The acclaimed and Oscar-nominated Barry Purves gives us a glimpse of his forthcoming stop-motion work on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Watch a 'majestic' excerpt with the director at work.

The short film on the Swan Lake composer is part of a Russian TV series about the greatest musicians of all time. It includes Rossini and Mozart (among others), and each educational film is animated by a director from a different country than the musician s/he animates.

Even though this is an educational project, Barry Purves' theater sympathies (Kabuki theater in the Screenplay, Greek myths in Achilles) lead us to expect that this Tchaikovsky is to be more intimate and emotional -and not at all a parade of droll information.

As for the technique, just watch the video below having Barry Purves at work (prepared by Joe Clarke and students)


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