The troubles of dating come to the fore (always contradictory) in the delightful Deal Breakers short  by Central Saint Martins M.A. students.

Produced by Inês Delicioso, Deal Breakers is a collection of lip sync exercises about what it takes to lose interest in someone. This short film was made with contributions from the students of M.A. Character Animation 2018  at Central Saint Martins College (UK).

A deal-breaker is 'the catch' that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweights any redeeming quality the individual may possess - Urban Dictionary


Each student animated another student's voice in this perfectly contradictory source of opinions about love and relationships, This is matched with a non-stop animation variety, which silently or more eloquently comments volumes on the fleeting nature of our relationships expectations.

It is accompanied by a timely recurring, energetic sound design by Kassiani Kappelos.

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