2013 Annual SAS Conference, LA: Redefining Animation

sasUnique in its ability to visually communicate complex ideas and unseen worlds, animation is ubiquitous in creative and information rich fields. How does animation penetrate these fields? What is the future of animation?

Redefining Animation is the theme of the 2013 SAS Conference (23-27 June) at The University of Southern California and the School of Cinematic  Arts (The John C Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts), Los Angeles.

Dreamworks'CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg  and Bill Damaschke will be the opening reception speakers.

Plenary talks will be addressed by Tom Sito, video artist Davide Quayola, game designer Tracy Fullerton, the China Syndrome and Star Trek visual effects supervisor Mike Fink, robotics Designer David Hanson, and Academy Award winner Geena Davis

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2013: The full conference programme

An array of topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Animating the Intangible: The Animated Soul
  • DIY: Distribution/Streaming Animation on the web-YouTube, Vimeo, Blogs and Websites (Viral Animation)
  • Artifacts of Mobility - Residue of Mobile Technology
  • Environmental Wearable Animation
  • Large-scale Architectural Animation (Projection Mapping, LED Technologies etc.)
  • Animation Infiltration of other Art Forms (In Galleries and on Stages, Music, Dance, and Theater)
  • Virtual Reality, Real-Time, Immersive, Interactive, ExperientialVisualizing Science and Animation
  • Documentary Animation
  • Animation within Social Movements
  • Stereoscopy and Perception
  • Facial Gesture, Emotional Resonance through Animation and Cinema
  • Consciousness and Sound
  • Death, Time and Animation
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Animated Holography
  • Historical Devices in Contemporary Animation: (Stage Projections and other Optical Illusions)
  • Creating Worlds: Augmented Reality
  • Redefining Character Animation
  • Animation for Games and Embodied Performance
  • 3D Printing from Animation and Sound - Virtual to PhysicalScale: Animating the Microscopic to the Gigantic
  • Generative Animation
  • Experimental Motion Capture
  • The Animated Brain
  • Animation: Redefining Drawing

Registration Fees:

Three days attendance

    Full | $285 | after May 31st: $325

    Student | $195

    USC students & SCA Alumni only | $150

One day attendance

    Full | $95 | after May 31st: $110

    Student | $65

    USC students & SCA Alumni only | $50

Registration (ONLY for those who register for three days attendance) includes:

    3 x lunches
    3 x morning and afternoon tea


Membership/renewal in the Society for Animation Studies for 2013 is mandatory for all conference attendees and presenters.



Conference Committee: Kathy Smith, Chair, Animation & Digital Arts

Christine Panushka, Professor

Lisa Mann, Instructor of Cinema Practice


For more info, visit the SAS Conference page


Email correspondence:

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