Veljko Popovic's Cyclists is presented online, along with Animafest Insights interview of the author.

Cyclists by Veljko Popović is an homage to Vasko Lipovac, the iconic artist of the Split art scene, distinctive and known far and wide for his sculptures of unique shapes and colours.

The film was awarded Best Croatian Film Award at Animafest 2018, followed by many other honours at prestigious festivals, such as Annecy and Hiroshima.

The new Animafest Insights initiative now brings the full film online (for 7 days) plus an interview of the author to Animafest’s artistic director Daniel Šuljić. In the interview, Popović details the intricacies of having an animation studio in Split, plus all the international collaborators (including Sander Joon in 2D animation) who still had to work at a distance during the making of the Cyclists.

Veljko Popović's interview to Daniel Šuljić (Animafest Insights)

Cyclists has been described as a sea breeze, and it definitely earns that title. But let's qualify it: it is a sea breeze for people who suddenly feel the urge to be a little bit more naughty than usual; and the libido battle, colorful as it is, keeps things going -and ungoing.

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