'Mars Express' Opens Anima Festival Brussels 2024

Mars express animation feature still

Anima - Brussels International Animation Film Festival welcomes sci-fi animation films in its 2024 edition, in a big thematic corresponding tribute. The opening night is devoted to the sci-fi animation feature 'Mars Express' by Jérémie Périn (also director of the successful animated series 'Lastman').

Set in a fictionalized 2022, a private detective (Aline Ruby) and her android partner (Carlo  Rivera)  are hired by a wealthy businessman to capture a notorious hacker on Earth. Libertarianism and all-powerful corporations are confronted with in the film, which features from brain farms and unhappy women. 
'Mars Express' was presented at the Cannes Film Festival  (Cinéma de la Plage programme), and Annecy Festival in 2023 (official selection).

Watch the 'Mars Express' trailer:

The director will also be present and participate in the Futuranima industry part of the Belgian animation festival. He will present the 'Making of 'Mars Express' (along with set designer Anne Raffin) on Monday 26 February, at 17:00. The event is followed by a Q&A session.

Anima will run from 23 February to 3 March 2024 at Flagey, Marni and Cinematek as well as in a dozen towns across Wallonia and Flanders. An online selection will be hosted on Sooner.

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