Small video portraits of the 2017 guests of StopTrik festival, Maribor.

The 7th edition of StopTrik festival (Maribor, 5-7 October).)prepared 7 videos of its festival guests, ranging from the completely serious to the utterly nonsensical, but all engaging.

All videos have a narration/ intro of how talented these people are, until the interviewees themselves start deconstructing the interview process.

Watch them all below:

1. Laura Spark:

2. Jair Salvador Flores Alvarez, ReAnima festival

3. Ivan Ivanovski

4. Božidar Trkulja

5. Piotr Kardas

6.  Asja Trost

7. Špela Čadež


Videos made by Tea Šarić and Ivan Klepac

The 7th StopTrik Festival took place in Maribor (5-7 Oct), and continues with Lodz festival programme (10-12 Nov 2017).