Abeo: Stop-motion film and campaign by 18-year-old John Kamberai

 Set in the beginning 23st century, a secret scientific program is planed to use human beings as a source of power. Two young friends are aware of the project and will go against it. What are they willing to sacrifice in order to protect their moral values.

This more philosophical than action-adventure storytelling of Abeo (Latin for going away) is the sole product of the 18-year-old John Kamberai , an animator studying in Greek high school.

  The project started on summer of 2012, and Kamberai has worked for almost a year by himself on the script, set design and construction. Watch the results:

 The film is still without its 2 main characters. Kamberai has spent so far approximately 500 euros. He needs 3500 more to complete the  stop-motion film, and buy computer hardware & software (rendering, cgi elements), puppet armatures and materials for set construction.

The planned length is about 25min. Visit the Indiegogo campaign page for Abeo, and watch a highly political scene from the film.

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