Video: Annecy Festival Zippy Quiz

Video: Annecy Festival Zippy Quiz

Animation students and animators from Italy, France and UK were the participants of the first Zippy Frames Annecy Animation Race, organized during the 2019 Annecy Festival

A team of 3-4 participants were recruited by our Zippy Frames contributor Kropka (sFriday 14 June, 12pm at Annecy Open Air Screen meeting point (opposite Bonlieu Building.  Questions were prepared by both him  Kropka (also director of ReAnima festival) and Olga Bobrowska (director of StopTrik Festival, for all participants to answer. Here is the result.

Both wine and the just-published academic book on animation ""Propaganda, Ideology, Animation: Twisted Dreams of History" graced  winners  The edited book is published by AGH University of Science and Technology Press, in cooperation with: Fundacja Promocji Kultury Artystycznej, Etiuda&Anima Festival. Provided by StopTrik Festival.

Event took place during the Annecy Festival (14 June 2019,) organized by ZIppy Frames. 

Supported by::

ReAnima Festival, StopTrik International Film Festival

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