Bestia Crowns StopTrik Festival 2021 Winners

Bestia Crowns StopTrik Festival 2021 Winners

The Chilean stop-motion animation film 'Bestia' by Hugo Covarrubias was the big winner in the 11th StopTrik Festival (29/9-2/10, Maribor, Slovenia), getting three festival awards, including the festival's own Grand Prix (awarded by the audience).

The politically charged stop-motion film is a testament of the Chilean dictatorship period, as it unfolds in the life of a woman and her daily duties.

The film received also the Jury Special Mention, plus Animafest Cyprus' Yiorgos Tsangaris own special mention.

The Borderlands Competition award (for films including but not limited to stop-motion) went to the UK film When We Fell, directed by Morgan Twiston Davies, detailing "the wafer thin line between freedom and obliteration".

Polish student director Jurlia Orlik won another festival award for her empathetic I'm Here, detailing the last days of a woman and her taking care of by her elderly husband.

Another Polish film, #polish_women_resistance, inspired by the Polish political decision to restrict the right to abortions, won the Student Jury Borderlands Award (more about the film). Our own Vassilis Kroustallis gave his own mention to the Daria Kopiec film, 'Your Own Bullshit'

The full list of winners:

StopTrik 2021 Grand Prix International Competition Programme: Stop Motion Animation
Bestia / Zver, Hugo Covarrubias, 2021, CHL, 15'45''

Based on true events, the film explores the life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and frustrations reveals a grim fracture of her mind and of the country.

StopTrik 2021 International Competition Programme: Borderlands
When We Fell / Ko smo padli, Ben Spooner, Morgan Twiston Davies (Ben Spooner) / UK, 2021, 4'3''

Landscapes give way, a bird flies by. A visual and musical collaboration that explores the wafer-thin line between freedom and obliteration.

StopTrik 2021 Students Jury Award in International Competition Programme: Stop Motion Animation
I'm Here / Jestem tutaj / Tukaj sem, Julia Orlik (PWSFTviT Lodz Film School) / 2020, POL, 15'

An elderly man is looking after his paralysed wife. Despite his old age and health problems, he's doing his best to relieve her suffering, which is getting worse day by day.

Jury’s statement: Confronting the passing of a loved one, fighting illness, inevitable death and the loneliness of a sad reality behind the suffering of a Mother. This is why we chose to give the students jury award to the movie "I’m still here" by the author Julia Orlik. She showed us that it is not necessary to portray the direct situation but instead to focus on what is really the essence of the story. Through one shot that displays the final days of the mothers life together with constant lighting changes and clever framing, we believe the world from the moment we enter it. In its quite minimalistic aesthetic it keeps you intrigued and evokes empathy. The grotesque look and the eerie silence together create an intense feeling that lasts long after the movie ends.

StopTrik 2021 Students Jury Award in International Competition Programme: Borderlands
#polish_women_resistance / #sprzeciwpolek / Upor poljskih žensk, Collective (LeLe Crossmedia Production) / 2020, POL, 8'17''

Moved and broken by the situation in our country, we, a group of female and male students from the Animation Department of Lodz Film School, have decided to act. We encourage everyone from artistic circles and beyond to express objection, to act boldly despite the difficult times. Let’s be in this together.

Jury’s statement: For the students jury award in the Borderland section we decided to award the film #polish_women_resistance directed by collective of animators. It has a strong political message that is unfortunately still relevant in todays time. As a female jury it made us more conscious of a similar situation unravelling in our country. We felt a deep connection, a kind of sisterhood, with the women in Poland who lost the right to make decisions for their own bodies and through that their identities. The lightning bolt has transfigured from a symbol of toxic masculinity into a symbol for women empowerment.

StopTrik 2021 Students Jury Special Mention,
Bestia / Zver, Hugo Covarrubias / 2021, CHL, 15'45''

Jury’s statement: For the special mention of the students' jury we chose the animation "Bestia" by the author Hugo Covarrubias. For its impeccable narrativity, sense of framing, realism that uniquely touches the intimate relationship between a woman and her dog, that talks not only about love and affection but how hard it is to break the cycle of isolation and self-hatred. It has an intense visual language that focuses on scenography, cinematic language and a specific way of displaying animation. We step into an intense world of a woman’s mind who is traumatised from work she is required to do. The use of porcelain made the characters distinct and indifferent therefore stand out among other animations.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Olga Bobrowska (Festival Director)
Push This Button, if You Begin to Panic / Če vas začne grabiti panika, pritisnite ta gumb, Gabriel Böhmer (Rational Vagabund Films) / 2020, UK, 13'

Bartholomew Whisper went to the doctor today. There he met administrators keen on experimental surgery and lonely MRI machines.

Olga Bobrowska’s statement: For elaborated and compassionate use of animation as a weapon against inevitable fears and anxieties.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Michał Bobrowski (Programme Director)
Only with You / Rak Itcha (רק איתך) / Le s tabo, Raz Merhav (Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design), 2021, ISR, 3'22''

After failing to find his place in the company of children, Meiri chooses to lock himself in with Yossi, his beloved parrot, in his cage. Inspired by the poem “The Song About Yossi The Parrot” by Avraham Halfy.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Yiorgos Tsangaris (Animafest Cyprus)
Bestia / Zver, Hugo Covarrubias, 2021, CHL, 15'45''

Yiorgos Tsangaris’ statement: For the compelling storytelling that conveys personal and collective trauma, the outstanding design, animation and atmosphere of the film, the masterful character design, as well as the high cinematic values in the medium of puppet animation, I would like to give special mention to the film BESTIA.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Magdalena Zira (theatre director; Animafest Cyprus)
Chloé Van Herzeele, Anne-Sophie Girault, Clémence Bouchereau (Autoproduction) / 2019, FRA, 16'47''

Chloé, an old lady, organizes screenings in an underground space. She shows a journalist her galleries where her collection of silver films is stored. Through the descent, we dive into her altered world.

Magdalena Zira’s statement: For its fascinating main character, poetic reflection on the love for cinema and beautiful graphic style that brings form and content together, I would like to give a special mention to the film Chloé van Herzeele.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Nadezhda Svirskaia (Shcha 5sec Festival, Russia)
Eyes and Horns / Oči in rogovi, Chaerin Im (Fabian&Fred) / 2021, GER, S.KOR, USA, 6'15''

The exploration of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature Picasso used to portray himself in his etching print series. The Minotaur goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and boundaries of sexes disappear.

Nadezhda Svirskaia's statement: Through vibrant colors and lines, re-inventing and mixed techniques, this film reveals the beauty of bodies and power of passion. It connects us with mythology and history of art, twisting and challenging fallimiar gender roles.

StopTrik 2021 Special Mention from Vassilis Kroustallis (Zippy Frames, Estonia)
Your Own Bullshit / Własne śmieci / Lastno sranje, Daria Kopiec (Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association, Likaon) / 2020, POL, 6'

There's nothing better than a family dinner. Though, it reminds one of a looped script that repeats itself infinitely. Even though, in addition to food, you have to swallow the words of your loved ones which are sometimes bitter. They are sometimes so repetitive that you want to vomit, recited singingly for many years.

Vassilis Kroustallis’ statement: For its beautifully ritualistic, musically-accented description of a dysfunctional family dinner.

StopTrik Festival continues in Lodz, 5-7 November 2021

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