Phil Mulloy, Stephen Irwin win at Ottawa Animation Festival

Phil Mulloy, Stephen Irwin win at Ottawa Animation Festival

 The 11th edition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival once again decided to honor British filmmakers. Phil Mulloy, an Ottawa regular (he won last year for Goodbye Mr. Christie), enchanted the festival jury with his seemingly shocking Dead but not buried.

The UK-based Stephen Irwin won the corresponding Nelvana Independent Animation Grand Prize for his black-and-white (and noirish) film about the bear Moxie

Ben Cady (also from UK) won the The NFB's People's Choice award, as well as the  Best Undergraduate Animation, for his back-to-basics humorous film, The Goat and the Well.

Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby (who both directed When the day breaks) won the Canadian Film Institute's Best Canadian Animation award for their film Wild Life, the harsh life of a British aristocrat in 20th century Alberta.

 The Ottawa International Animation Festival took place from September 21-25. See the official festival page for more info:


The 2011 Nelvana GRAND PRIZE for Best Independent Short Animation ($3,000 CDN) is:

  • Moxie by Stephen Irwin (UK)

“For its powerful combination of style and narrative, leaving a memorable impression.”


The 2011 GRAND PRIZE for Best Animated Feature is:

  • Dead but not Buried by Phil Mulloy (UK)

"For its innovative way of filmmaking, bold use of minimalistic graphics, original use of sound and subversive humor.”


The 2011 Walt Disney Animation Studios GRAND PRIZE for Best Student Animation is:

  • The Renter by Jason Carpenter (USA)

“For its authenticity, sensitivity and compelling execution.”


The 2011 GRAND PRIZE for Best Commissioned Animation is:

  • Intel ‘The Chase’ by Adam Foulkes & Alan Smith (UK)

“Imaginative use of everyday images and punchy timing.”


The 2011 Best Animation School Showreel is:

 “The 3 animation school programs were consistent and were expressing the spirit of each school. We chose one program for its diversity of styles and subjects, and overall quality of the films.We award Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design as the best animation school.”


The 2011 Best Narrative Short is:

  • Blanche Fraise by Frédérick Tremblay (Canada)

“For its accomplished use of film language to tell a stark and unsentimental story.”


Honourable Mention:

  • Det siste norske trollet (The Last Norwegian Troll) by Pjotr Sapegin (Norway)

“For its sympathetic storytelling.”


The 2011 Best Experimental/Abstract Animation is:

  • One Second Per Day by Richard Negre (France)

“For its unique aesthetic sense of line and excellent timing.”


Honourable Mention:

  • Keha mälu (Body Memory) by Ülo Pikkov (Estonia)

“For its vivid visual metaphor.”


The 2011 Adobe Prize for Best High School Animation is:

  • I’m Sorry by Bowon Kim, E-sun Jung & Dasom Yoon (South Korea)

“Professional level of storytelling and filmmaking.”


Honourable Mention:

  • Birds Walking by Stephanie Delazeri (USA)

“For its refreshing sense of humour.”


The 2011 Best Undergraduate Animation is:

  • The Goat and The Wellby Ben Cady (UK)

“Simplicity and hilarity.”


The 2011 Best Graduation Animation is:

  • I’m Fine Thanks by Eamonn O’Neill (UK & Ireland)

“Strong visuals, brutal honesty and unique voice.”


Honourable Mention:

  • Swimming Poolby Alexandra Hetmerova (Czech Republic)

“For its lightness of touch and synchronized swimming.”           


The 2011 Best Promotional Animation is:

  • The Equality Effect by Andrea Dorfman (Canada)

“For its directness, brevity and sense of purpose.”


The 2011 Best Music Video is:

  • Joyz ‘Electropia’ by Noriko Okaku (UK & Japan)

“The most successful musical visualization in the competition.”


The 2011 Best Short Animation Made for Children is:

  • Der grosse bruder (Big Brother) by Jesús Peréz & Elisabeth Huettermann (Germany/Switzerland)

Honourable Mentions:

  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce & Brandon Oldenburg (USA)
  • Marvin by Mark Nute (UK)


The 2011 Best Television Animation Made for Children is:

  • Das bild der prinzessin (Princess' Painting)by Johannes Weiland & Klaus Morschheuser (Germany)

Honourable Mention:

  • Adventure Time 'It Came From The Nightosphere' by Thurop Van Orman, Patrick McHale, Larry Leichliter & Nick Jennings (USA)


The 2011 National Film Board of Canada (NFB) PUBLIC PRIZE is:

  • The Goat and The Wellby Ben Cady (UK)

The 2011 Canadian Film Institute (CFI) Award for Best Canadian Animation is:

  • Wild Life by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby (Canada)

Honourable Mentions:

  • Dimanche (Sunday) by Patrick Doyon (Canada)
  • CMYK by Marv Newland (Canada)
  • Second Hand by Isaac King (Canada)

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