Next Lab Generation Workshop 2024

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13 December 2023
Online / Madrid
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Event Description

Next Lab is an initiative that integrates a workshop, an event and a digital platform; created and organized by Paramotion Films (creators and organizers of Weird Market and Quirino Awards). The initiative, focused on the inclusion of innovative tools to streamline the production of animation projects, is once again sponsored by the Community of Madrid through the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports. It receives funding from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan promoted by the European Union, to discover new talents and boost the most advanced animation production from a technical and narrative perspective.

2024 Call for Entries

A group of 20 projects will be selected and will receive advice on how to be produced, applying R+D+i, extensive knowledge of the market and the latest technology. The workshop deals with the concept that many of the processes currently carried out by several people can be carried out by a single person working in a VR environment, using the most innovative software. These projects will be implemented making them more viable and competitive thanks to the cost and time savings applied in the workshop.
It will be taught by several professionals and experts in the sector. The end result will be an animated piece as a teaser for each project. At the end of the entire process and in the subsequent event, the ten finalist projects will be presented in a public pitch with a jury. From that pitch will come the three winners that will be presented during Annecy MIFA 2024.


  • The participating projects can be of any nationality.
  • All animation techniques (3D, 2D, stop motion, etc.) are accepted. Having in mind that the main tool to use is Quill.
  • All animated formats are accepted: short films, feature films, series, music videos, video game intros, etc. Or fiction productions with a high content in animation or VFX.
  •  Each candidate may present a maximum of 3 projects.
  • The workshop (8 January to  25 February - online, 26 February - 2 March, Madridi/onsite) is free. For those participants who are not from Madrid, accommodation will also be covered from February 25th to March 3rd.

Submission materials

It is necessary to send: 2 high quality images and a project dossier. Within the dossier it is essential to include a brief history of the workshop participant indicating the position he or she holds in the project and the motivation for carrying out the workshop.  The dossier must be a single PDF and include (in parentheses maximum number of pages of each section):
● Cover with title, creator, workshop participant and team
● Technical sheet with format, technique, running time, target, and project status (one page)
● Synopsis. Short synopsis (five lines) and long (20 lines) (one page)
● Description of the project, main characteristics and peculiarities (one page)
● Description of the characters and/or settings (two pages)
● Visual development (what you have to date, storyboard, concepts, designs) (maximum 4 pages)
● Brief history of the production company and/or creator (a page with links to previous works)
● Brief history of the workshop participant indicating the position held in the project
(biofilmography, one page with links to previous works)
● Motivation for participating in the workshop (one page)
● Description of the piece/teaser to be made in the workshop (one page)
Maximum total number of pages of the dossier to be delivered: 14

2023 Event Coverage

The 20 selected projects are:
Atalaya Tour by Ana Inés Flores (Argentina, Spain);
Caregivers by Daniela Cuenca (Spain), with work by Aurora Hermoso and Daniela Cuena
El Cerrajero by Mauro Luis and Juan Torres (Spain);
Döppelganger by Barbara Gragirena (Spain);
The Last Spitfire by Renato Roldán (Spain);
Life in Dreams by Mario Caballero (Spain);
Latente by Carlos Zaragoza and Aurora Jiménez (Spain);
LIMBO by Daniel Shambo (Colombia);
Los Alas Grises by Ernesto León (Chile), with work by Ernesto León and Diego Garcia Batista;
LUCUS by David Fidalgo (Spain), with work by David Fidalgo y Daniel Rodriguez Palacios;
Manolitos by Diego Porral and Joaquín Garralda (Spain);
Memor Sonn by Marine Hercouët (Spain);
Nerea by Fabiola Rosso (Dominican Republic, Spain);
Puma_Blue by Noelia Muiño (Spain);
Spicy Pumpks Football Club by Juan Carlos Calderon (Spain);
Teradox by Andrés Lieban (Brazil);
The Origin of Blindness by Emilia Gozzano (Italy);
The Wild Remains by Javier De La Chica (Spain);
Unfolding by Regis Lee (USA);
Where is my Expresso? by Sebastian Garcia (Colombia). 

2021 Event Coverage

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Event Dates

  • From 08 January 2024 to 02 March 2024



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