Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2022: Programme Highlights


The international animation film festival Tricky Women/Tricky Realities (9-13 March 2022, Vienna/online) celebrates the radiance and courage of animated films made by women*. The festival takes place in a hybrid form, with film programs, lectures and artist talks in Viennese cinemas and online on the festival platform. Prizes worth 21,000 euros will be awarded in the international competition, including for the first time the Maria Lassnig Golden Film Reel, worth 10,000 euros and provided by the Maria Lassnig Foundation.

Tricky Women - that always means also Tricky Realities. Filmmakers from across the continents underscore the urgency of contemporary political discourse through critical, creative treatments of climate change, TurboCapitalism, TechnoFeminism and several topics more.

The festival program includes 160 short films as well as the Austrian premiere of the award-winning feature film 'The Crossing' by Florence Miailhe in the cinema.

Competition programs
As the centrepiece of the festival, the International Competition brings together trends and tendencies in independent animated film-making by women* all over the globe. The Up & Coming Competition gathers impressive animation films made at renowned film and art schools from around the world.

Animated films by Maria Lassnig & Feminist Interventions
On the occasion of the prestigious new award, the Maria Lassnig Golden Film Reel, Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2022 pays homage to one of the most important Austrian artists of the 20th and 21st centuries and presents Maria Lassnig’s animated film works. Independent of her painting, but closely connected with it, Maria Lassnig's (animated) films take a humorous and critical look at the rigid, outdated (male) standards of earlier periods of art. The program includes some of Lassnig’s so-called films in progress – films that have recently been made available.

Palmistry, Maria Lassnig

The films in the program Feminist Interventions use the expressive potential of animated film to take a closer look at gender-specific imbalances. The result is a series of feminist interventions into  the body, history, cyberspace, public space and outer space.

Exploring Realities
When it comes to give people in exceptional situations a voice, making displacement and trauma tangible, animated documentaries reveal their full strength. The films in the Exploring Realities - Animated Documentaries program are breathing life into archive material and make visible again what should have been forgotten.

The films in the programs Work Affairs and In this together expand our concept of what we commonly think of as work and question old certainties and values. How can art and creativity look like in capitalism? How do women* make their mark on the world?

Two film programs with a panel discussion in the Metro Kinokulturhaus, as well as lectures at the Austrian Film Museum, are dedicated to the topic of intergenerational trauma. The exhibition in Bildraum 07 with a large-scale intervention by Marta Pajek allows a deep dive into the surreal world of the outstanding Polish artist (opening: 10 March, exhibition up to 24 March).

Full Festival Programme

Watch the Tricky Women trailer by Héloïse Ferlay

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Festival takes place 9-13 March 2022 (Vienna and online).

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