Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards 2019: A Star Is Born

Adriana Garcia, Santiago Caicedo, Nidia Santiago, Alberto Bernabe, Noelia Noto

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards 2019 at the Auditorium of Tenerife "Adán Martín", the most modern building of the Canary Islands signed by the architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, came to an end in a grand gala. It was a glamourous evening to Ibero-American animation - even with a "purple rug"! -, which closed three intense days of commercial, academic, artistic and social activities that did not let its participants blink a single moment.

That's exactly why Quirino is different. In addition to being held in Tenerife, a beautiful place with the admirable local support, the event brings together, as I wrote before, these three fundamental "aspects" of the field of animation. The recognition of a good artistic work (with the Quirino Awards); the meetings of the Forum (where filmmakers and producers can meet each other) and lectures on animation (with the Congress, in which research centres can share experience and knowledge).

As an event involving 23 countries with different cultures, it is curious to note that their demands are the same: the urgent necessity to assert this market. It is because of this, they also claim for incentives, support and recognition - often from their own governments. What is vital so that activity can exist, develop, create jobs and be competitive internationally. That was clear during the various meetings in Tenerife, as well as during the awards ceremony. Afterwards, four representatives of the five awarded countries made their acceptance speeches talked about how important is to keep the supports and incentives by their governments.

I talked to some Quirino's participants and transcribed their impressions about the event.

I think it's a very important forum that took time to happen, with the invitation of several platforms that allows this forum to happen. We are a community so large, we are doing different things and here we are united, what will allow the strengthening of the sector: more animators, more creation, more content, a greater cultural union. In this second edition, we can already see this growth  - Sérgio Rodríguez, Congress participant from Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

"It seems to me that these three components are very important: the awards - it's a prestige for animation, which competes in more generic festivals where it always seems to be in the second place - as the conferences - which makes the interaction of various academic centres -; and we still have meetings with producers and content channels. It is amazing therefore bringing together the directors, the companies, the film commissions, and information for all. The organization works very well, it was very well tied up - María Manero Muro, Director of Patchwork, Spain

María Manero Muro (left), Beatriz Nava :  Quirino Award for Patchwork

Winning Quirino is a very special moment. It is the recognition of the work of many people, and it means that we will continue doing animation. We are very happy - Santiago Caícedo, Director of Tropical Virus, Colombia

This award means a lot to me and to several people who work, not only in Jorel’s Brother , but in many others series in Brazil. It's the first international award of this series, which raises the curiosity about it in other countries. [...] I loved everything: from Tenerife, from the organization, from the human side of the festival as well its business one. I missed not seeing the screening of the film, but I understand it's an award and not a festival. It would be great to have the event grow, which has everything to that. There is a very good feeling here - Juliano Enrico, Director of Jorel's Brothers, Brazil.

Definitely, it is an event that has everything to turn it into one, if not the most important animation event in Latin language. We cannot forget that the Spanish is the second most spoken language on the globe (+ 400 million people). Together with Portuguese, a language spoken in the five continents with more that 250 million people, "we are" a market and source of creativity that may not be ignored.

Congratulations Quirino, congratulations Tenerife, this is just the beginning!


Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation Feature Film  -  Tropical Virus
Directed by Santiago Caicedo, and produced by Timbo Estudio (Colombia)
Based on the graphic novel by Powerpaola.

Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation Series - Jorel’s Brother – Be Broccoli!
Directed by Juliano Enrico and produced by Copa Studio (Brazil)

Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation Short Film - Guaxuma
Directed by Nara Normande and produced by Vilarejo Filmes, Les Valseurs (Brazil, France)


Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation School Short Film - Patchwork
Directed by María Manero Muro from Universidad Politècnica de Valencia (Spain)

Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation Commissioned Film - The Amazing Story of the Man That Could Fly and Didn’t Know How
Directed by Manuel Rubio and produced by Hiru Animation (Spain)

Quirino Award for the Best Ibero-American Animation Innovative Work  - Belisario – The Little Big Hero of the Cosmos
Directed by Hernan Moyano and produced by Planetario Ciudad De La Plata (Argentina)

Quirino Award for the Best Visual Development of Ibero-American Animation Work  - The Wolf House
Directed by Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña and produced by Diluvio, Globo Rojo (Chile)

José Navarro (right) with Deanna Marsigliese

Quirino Award for the Best Animation Design of Ibero-American Animation Work - Paperport Season 2 – The Lives of Others
Directed by Álvaro Ceppi and produced by Zumbastico Studios, Gloob, Señal Colombia, Pakapaka (Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina)

Quirio Award to the Best Sound Design and Original Music of Ibero-American Animacion Work - Black Is Beltza
Directed by Fermín Muguruza and produced by Black is Beltza A.I.E., Talka Records, Set Màgic Audiovisual (Spain)

The Quirino Awards, mainly sponsored by the City of Tenerife through the Tenerife Film Commission, reflect the firm commitment that has been made for years in the animation on the island. This commitment also materializes in concrete actions in support of the flourishing local industry, participation in the main international markets and the promotion of the "Tenerife Isla Cartoon" brand, specific to this sector.

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