Riga International Short Film Festival 2Annas 2024

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
01 December 2023
Riga, Latvia
Final submission deadline
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Event Description:

The festival seeks out and introduces the audience to innovative modes of audio-visual communication from all over the world. The goal of the festival is to popularize European and World cinema among the Latvian audience and explore the evolution and trends of Baltic film art from a global perspective.

2024 Call for Entries

For the 2ANNAS festival, short and medium-length films of various genres are invited to be submitted to the International Short Film Competition, the Baltic Short Film Competition, the International Medium-Length Film Competition and the International Children and Youth Competition.

The focus topic of 2ANNAS for 2024 is MIND.

In the theme of the 2024 festival "Mind", we will focus on the rational and irrational aspects of the world of the human mind. Let's look at both the achievements of science and also (allegedly) visions beyond the mind. The cinema format is grateful for visualizing the most hidden corners of consciousness. Planned programs:

"Out of mind", where we will look at various mental health issues in a fresh and original way.

"Hallucinations" will be an experimental short film program based on image and symbol interpretations and analog techniques.

"Memory" will look into the concepts of both people's personal and collective memory, to a certain extent already warming up the theme of 2025 - "Symbiosis". "Time" is one of the most essential components of the magic of cinema, let's look at the manipulation of time and how the cinema format is able to combine physics, philosophy and the authors' personal experiences in one place.


International Short Film Competition
Open to contributions by filmmakers of all age groups and nationalities, produced by professional individuals, international film schools, film studios, etc (under 30min). 2ANNAS ISFF is looking for films that break the technical and artistic boundaries of filmmaking, as well as talk about topical, provocative and often painful topics.

Baltic Short Film Competition
Presents the works by directors from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania only 

International Mid-Length Competition
30-60 minutes length

International Children's Short Film Competition
Short films intended for a Children's Audience


Event Dates

  • From 05 April 2024 to 11 April 2024



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