Stop Trik IFF, Niepolemice, Poland: Programme

 stoptrikThe Slovenian-Polish alternative StopTrik IFF takes place in three different cities – inspiring Maribor, picturesque Niepołomice near Kraków and unique Bielsko-Biała located in Polish/Czech/Slovakian borderland region.

From over 160 submissions made after January 1st 2012, StopTrik's programme director chose 39 films participating in "International Stop Motion Competition" and 7 more for "The Borderlands" Competition from Europe, both Americas and Asia.

The red carpet-free festival insists on artistic integrity and grassroots participation, and consciously avoids mainstream animation.

Two different competition programmes aim to present the widest variety of stop motion - the first one displays traditional perception of the medium, while the latter exhibits works that exploit stop motion means of expression, combine them with other techniques and transgress frame by frame illusion.


See the full festival programme.

Friday (24.10.2014)
18.00 PAF Festival of Film Animation, 55'
20.00 International Stop Motion Competition 1/ Międzynarodowy Konkurs Stop Motion 1, 60'
22.00 The Sounds of O!PLA, 77'

Saturday (25. 10. 2014)
18.00 International Stop Motion Competition 2, 60'
20.00 International Stop Motion Competition 3 58'
22.00 "The Borderlands" Competition, 76'

Sunday (26. 10. 2014)
18.00 International Stop Motion Competition 4, 58'
20.00 Supertoon International Animation Festival, 71'
22.00 Awarded Films Screening/

 StopTrik was born in the alternative culture center Pekarna in Maribor. Visit the official festival page and the Facebook page.


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