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All the awards of the 2016 Lisbon festival

Films already awarded took home another award at the 15th edition of MONSTRA Lisbon festival. Troubled family stories had their vengeance in a festival that was also generous to Portuguese animators and directors.

The French Sunday Lunch by Céline Devaux (Sacrebleu Productions) about a routine Sunday lunch with aggressive overtones won the Grand Prix at the Festival.

The BAFTA-awarded Edmond by Nina Gantz, a stop-motion animation cousin of Oh, Willy (Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels) made at NFTS, London, was the student grand prize of the festival

In the feature competition section, the latest Studio Ghibli film (and Oscar-nominated) When Marnie Was There by Hiromasa Yonebayashi won the award for Best Feature Film.


When Marnie Was There

The pixilation story of the break-up of Amélia & Duarte by Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos, which is heavily indebted to Juan Pablo Zaramella's Luminaris (also mentioned in the film credits) was the winner of the Portuguese Short Film Competition.

See the full list of awards in all categories:

MONSTRINHA Competition

Jury: Tânia Baixinho, Acácio, António Ramos

Family Program
BETWEEN TIMES – Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata, Holanda, EUA
Jury Honorable Mentions
3 aos 6 – MORPHIUM – Linus Stetter, Alemanha
7 aos 12 – ONE, TWO, TREE – Yulia Aronova, França
+ de 13 – GUIDA – Rosana Urbes, Brasil
Monstrinha Audience Award
3 aos 6 – COUNTING SHEEP – Fritz Standaert, França, Bélgica
7 aos 12 – Hola Llamigo – Christina Chang, Charlie Parisi, EUA
+ de 13 – Rapsodie en Rose – Bram Mondy, Bélgica
Best Film Monstrinha
The Story Of Percival Pilts – Jeanette Goodey, John Lewis, Austrália

Audience Award
Family Program
DJI. DEATH SAILS, Dmitri Voloshin, Moldávia
3 to 6
COUNTING SHEEP – Fritz Standaert, França, Bélgica
7 to 12
Hola Llamigo – Christina Chang, Charlie Parisi, EUA
+ 13
Rapsodie en Rose – Bram Mondy, Bélgica


PEANUT Competition

Bronze Peanut

My Dear Gnome – Emmanuelle Leleu, Julien Hazebroucq, França

Silver Peanut

By the Name of Boston – Grant Kolton, EUA
Golden Peanut
Otto – Salvatore Murgia, Dario Imgrogno, Itália


STUDENTS Competition
Júri: Paola Bristot, Abi Feijó, Daniel Suljic

Jury Honorable Mentions
Whitin – Natália Azevedo Andrade, Portugal
Afternoon Class – Seoro Oh, Coreia do Sul
Life Smartphone – Xie Chenglin, China
Fox Fears – Miyo Sato, Japão
Audience Award
Afternoon Class – Seoro Oh, Coreia do Sul
Best Portuguese Student Film
Meada – Linnea Lidegran, Portugal
Best Student Film
Edmond– Nina Gantz, UK


SUPER-SHORTS Competition
Jury: Isabel Baraona, Jose Vonk, Hemant Sharda, Jan Balej, Milen Alempijevic

Jury Honorable Mentions
Otto – Salvatore Murgia, Dario Imbrogno, Itália
At First Sight – Pedro Allevato, Reino Unido
Best Portuguese Super-Short
FRRT FRTT FRT FRRTT – Aude Bario, Barbara Meuli, Portugal, Suíça
Best International Super-Short

By the Name of Boston – Grant Kolton, EUA


FEATURE FILM Competition
Jury: Andrea Basílio, Aron Gauder, Maitt Laas, Nuno Saraiva, Pierre Yves DrapeaU

Audience Award
April and the Extraordinary World – Christian Demares, Franck Ekinci, França
Best Film for Children and Youth
Phantom Boy – Alan Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, França
Best SoundTrack
April and the Extraordinary World – Christian Demares, Franck Ekinci, França
Jury Special Prize
Little From the Fish Shop – Jan Balej, República Checa, Eslováquia, Alemanha
Grand Prix MONSTRA

When Marnie Was There – Hiromasa Yonebayashi , Japão

SHORT FILM Competition
Jury: Andrea Basílio, Natália Luiza, Darko Masnec, Filipe Alçada, Mihai Mitrica

Jury Honorable Mentions

Splintertime – Rosto, Holanda, Bélgica
In the Distance – Florian Grolig, Alemanha
The Master – Riho Unt, Estónia
Audience Award
One, Two, Tree – Yulia Aronova, França

Best Experimental Film

Veil – Yoriko Mizushiri, Japão
Jury Special Prize
Under Your Fingers – Marie-Christine Courtès, França
Best Portuguese Short
Estilhaços – José Miguel Ribeiro
Grand Prix MONSTRA
Sunday Lunch – Céline Devaux, França


PORTUGUESE Competition
Jury: Iva Ciric, António Torrado, Steven Woloshen

Jury Honorable Mentions
Estilhaços – José Miguel Ribeiro
Pronto, Era Assim – Joana Nogueira, Patrícia Rodrigues
Nossa Senhora da Apresentação, Alice Guimarães, Daniela Duarte, Laura Gonçalves, Abi Feijó
Audience Award
Estilhaços – José Miguel Ribeiro
Best Portuguese Film – SPA | Vasco Granja Award
Amélia & Duarte – Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos

The 15th MONSTRA Festival took place in Lisbon, between 3 and 13 March 2016.


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