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10th StopTrik Festival unveils competition and panorama programme.

2020 appears difficult also in regards to selecting a world contemporary stop motion programme at StopTrik IFF. As the festival organizers states "Loads of high artistic quality submissions caused Michał Bobrowski (Programme Director) some sleepless nights and tough decisions had to be made". The festival has announced its titles to participate in competition and panorama programmes presented at the 10th StopTrik in Maribor (8th -11th October, screening venue: Vetrinjski dvor, ) and Lodz (6th - 8th November, screening venue: Klub Kipisz

Both Slovene and Polish StopTrik teams are determined to proceed with preparations for live editions. We strongly believe that the festival is a meeting place, a melting pot of creativity, ideas and discoveries. We will fully comply with the national sanitary restrictions and if only possible we warmly invite you to join in person the 10th celebration of stop motion film art and critical reception of art-house animated cinema - StopTrik Festival organizers

10th StopTrik contemporary programme adds up to 54 films representing 27 world animation cinematographies and over 350 minutes runtime. International Stop Motion Competition presents 26 excellent shorts that employ traditional means of stop motion animation in narrating most unconventional stories and visualizing individual sensitivities.

The programme includes works of acknowledged animators such as Anita Killi (Mother Didn't Know, Norway), Michael Cusack (Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory..., Australia), Huang Yun-Hsien (Little Hilly, Taiwan) or Anu-Laura Tuttelberg (Winter in the Rainforest, Estonia / Lithuania / Mexico) as well as student films from Taiwan, Spain, Poland or UK.

Mother Didn't Know

The Borderlands Competition opens-up StopTrik viewers for experimental potential within stop motion, frequently combined with other animation techniques or live-action footage. This selection consists of 11 films that bring a lots of visual pleasure but also stimulate deep reflection on animation materials, filmmaking methods and limits of our perception. Non-competitive programme Panorama is a review of 17 shorts that demonstrate fusion of a highly skilful animation with filmmakers' ability to create playful and frequently miniature imagery. 

We are  especially delighted to emphasize strong development and interest in stop motion techniques among students from the Slovene art schools in Nova Gorica and Ljubljana - StopTrik Festival

Complete list of the selected titles:

International Stop Motion Competition

(alphabetical order)
26 films from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Congo, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, UK and USA

1. Anna, Cat and Mouse, dir. Varya Yakovleva, prod. PCHELA stoodio (Maria Muat), 2020, Russia, 5'26''
2. Bench / Scamnum, dir. Rich Webber, prod. Waaber productions ltd (Rich Webber), 2020, UK, 1'36''
3. Chemicals - Parker Bossley, dir. Joseph Wallace, prod. Cardel (Carla Mooney & Delwyn Mooney), 2018, UK, 4'12''
4. Existential / Екзистенциално (Ekzistencialno), dir. Nataliya Atanasova, prod. Compote Collective (Vessela Dantcheva), 2019, Bulgaria, 4'50''
5. Good Intentions, dir. Anna Mantzaris, prod. Royal College of Art (Anna Mantzaris), 2018, UK, 8'35''
6. Little Hilly / 《山川壯麗》 (Shan Tuan Chuan Lee ), dir. Yun-Hsien Huang, Pei-Yu Liao, prod. TurnRhino Original Design Studio (Zhi-Zhong Tang), 2020, Taiwan, 18'46''
7. Machini, dir.Tétshim and Frank Mukunday, prod. Picha Twenty Nine Studio & Production, 2019, Italy, Belgium, Congo, 10'
8. Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory..., dir. Michael Cusack, prod. Anifex (Michael Cusack), 2019, Australia, 1'68''
9. Mother Didnt Know / Mor visste Ingenting, dir. Anita Killi, prod.TROLLFILM AS (Anita Killi, Marita Mayer), 2020, Norway, 1117
10. Nadirah: Coal Woman, dir. Negar Elodie Behzadi, Kate Jessop, prod. The VEM: Visual and Embodied Methodologies Network, Kings College London (Jelke Boesten), 2019, UK, 2'33''
11. Nod. Wink. Horse., dir. Ollie Magee, prod. Royal College of Art (Tim Webb), 2020, UK, 4'42''
12. Ostrich / Avestruz, dir. & prod. Agostina Ravazzola, 2019, Argentina, 4'40''
13. Pandora, dir. & prod. Matthias Lerch, 2020, Germany, 6'59''
14. Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur, dir. Julia Orlik, prod. PWSFTviT in Lodz (Krzysztof Brzezowski), 2019, Poland, 15
15. Shallow Vein / Плитка Вена (Plitka vena), dir. Yoana Alexandrova, prod. Compote Collective (Vessela Dantcheva), 2019, Bulgaria, 6'23''
16. Silent Embassies / Botschaften, dir. Daniel Höpfner, prod. Phaenomenfilm (Daniel Höpfner), 2020, Germany, 15'
17. Sororal / Sororelle, dir. Louise Mercadier, Frédéric Even, prod. Papy3D Productions (Richard Van Den Boom), 2020, France, 14'56''
18. The Elephant / Słoń, dir. Dominika Wilkosz, prod. Pedagogical University of Cracow, 2019,Poland, 6'52''
19. The Flood / Wyszła z brzegów, dir. Sofya Nabok, prod. Likaon (Anna Mroczek), 2020, Poland, 9'20''
20. Them People, dir. Nausheen Javed, prod. Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Nausheen Javed), 2020, Germany, 5'45''
21. Tithonos & the Goddess of Dawn / Tithonos & die Göttin der Morgenröte, dir. Jörg Weidner, prod. sublunare welt, 2019, Germany, 136
22. To the Dusty Sea / À la mer poussière, dir. Héloïse Ferlay, prod. ENSAD (Héloïse Ferlay), 2020, France, 12'30''
23. Tulipomania: Gone, dir. Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray, prod. Tulipomania, 2020, USA, 2'59''
24. Unraveled, dir. Arden Colley, Asil Atay, Kellie Fay, & Isabel Wiegand, prod. BAU Design College of Barcelona, 2019, Spain, 3'39''
25. Water / Maji, dir. Cesar Diaz Melendez, prod. Cesarlinga (Cesar Diaz Melendez), 2020, Spain, 1'30''
26. Winter in the Rainforest / Talv vihmametsas, dir. Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, prod. Miyu Distribution (Luce Grosjean), 2019, Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico, 8'53''

The Borderlands Competition

(alphabetical order)

11 films from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Israel, Japan, Slovenia, Serbia, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine and USA

1. Beyond Noh, dir. Patrick Smith, prod. Kaori Ishida, Patrick Smith, 2020, USA, Japan, 4
2. Comte, dir. Natalia Ryss, prod. rx:tx, King Deluxe, Natalia Ryss, 2019, Israel, Slovenia, UK, Canada, 3'9''
3. Hello World, dir. & prod. Alexander Isaenko, 2020, Ukraine, 830
4. Hierarchy Glitch, dir. Vessela Dantcheva, prod. Compote Collective, 2019, Austria, Bulgaria, 6'35''
5. Letting go / Lah gah, dir. Cécile Brun, prod. Virage Film (Saskia von Virág), 2019, Switzerland, 6'33''
6. Microcassette - The Smallest Cassette Ive Ever Seen / Mikrokazeta - najmanja kazeta koju sam ikad vidio, dir. Igor Bezinović, Ivana Pipal, prod. Bonobostudio (Vanja Andrijević), 2020, Croatia, Serbia, 19'15''
7. Piece forever / 《歲歲平安》, dir. Yi Ting Chen, prod. Tainan National University of the Arts, 2019, Taiwan, 4'53''
8. Rebooted, dir. Michael Shanks, prod. LateNite Films (Nicholas Colla & Chris Hocking), 2019, Australia, 12'47''
9. The Golden Sausage / Die Goldwurst, dir. & prod. Reinhold Bidner, Austria 2019, Austria, 110
10. The Tower / Kula, 2020, dir. Sunčana Brkulj, prod. Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Sunčana Brkul), Croatia, 3'58''
11. Wave Flotation, dir. Ornella Macchia, prod. Studio TABASS co. ASBL (Roger Tabass), 2019, Belgium, 4'43''

Panorama (alphabetical order)

17 films from Argentina, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan and UK

1. Blüte, dir. Raito Low Jing Yi, Miyako Huang, prod.National Taiwan University of Arts (Raito Low Jing Yi), 2020, Taiwan, 4'23''
2. Divinity / Malakout, dir. Farnoosh Abedi, prod. Negative Art Studio/ DEFC (Farnoosh Abedi), 2020, Iran, 1'16''
3. Every Time I Run, dir. Matteo Burani, Arianna Gheller, prod. Studio Croma animation (Matteo Burani), 2019, Italy, 2'40''
4. Faust, dir. Marianna Atłas, prod. Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Marianna Atłas), 2019, Poland, 6'45''
5. Florian, dir. Pavel Loparev, Alicia Velasco, Keshav Abrol, Lucas Clayton, prod. BAU Design College of Barcelona, 2019, Spain, 3'37''
6. Handmade, dir. Mina Cvetinović Pavkov, prod. IFC Kino Klub Novi Sad (Nina Latinović), 2020, Serbia, 6'9''
7. Home, dir. Anita Bruvere, prod. Nodachi LTD (Anita Bruvere), 2019, UK, 7'51''
8. Little Cosmic Shore / Маленький космический берег (Malenkij kosmicheskij bereg), dir. & prod. Pavel Kungurov, 2019, Russia, 3'32''
9. Om, dir. & prod. Gabriela Fernández, 2020, Argentina, 3'15''
10. Pipi & Popi, dir. Katja Pivk, prod. University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts / Akademija umetnosti Univerza v Novi Gorici (Maja Stegovec), 2020, Slovenia, 2'52''
11. Psychophonic, dir. Aline Romero, prod. Escola de Cinema de Barcelona (SWEETY SAHIJWANI), 2019, Spain, 5'41''
12. Save Our Species, dir. Delwyn Remedios & collective, prod. Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Department of Design (Delwyn Remedios), 2020, India, 1'54''
13. Shadow Passage, dir. Ali Aschman, prod. Royal College of Art (Ali Aschman), 2019, UK, 4'40''
14. Smokers delight / Kadilka, dir. Ana Prebil, prod. University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts / Akademija umetnosti Univerza v Novi Gorici (Maja Stegovec), 2020, Slovenia, 1'33''
15. St George and the Dragon, dir. & prod. Gus Kearns, 2019, UK, 2'49''
16. The Laws of Nature, dir. Žoel Kastelic, prod. Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, 2020, Slovenia, 2'16''
17. Ties / Uzi, dir. Dina Velikovskaya, prod. SMPL (Dina Velikovskaya), 2019, Germany, Russia, 7'37''

Shadow Passage

The 10th StopTrik Festival takes place n Maribor (8th -11th October, screening venue:Vetrinjski dvor) and Lodz (6th - 8th November, screening venue: Klub Kipisz

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