Irish animation at the spotlight of Annecy 2012

 According to Irish Film & Television Network, retrospective of Irish films but also current work by Irish animators and directors will be screened at Annecy's prestigious film festival, along with panel discussions, receptions and exhibitions. (United States was the spotlight country in 2011).

 Executive Director of SDGI, Birch Hamilton said "We have a huge amount of talented animation directors in Ireland and the fact that Annecy has chosen Ireland as the spotlight country for the global animation showcase is a great recognition of the world-class animation produced in Ireland today."

The international success of the Oscar-nominated film The Secret of Kells (Tomm Moore) seems to have played no small part in Annecy's board decision.

 Apart from the Cartoon Saloon feature film, the Annecy programme features the short film selection Forty Frames of Green I-IV, 4 programmes of short Irish films both old and contemporary.

 One should not forget, furthermore, that Dublin has hosted the animation studio of Jimmy Murakami (When the wind blows) and Don Bluth (An American Tale), but also the multi-awarded The External World (David O' Reilly), also included in the programme.

Hav a look at the "Animated in Ireland" video of the Irish Film Board.



The 52nd Annecy Film Festival takes place  from 4-9 June 2012.

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