Meet our contributor Peter Schavemaker.

Peter Schavemaker (1967) is a Dutch freelance international animation and children's entertainment journalist, music-, theater-, media- and human-interest journalist. He contributed to a number of Dutch and international magazines, newspapers and websites. Schavemaker was the founder/editor of Animation News, the online newsmagazine about animation and moderated and presented at animation festivals, by invitation.

Schavemaker is also freelance author for the American professional journal Animation Magazine, in which he published three featured stories about the centennial of the Norwegian, Finnish and 70th anniversary of the Greek animation. He interviewed all animation key persons from these, and other, countries.

Peter Schavemaker currently is also freelance animation journalist for Zippy Frames,  music journalist for the Dutch online news platforms Reporters Online and Blendle, media journalist for and is assigned in writing about about the centennial of Hilversum, the Dutch broadcasting city.

This book will be published in the autumn of 2017.  


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