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Discover the full line-up of the StopTrik Festival taking place both in Maribor, Slovenia and Lodz, Poland.

58 stop motion and experimental shorts were selected for the always interesting and inquiring StopTrik Festival in Maribor, Slovenia (3-6 Oct) and Lodz, Poland (8-10 Nov 2019).

Olga Bobrowska, Festival Director and Michał Bobrowski, Programme Director  gloss the selection (both the International Stop Motion and the Borderlands competition of experimental films, as well as the Panorama section ) as showcasing " inventive film language, daring and unique character design, and nuanced storytelling, developed by the authors who make shorts longer than the festival audiences got used to in recent years".

Along the titles of already achieved well-deserved acclaim, you will find jewels yet to be discovered. Films that playfully evoke qualities of live-action genre cinema reside on the list side by side with visually-driven anecdotes of purely illusionary essence. Some are charming, tender and romantic, other ironically bitter, intellectually sophisticated and even provocatively disgusting. Sensitive individuality is fragile, especially in the times we're living now - Olga Bobrowska / Michał Bobrowski

The recently Student Academy Award finalist films Daughter by Daria Kashcheeva and Love Me, Fear Me by Veronica Solomon feature in the programme, which provides for more strong female voices in (among other films) Raymonde or The Vertical Escape by Sarah Van Den Boom  or Enough by Anna Mantzaris.


The 14 films in The Borderlands competition feature acclaimed names such as Max Hattler (Serial Parallels) and Thomas Renoldner (Don't Know What) as well as newcomers, such as Run by Leilei Xia and the experimental Reinhold Bidner (In Trance It)

The full line-up:


28 films from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, Uruguay, USA

 ISMC 1: screening in Maribor, 04. 10. 2019 (Friday); Screening in Lodz tba

1. Memorable/ Mémorable, dir. Bruno Collet, prod. Vivement Lundi ! (Jean-François Le Corre), 2019, France, 12'
2. Helix, dir. Károly Kása Papp, prod. Umbrella (Zoltán Hidvégi, Miklós Kázmér), 2018, Hungary, 5'23''
3. Imbued Life/ Udahnut zivot, dir. Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson, Bonobostudio (Vanja Andrijevic), 2019, Croatia, 12'15''
4. Diver, The/ La plongeuse, dir. Iulia Voitova, prod. La Poudriere (Annick Teninge), 2018, France, 4'
5. Daughter/ Dcera, dir. Daria Kashcheeva, prod. FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Alexandra Hroncova), 2019, Czech Republic, 14'44''
6. Love Me, Fear Me, dir. Veronica Solomon, prod. Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Cristina Marx), 2018, Germany, 6'
7. Enough, dir. Anna Mantzaris, prod. Royal College of Art (Anna Mantzaris), 2017, UK, 2'20''
8. Raymonde or The Vertical Escape/ Raymonde ou l'évasion verticale, dir. Sarah Van Den Boom, Papy3D Productions / JPL Films (Richard Van Den Boom), 2018, France. 16'45''

ISMC 2: screening in Maribor, 04. 10. 2019 (Friday); Screening in Lodz tba
1. Freeze Frame, dir. Soetkin Verstegen, prod. Akademie Schloss Solitude (Soetkin Verstegen), 2019, Belgium/ Germany, 5'
2. Preta, dir. Elisabeth Jakobi, prod. Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (Christina Marx), 2018, Germany, 4'30''
3. Last Crow, The/ El último canto, dir. Borja Guerrero, prod. OQO editora (Zé Carlos Pinto), 2018, Spain, 14'58''
4. Act of Breathing, The, dir. Hana Yamazaki, prod. MOME Anim (József Fülöp, Eszter Glaser), 2018, Hungary, 6'47''
5. Eaten, dir. Mohsen Rezapour, prod. Jibi Studio, Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) (Mohsen Rezapour, Haleh Moaddabian), 2019, Iran, 7'20''
6. Tulipomania: (This Gilded Age) So What Are You Looking At?, dir. Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray, prod. Tulipomania, 2019, USA, 3'18''
7. Sister/ 妹妹/ Meimei, dir. & prod. Siqi Song, 2018, China/ USA, 8'
8. Muedra, dir. Cesar Diaz Melendez, prod. Mizunonaka, 2019, Spain, 8'50''
9. Bottleneck/ Flaskhals, dir. Pella Olsson, prod. Pella Olsson EF, 2019, Sweden, 3'
10. Metamorphosis, dir. Carla Pereira, JuanFran Jacinto, prod. Bigaro Films (Ramon Alos), 2019, Spain/ France, 10'35''
11. Marbles, dir. Natalia Spychała, prod. The National Polish Film School in Lodz (Krzysztof Brzezowski), 2019, Poland, 5'22''

ISMC 3: screening in Maribor, 05. 10. 2019 (Saturday); Screening in Lodz tba
1. Piece of Meat, dir. Jerrold Chong, Huang Junxiang, prod. Finding Pictures (Jerrold Chong), 2019, Singapore, 11'50''
2. Embraced/ Etreintes, dir. Justine Vuylsteker, prod. Offshore (France) (Rafael Andrea Soatto), ONF (Canada), 2018, France/ Canada, 5'27''
3. Opposites Game The, dir. Lisa LaBracio, Anna Samo, prod. TED-Ed (Gerta Xhelo), 2019, USA, 4'45''
4. Feather Pillow, The/ Almofada de Penas, dir. Joseph Specker Nys, prod. 2 Plátanos Filmes, 2018, Brazil/ Uruguay, 12'17''
5. We're Dead, dir. Samuel Lewis, prod. Samuel J. Bailey, 2018, Australia/ UK, 4'33''
6. TellTale, dir. & prod. Fu Yang, prod. 2019, USA, 3'
7. Little Soul, The/ Duszyczka, dir. Barbara Rupik, prod. Polish National Film School in Łódź (Przemek Glajzner), 2019, Poland, 9'
8. Three sisters/ ТРИ СЕСТРЫ/ Tri sestri, dir. Svetlana Andrianova, prod. Soyuzmultfilm film studio (Alexandra Sholudko), 2019, Russia, 8' 9. Portrait Of Suzanne/ Portrait En Pied De Suzanne, dir. Izabela Plucińska, prod. Fundacja Las Sztuki (Paulina Ratajczak), 2019, Poland/ France, 15'


14 films from Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, UK, USA Screening in Maribor, 05. 10. 2019 (Saturday); Screening in Lodz tba

1. Erodium Thunk, dir. & prod. Winston Hacking, 2018, Canada, 2'50''
2. Almost There, dir. Nelly Michenaud, prod. Nathanael Baring, Kate Phibbs, 2019, UK, 8'44''
3. Bero, dir. Sasha Svirsky, prod. Nadezhda Svirskaia, 2019, Russia, 1'5''
4. Serial Parallels/ 序列平⾏, dir. Max Hattler, prod. Relentless Melt (Max Hattler), 2019, Hong Kong/ Germany, 9'
5. 25/25, dir. & prod. kinoMANUAL, 2018, Poland, 4'20''
6. PIT STOP, dir. Mikail Ekiz, prod. The Savannah College of Art and Design (Madeleine Arana), 2019, USA, 3'55''
7. Alma, dir. & prod. Michelangelo Fornaro, 2019, Italy, 11'31''
8. I'm Not Feeling Very Well, dir. Sunčana Brkulj, prod. Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, 2019, Croatia, 3'32''
9. Fleeting Autumn/ ⾏く秋/ Yuku Aki, dir. & prod. Vojtěch Domlátil, 2018, Czech Republic/ Japan, 8'
10. Foreign Exchange, dir. & prod. Corrie Francis Parks, 2019, USA, 5'45''
11. Gun Shop, dir. Patrick Smith, prod. Kaori Ishida, 2019, USA, 2'20''
12. In Trance it, dir. Reinhold Bidner, prod. gold extra (Sonja Prlic), 2018, Austria/ Slovenia, 6'19''
13. Run, dir. Leilei Xia, prod. Rhode Island School of Design, 2019, USA/ China, 4'20''
14. DONT KNOW WHAT, dir. & prod. Thomas Renoldner, 2019, Austria, 8'


16 films from Brazil, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine Screening in Maribor: 03. 10. 2019 (Thursday); Screening in Lodz tba

1. Flower and The Girl, dir. Robin Heap, prod. Breakneck Films (Jo Lewis), 2019, UK, 9'19''
2. Corkscrewed, dir. & prod. Massimo Ottoni, 2019, Italy, 3'51''
3. Five/ Fuenf, dir. Peter Kaboth, prod. Pan Kaboth (Fabian Driehorst), 2019, Germany, 6'55''
4. Chess/ ШАХМАТЫ/ SHAKHMATY, dir. Alexey Pochivalov, prod. Soyuzmultfilm film studio (Alexandra Sholudko), 2019, Russia, 6' 5. Do Not Touch!, dir. Pavel Endrle, prod. The Ladislav Sutnar´s Faculty of Design and Art (LSFDA) of the University of West Bohemia (Jan Prihoda), 2017, Czech Republic, 0'50'' 6. J Swordsman/ 义胆鸡侠, dir. Zhijing Wu, prod. Studio Fantastic Sky & Donghai Children's Stop-motion Animation Studio (Su Donghai), 2019, China, 11'
7. Misplaced Memories/ Zagubljena sjećanja, dir. Ivana Radić, prod. Zagreb film (Vinko Brešan) and Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Aleksandar Battista Ilić), 2019, Croatia, 6'15''
8. Dorothy, dir. & prod. Ann Upton, 2019, Ireland, 3'22''
9. ZAGREB FILM FESTIVAL 2018 - opening sequence/ Zagreb film festival 2018 Špica, dir. Luka Vucić, prod. Studio Vucić, Šesnić & Turković, 2018, Croatia, 1'3''
10. Sincerely, Now Air, dir. & prod. Theresa Grysczok, 2019, Germany, 5'45''
11. Contemporary Trash, dir. & prod. Milo Bonnard, 2019, UK/ France, 1'3''
12. Cat and Mouse, dir. students collective, prod. Univerza v Novi Gorici Akademija umetnosti (Boštjan Potokar), 2019, Slovenia, 2'33''
13. Her Cookie, dir. Geena Gasser, prod. HSLU - Lucerne School of Applied Arts and Sciences, Animation Departement (Jürgen Haas), 2018, Switzerland, 2'56''
14. This Is Just Space/ Это просто космос/ Eto prosto kosmos, dir. & prod. Svitlana Magda, 2019, Ukraine, 5'17''
15. Bath, dir. Alicja Kucharska, Magda Wojciechowska, prod. Workshops Anima in Dresden, Fundacja Filmowiec 2019, Poland/ Germany, 1'6''
16. Guaxuma, dir. Nara Normande, prod. Les Valseurs (Damien Megherbi & Justin Pechberty), Vilarejo Films (Livia de Melo), 2018, Brazil/ France, 14'16''

The 9th StopTrik International Film Festival takes place in Maribor (Slovenia): 03. — 06. 10. 2019 and Łódź (Poland): 08. — 10. 11. 2019.

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