Monstra Festival 2023

Monstra Festival 2023

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15/03/2023 - 26/03/2023
Lisbon, Portugal
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Festival Description

MONSTRA | Lisbon Animation Festival is an event where animated films meet other media and arts, aiming to present, disseminate, experiment and discuss ideas, crossing over new artistic approaches and forms, on which animated film is the narrative and aesthetic expression. The Festival’s main goal is to present and promote the best animated films made all over the World.

2023 Call for Entries

Portuguese Short Films Competition
- SPA / Vasco Granja Award
- Audience Award 

2022 Festival Coverage

2021 Festival Coverage

For its 20th edition, Monstra is celebrating the animation cinema from Belgium. 

Belgium is the home country of one of the most important names in animation in Europe, Raoul Servais, and the motherland of one of the oldest animation festivals in the world, ANIMA Brussels, who is this year celebrating its 40th anniversary. 

Moreover, in 2021 Belgian animation is also celebrating its centenary. 

Indeed, it was in 1920-21 that the Brussels-based Houssiaus family started producing the first animated films for advertising. And yet, only more than a decade later, Ernest Genval would direct his first film “Plucky en Egypte”, and between 1935 and 1937 the Vanpepestraete brothers would make the first animated series with puppets: “Tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise”, and “Couchés dans la foin”. It was during the Nazi occupation that Paul Nagant founded the first animation studio in Liège, where he produced among others “Zazou chez les nègres”. 

These were but the first steps in a great history that MONSTRA will revisit with screenings of short and feature films, exhibitions and training courses showcasing the best of Belgian animation in one of the biggest retrospectives ever made. 

Monstrinha 2021 Spot:

2020 Festival Coverage

After the postponement of MONSTRA, the festival prepared to present #MONSTRAatHOME, an online edition of the Festival, from May 25th to 31st , celebrating the 20th anniversary, streaming the short films competitions.

2019 Festival Coverage (20-31/3/19)

2018 Festival Coverage



Event Dates

  • From 15/03/2023 to 26/03/2023



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