New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2023

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02/11/2023 - 06/11/2023
Sapporo, Japan
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Festival Description

The New Chitose Airport, a gateway for the world to access Hokkaido and known as “Entertainment” Airport is truly unique amongst its kind. The Airport also hosts a variety of facilities: a multi-screen movie theater, hotel, Onsen bath spa, arcade, shopping mall, high-quality restaurants featuring the unique taste of Japanese cuisine, and event spaces are amongst the many things that New Chitose Airport has in store for its visitors. By utilizing all of its unique attributes, and combining them into one eclectic embodiment, the airport provides a festival experience that cannot be replicated in any other environment. The last edition in 2019 attracted record-breaking 43,000 visitors, the highest number in the history of the festival.

2023 Festival Coverage

Selection Results

International Competition

27 (France, 2023, 0:10:38) Director: Flóra Anna BUDA
A Kind of Testament (France, 2023, 0:16:24) Director: Stephen VUILLEMIN
Architect A (South Korea, 2022, 0:25:02) Director: LEE Jonghoon
Ardent Other (France, 2022, 0:16:13) Director: Alice BRYGO
Armat (Switzerland, 2022, 0:11:37) Director: Elodie DERMANGE
Box Cutters (France, Netherlands, South Africa, 2023, 0:08:24) Director: Naomi Van NIEKERK
Canard (Switzerland, 2023, 0:09:06) Director: Elie CHAPUIS
Christopher at Sea (France, 2022, 0:20:17) Director: Tom CJ BROWN
Deforming after Transforming (Japan, Estonia, 2021, 0:08:47) Director: Fukumi NAKAZAWA
Drijf (Belgium, 2023, 0:14:59) Director: Levi STOOPS
Eeva (Estonia, 2022, 0:15:57) Director: Lucija MRZLJAK, Morten TŠINAKOV
Electra (Czech Republic, 2023, 0:26:33) Director: Daria KASHCHEEVA
Foot Print Shop (United States, 2022, 0:03:50) Director: Gina KAMENTSKY
From the Main Square [VR] (Germany, 2022, 0:19:00) Director: Pedro HARRES
In Dreams (United States, 2023, 0:17:09) Director: Josh SHAFFNER
Margarethe 89 (France, 2023, 0:18:36) Director: Lucas MALBRUN
Nun or Never! (Finland, 2023, 0:10:49) Director: Heta JÄÄLINOJA
Our Uniform (Iran, 2023, 0:07:00) Director: Yegane MOGHADDAM
Summer 96 (France, 2023, 0:12:13) Director: Mathilde BÉDOUET
The Family Portrait (Croatia, France, 2023, 0:14:35) Director: Lea VIDAKOVIC
The Miracle (Belgium, 2022, 0:15:03) Director: Nienke DEUTZ
The Waiting (Germany, 2023, 0:15:35) Director: Voker SCHLECHT

International Competition Family

Aaaah ! (France, 2022, 0:04:40) Director: Osman CERFON
Ikimono-san: Turtle (Japan, 2023, 0:01:39) Director: WADA Atsushi
Our Roof Garden (China, 2022, 0:09:10) Director: Xu JIAXI
Pebble Hill (Switzerland, 2023, 0:29:53) Director: Marjolaine PERRETEN
Ship Down the Well (China, 2023, 0:13:27) Director: Xi CHEN, Xiaolin ZHOU, Liaoyu CHEN
Sunflower (France, Russia, 2023, 0:04:18) Director: Natalia CHERNYSHEVA
To Be Sisters (France, 2022, 0:07:15) Director: Anne-Sophie GOUSSET, Clément CÉARD

Japan Competition

Carrots Don’t Wait (Japan, 2023, 0:07:36) Director: MACHIDA Lina
Esashi Oiwake (Hokkaido Folk Song) (Japan, 2023, 0:05:00) Director: ONISHI Keita
HIDARI (Japan, 2023, 0:05:32) Director: KAWAMURA Masashi
Monk SEISHIN (Japan, 2023, 0:02:53) Director: MIYAJIMA Ryotaro
MY SCHOOL (Japan, 2023, 0:09:37) Director: OSHIMA Keitaro
Return (Japan, 2023, 0:02:50) Director: Lindong CHENG
Sewing Love (Japan, 2023, 0:08:33) Director: Xu YUAN
To the Moon and Back (Japan, China, 2023, 0:12:05) Director: Shuqin LI
Vision (Japan, Turkey, 2023, 0:07:18) Director: Çağıl HARMANDAR
Wanna be Reborn as a Mole on the Back of the Unicorn’s Neck (Japan, 2023, 0:09:48) Director: Liu YUCHEN

Student Competition

In the End (Latvia, 2023, 0:05:17) Director: Linda STŪRE
Gloire Amère 40000 (France, 2022, 0:06:45) Director: Vincent PISTIEN, Armand GOXE,
A Taste for Music (United Kingdom, 2022, 0:05:07) Director: Jordan ANTONOWICZ-BEHNAN
Your Dad (Hungary, 2022, 0:14:15) Director: Anita Kühnel SZABÓ
The Building at 9 EtzelSt. (Israel, 2022, 0:08:52) Director: Bar VAKNINE, Tamar SHARVIT
SWIM! (United States, 2023, 0:04:59) Director: Isabel SANTOS
Above the Clouds (Hungary, 2022, 0:13:33) Director: Vivien HÁRSHEGYI
The Last Visit (Estonia, 2023, 0:15:41) Director: Keawalee WARUTKOMAIN
Do Not Feed the Pigeons (United Kingdom, 2021, 0:08:40) Director: Antonin NICLASS

Music Animation Competition

All the Best (Argentina, 2023, 0:03:37) Director: Pablo ROLDAN
DJ Piper - RIP TXL (Germany, 2023, 0:03:30) Director: Raman DJAFARI
From One Painting... to Another (Switzerland, 2023, 0:03:10) Director: Georges SCHWIZGEBEL
Given Again (United States, 2023, 0:08:36) Director: Jake OLESON
I Inside the Old I Dying (Chile, 2023, 0:03:10) Director: Joaquín COCIÑA, Cristobal LEÓN
No Lullaby (Argentina, 2022, 0:03:58) Director: Ezequiel TORRES
Spring (Denmark, 2023, 0:12:28) Director: Pernille KJAER
Stare - Impérieux (Bulgaria, 2023, 0:03:59) Director: Nikola RADULOVIKJ
TWENTYTИƎWT (Hong Kong, 2023, 0:06:52) Director: Max HATTLER
What You Do to Me (United States, Canada, Portugal, 2023, 0:02:50) Director: Henry MCCLELLAN, Mathieu LARONE

Selection Committee:
Tomoko Ono, chief director of NEW CHITOSE 2023 - Hirotoshi Iwasaki, artist - Daisuke Tanaka, animation researcher - Takeshi Nagata and Kazue Monno (TOCHKA), creative unit -Tetsuji Kurashige, animation filmmaker- Sarina Nihei, animation filmmaker

2022 Festival Coverage

2020 Festival Coverage

2019 Festival Coverage

2018 Festival Coverage

Feature Film Selection:

    Director: Denis DO / 2017 / Belgium, Cambodia, France, Luxembourg
  • On Happiness Road
    Director: SUNG Hsin-Yin / 2017 / Taiwan
    Director: Sumiko Arai, Toshimasa Kuroyanagi / 2018 / Japan
  • The Breadwinner
    Director: Nora Twomey / 2017 / Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg
  • This Magnificent Cake!
    Director: Marc James Roels, Emma De Swaef / 2018 / Belgium,France
  • Short Film Selection
  • Programme

Event Dates

  • From 02/11/2023 to 06/11/2023



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