Lulina and the moon animation short collage

Eliane Gordeeff interviews the directors of the new Brazilian animation short, 'Lulina and the Moon'.

Monstra Festival animation still collage

Eliane Gordeeff writes about her Monstra Festival 2024 Lisbon animated experience.

Bizarre Fish from the Abysmal Zone still

Eliane Gordeeff reviews and talks to 'Bizarre Fish From the Abyssal Zone' animation director,Marcelo Marão; the trailer premieres exclusively at Zippy Frames.

Monstra Lisbon festival 2023 report

Eliane Gordeeff reports from the 2023 MONSTRA - The Lisbon Animation Festival.


Eliane Gordeeff reports from Monstra Animation Festival 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.


Eliane Gordeeff reviews the animation feature 'Bob Split, We Do Not Like People!' by Cesar Cabral, 2021.

Eliane Gordeeff reports from Monstra Festival about the upcoming Portuguese animation films.

Eliane Gordeeff reports from the Monstra Festival press conference and the Tim Burton exhibition in Lisbon.

A one-to-one interview with the much acclaimed maverick of sand animation, Caroline Leaf. She talks to Eliane Gordeeff.

Eliane Gordeeff brings the news from Monstra 2019.

Eliane Gordeeff brings her own reporting in situ from Monstra festival 2019.

Our Zippy Frames Correspondent Eliane Gordeeff meets Portuguese architect and animation director Miguel Pires de Matos; they talk about the experimental short 4 States of Matter.

 Vassilis Kroustallis reports from the Lisbon and the 18th edition of Monstra Festival.

The 15th MONSTRA Animation Festival in Lisbon can fit in its programme a tremendous amount of animation production and professionals -and expanded on other things in the process.


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