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The new gallery by the French production and distribution company opens its doors with a Simone Massi exhibition.

The Miyu gallery, first European gallery devoted to auteur animation, will open on 17 November in Paris, at the 18 passage du Chantier. The inaugural exhibition will be dedicated to Simone Massi’s work for Stefano Savona’s feature Samouni Road (Picofilms, Dugong films, Alter Ego production).

Miyu production was founded in 2009 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal. Miyu is responsible for (a) the production of shorts, like Egg by Martina Scarpelli, Nothing Happens by Uri and Michelle Kranot, and feature films, TV productions, services and videoclips, (b) the distribution of professional shorts, such as Eternity by Anastasia Melikhova and Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz, school films, programmes and videogames, and (c) the gallery. The animation cinema is characterized by an exceptional diversity of graphic styles and a pool of artists that is constantly renewed, while confirming the fame of certain personalities. At the same time popular and little known, this art lacks today a place of development of its plastic creations. This is the idea of the Miyu gallery, the first and only European gallery dedicated entirely to this major art.

Our ambition is to enhance the graphic work of animated film authors and to contribute promoting animation as an art - Cécile Noesser, Μiyu Gallery Director

The Miyu gallery will deploy three activities.

  • THE GALLERY AND ITS WEB SITE: The Miyu gallery will put in highlight the personal production of the artists, as well as the numerous pictures behind the animated films: paintings, drawings, collages, paper cut, researches, animation sheets, settings... all unknown treasures of the animated creation, generally not promoted and inaccessible to the public. The Miyu gallery will organize 4 exhibitions per year, and will propose permanently a selection of works to sell, on its website and on the spot.
  • TRAVELLING EXHIBITIONS: In a move to promote animation cinema to all audiences, Miyu Gallery will create exhibitions for libraries and cultural venues. Designed in an educational approach, accessible to the greatest number, these traveling exhibitions will be available for rent.
  • OUTSIDE: The Miyu Gallery will offer punctually, depending on the news, event exhibitions at festivals and events. Contemporary and international, its ambition is to enhance the graphic work of animated film authors.

The Miyu Gallery will host its first exhibition from 17 November 2018 to 30 January 2019. It will be dedicated to the animated sequences by Simone Massi for the feature film by Stefano Savona, Samouni Road (Golden Eye Award in Cannes, a coproduction Picofilms, Dugong films, and Alter Ego productions, distributed by Jour2Fête, theater release on 7 November). The first artists represented by the gallery are authors recognized or young talents, from France and elsewhere. The Gallery is proud to welcome: Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach (France), Catherine Buffat and Jean-Luc Greco (France), Roberto Catani (Italy), Céline Devaux (France), Paul Driessen (Netherlands), Vergine Keaton (France), Michelle and Uri Kranot (Denmark), Boris Labbé (France), Marie Larrivé (France), Sébastien Laudenbach (France), Florence Miailhe (France), Alice Saey (Netherlands) and Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland).

The Girl Without Hands by Sébastien Laudenbach

The animated sequences by Simone Massi, inspired by Samouni stories and testimonies, recreate the memories of the protagonists, a neighborhood that really existed, and the charismatic members of the family who lived there. The sequences were first animated in 3D, then redrawn by Simone Massi and the traditional 2D animators, according to the principle of the scratch card, process that characterizes the work of Simone Massi for many years: starting from a surface entirely black, a succession of engraving lines brings out the light. Born in 1970, Simone Massi studied animation in Urbino, Italy. He has signed twenty short films awarded worldwide, in which he presents everyday life scenes with poetry. His black and white illustrations offer a screened universe characterizing his signature as much in animation as in the publishing world.

Simone Massi is a master at suggesting the evanescent mysteries of affective memory. The moments that are born before our eyes in a few strokes engraved in black and white have scarcely taken shape when an approximate detail transforms them - Jacques Kermabon, Short Film Agency

The style of Simone Massi is characterized by sequences where the visual elements are constantly changing, while we move between different scales, in a very poetic way - Stefano Savona

On the occasion of the International Animation Day, the Miyu Gallery has launched its first traveling exhibition, Supernatural Nature, dedicated to the representation of nature in animation cinema. The exhibition is now available for rent. With works by: Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach, Vergine Keaton, Marie Larrivé, Sébastien Laudenbach, Miailhe Florence, Alice Saey, Georges Schwizgebel.

The gallerist, Cécile Noesser, Doctor of Sociology, has published The Resistible Ascent of Animated Cinema. Socio-genesis of a cinema-bis in France, at L’Harmattan in 2016. Coordinator of the Bruz-Rennes Métropole National Animated Film Festival from 2010 to 2017, she has created exhibitions around Jean-Luc Greco and Catherine Buffat, Bruno Collet, Serge Elissalde, Carlos Gomez-Salamanca, Théodore Ushev, Violaine Lécuyer, etc. She also curated the exhibition A little history of French animated cinema for the Public Information Library (BPI/Center George Pompidou) in 2016. She is a member of the scientific committee of NEF Animation, Associate Professor in Audiovisual Writing at Paris VIII University, and a member of the animation committee New Aquitaine. She is co-founder of the Miyu Gallery, the first European gallery dedicated to contemporary animation.

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