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The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created with technology through a global competition. Since its launch in 2012, it has given away more than US$100,000 in prize money and created opportunities worldwide for the artists who have been longlisted, shortlisted or won.

2023 Call for Entries

Eligibility criteria:

  • Works may be entered by individual artists or collectives. In the case of collectives, all contributing artists must clearly be identified in the appropriate section of the entry form. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of a collective or partnership if this form is not correctly filled in at the entry stage.
  • Artists and/or Collectives may enter as many works as they like. Two works may be submitted with each entry costing US$42.00 for 2 submissions, $58 for 3 submissions, $72 for 4 submissions, $84 for 5 submissions, $94 for 6 submissions and $102 for 7 submissions
  • Works that have won other prizes are eligible for entry as long as the entrant retains ownership of the work.
  • The Organiser will not accept digitised versions of work done by traditional means such as oils, watercolours, pen and ink, etc, unless these versions have been artistically manipulated by computer software and this process is an intrinsic part of the work.
  • Lens-based photography is permitted where digital photo-manipulation is an intrinsic part of the work.
  • Work must be created, at least in part, on digital devices such as tablets, digital cameras, smartphones or computers. Physical artworks are eligible if a digital element is a significant factor in the concept or execution of the work, i.e. entries for the 3D/Interactive prize.

Awards and Prizes (Selection):

  • Moving Image Award $1000: For time-based work using any digital process that is narrative or non-narrative including but not limited to, animation, CGI, real-time CG, generative visuals, A.I generated visuals, video art, video game cutscenes, machinima, and music videos.
  • 3D/Interactive Award $1000: For work that engages with audiences through sound, touch or movement, including but not limited to installation, sculpture, robotics, games, apps, and websites. 
  • Immersive Environment Award: For an immersive experience using any digital processes including but not limited to performance, XR, virtual worlds, projection, theatre projects.
  • Still Image Award $1000: For 2D work using any digital process, including computer generated/graphic imagery, A.I generated imagery, photo-manipulation, plotter/drawing machine imagery, generative imagery, XR generated imagery, and 3D scanner/lidar imagery.
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  • Entry Form
  • Deadline: 26 May 2023


2020 Coverage

An emotive depiction of feminist graffiti - sparked by protests against violence towards women and covering a Mexico City landmark - has won the 2020 Lumen Gold Award for outstanding art created with technology.

“Nuestra Victoria/Our Victory” by Julieta Gil, a Mexican artist, uses photogrammetry techniques to capture a timeline of protests concerning systemic violence towards women. The work creates a digital archive of the Ángel de la Independencia (Angel of Independence), a Mexico City monument, which was occupied by protestors in August 2019. Following the protest, government officials began immediate restoration of the monument.

"This is the first time in our nine-year history that a work rooted in protest has carried off the Lumen Prize Gold Award. Its selection by the Jury Panel reflects its haunting artistic beauty, the extraordinary use of photogrammetry techniques and its strong political impact,” comments Carla Rapoport, Executive Director of Lumen Art Projects, which runs the annual competition for art and technology. At Wednesday’s virtual awards ceremony, the Lumen Prize handed out a total of nine awards worth $11,500. The list of winners includes artists from Germany, the United States, Uruguay, Mexico, the UK, Denmark, and La Réunion, a French Island in the Indian Ocean. 
New Awards for 2020

Lumen increased the global reach of its applicants by introducing two new awards: the Global South Award, for art created by an artist or collective from Africa, Latin America, or the developing economies of Asia and the Middle East; and the Nordic Award, offered in partnership with Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU) in Southern Norway, for art created by an artist or collective from Nordic countries.

Mexican artist Tupac Matir took home the Global South Award for his work “The Cosmos Within Us”, a VR and live performance hybrid created in collaboration with Satore Studios that explores the experience of loss through the lens of a man suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

Danish artist Søren Krag was awarded the Nordic Award for “Deux Mille Fleurs/Two Thousand Flowers”, a medieval- and renaissance-inspired tapestry created by digitally weaving 2,000 unique algorithmically generated flowers.

 2019 Event Coverage


Event Dates

  • 19/10/2023



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