In Their Own Words: Pavlatova, Laguionie, Bordo at Animafest Zagreb

 animafest2017openinThe 2017 Animafest Zagreb (5-10 June 2017) in its opening premiere handed out some (non-competitive), well-deserved awards to important animation figures.

 Here's what the main players, animation artists and profesionnals, had to say about the festival at its opening premiere:

 Michaela Pavlátová, recipient of the festival award for the Best Animation School for Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)

 I am very proud to receive this award on behalf of my school because I know that we received it among great competition of other animation schools wordwide. I hope this award will serve as an incentive for our students to continue working hard and be successful.

 Jean-François Laguionie, recipient of ASIFA Award for Outstanding Achievements in The Art of Animation ( presented by members ASIFA committee, Sayoko Kinoshita, Jonchill Lee, Nancy Phelps and Vesna Dovniković):

Persistance, perseverance and sincerity are the keys to the art of animation.

Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo, recipient of the The Lifetime Achievement Award from Animafest Council:

Of all the awards I've received in the last 50-60 years, only now have I recieved the one that is my favourite – Our festival award, the one I've helped establish all those years ago. I am happy to receive it in the same exact place where we premiered our first animated feature film - the one I've also worked on, The Great Meeting in 1951.

Maureen Furniss, recipient of the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies:

My first visit to Animafest 20 years ago opened my  eyes to the truly global nature of world animation. I am really grateful for this award because animation historian's job is generally a solitary affair, so it's nice to be recognized for your work.

Daniel Rafaelić, Managing director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre: 

Its archive is truly a Who's Who of animation – with glorious past and future. What we are celebrating here is animation, talent and creativity and universal language of animation

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(all photos: Nina Đurđević, Samir Cerić Kovačević, Srećko Niketić @ Animafest Zagreb)



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