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'Pinocchio', 'Marcel', 'My Year of Dicks' in the Oscar Animation Nominations 2023

Oscar nominations for the animation categories in the 2023 Academy Awards.

6+1 Notes On the Annie Awards Nominations 2023

Vassilis Kroustallis writes about the recent Annie Awards nominations 2023.

Watch 'Marcel' and the Oscar-shortlisted Animation Shorts at The Animation Showcase

The industry streaming platform The Animation Showcase offers a chance to view all 15 animation shorts shortlisted for an Academy Award.

The 15 Oscar-Shortlisted Animation Shorts 2023, Ranked

We review and rank the 15 Oscar-shortlisted animation candidates for the Academy Awards 2023.

'Steakhouse', 'Debutante', Sierra', 'Ice Merchants' in the Oscar Animation Shortlist 2023

Discover the 15 animation shorts that made it to the Academy Awards' shortlist for Best Animation Short 2023.

'Granny', 'No Dogs or Italians Allowed' in the Animation Winners of European Film Awards 2022

'Granny's Sexual Life' and 'No Dogs or Italians Allowed' won in the animation categories of the European Film Awards 2022.

5 + 3 Animated Films for the European Film Awards Nominations 2022

Check out the animation nominees for the European Film Awards 2022.

Ibero Americann Quirino Animation Award Winners

'Bob Spit', 'Bestia', 'Frankelda' In the 2022 Quirino Awards Winners

'Bob Spit – We Do Not Like People”, “Frankelda’s Book of Spooks” and “Bestia” are the winners of the 2022 Quirino Awards for Ibero-American animation film.


'Encanto', 'The Windshield Wiper' Win Animation Honors at Oscars 2022

Check the animation winners of the 94th Academy Awards.


The First (And Only) European Animation Feature to Win An Oscar

Out of 18 European animation nominated features, only one has actually won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


'Bestia', "Flee' Get Annie Awards 2022

Check the independent animation films in the Annie Awards 2022 winners.


Atsushi Wada and Bird in the Peninsula Win at Berlinale 2022

Japanese animation director wins Special Mention for a short film at Berlin Film Festival. Britt Raes (Belgium) also wins for her short film 'Luce and the Rock'.


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