexual deception of orchids, Mette Ilene Holmriis / Denmark
What is Dust? Mette Ilene Holmriis /  Denmark
Vy - Din Bybil, TRY Apt A/S,  Norway
Money back on the skætt, TRY Apt A/S /  Norway
Psykomotorisk fysioterapi Ernst Føyn, Syver Sanengen / Norway
Urban Stedsinnovasjon, Morten Marius Apenes / Norway
Space Pups Joonas Utti / Finland
Belzebubs - Cathedrals of Mourning Samppa Kukkonen / Finland
Stink-a-boo Veronica Wallenberg Sweden
Zvipp Animaskin Norway
Norsk Tipping Spillvett, TRY Apt A/S Norway
Brenners Bokhylle: Terje Vigen, Kajsa Næss & Inga Sætre Norway
Brenners Bokhylle: Du må ikke sove, Kajsa Næss & Inga Sætre Norway
Brenners Bokhylle: Bekanntskap onskas, Kajsa Næss & Inga Sætre Norway
Doubt out loud together Linnea Lidegran Belgium
Telenor Flyt, TRY Apt A/S Norway
Slep meg på ferie, Animaskin / Norway
Oslo Miljøhovedstad, Animaskin  /Norway
The Applicant, Mikkel Battefeld / Denmark
Burden, Marko Duranovic / Denmark
Broken, Louise Clark / Denmark
Amnesty - Voldtekt,  Animaskin /  Norway
Veien hjem - Barns beste Robin Jensen / Norway
Fesshompa Laila Endre Skandfer/  Norway
Internet We Want Ernst Føyn/  Norway
Det vises ikke utenpå, Hanne Berkaak / Norway
TIFF 2018, Torgeir Holm / Espen Eilertsen /  Norway
TIFF 2019, Torgeir Holm / Christoffer Ide /  Norway
Fredrikstad P, Morten Marius Apenes / Norway
World Science Festival: We Will Be Martians TRY Apt A/S Norway

The number of submissions was record-high, with a particularly large number of student films being entered. The selection committee was impressed by the diversity of these films and wanted to give more films the opportunity to be shown during the festival. Therefore, it was decided to present 10 additional student films in a separate panorama programme outside of competition:

Nordic- Baltic Student Film Panorama

Animals, Tue Sanggaard / Denmark
Monachopsis, Kim Strandli / Denmark
Penumbra, Wilma Harju / Sweden
Martyr,  Ada Wikdahl / Norway
Fluidity, Alma Gren / Sweden
Zorg 2, Auden Lincoln-Vogel / Estonia
Desert, Sofia Pashaei / Denmark
300 g/m2, Kamila Kučíková / Estonia
Pura Vida, Nata Metlukh / Estonia
Deepness of the Fry, August Niclasen / Denmark

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 Fredrikstad Animation Festival takes place 24-27 October 2019.

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