Planet Σ, Dissonance Win at Berlinale

 Being the third of the planet series by Tokyo-born director Momoko Seto,  the 12-minute Planet Σ (produced by Les Films D' Arlequin), depicts a planet in slow rejuvenation.


The Berlinale international short film jury, consisting of Wahyuni A. Hadi, director of the Singapore International Film Festival, Halil Altindere, publisher of the Turkish art magazine art-ist, and Indian filmmaker Madhusree Dutta, gave the Audi Short Film Award (sponsored by Audi AG with the prize of EUR 20,000).

Dissonance by Till Nowak will be the Berlin Short Film Nominee for the 2015 European Film Awards.

The film is combination of 3D animation and live-action explores the boundaries between reality and imagination in the form of a gifted pianist, who is no longer allowed to see his daughter.

Read the synopsis for both films:


The universe in all its infinitude. On planet Sigma, enormous creatures are trapped inside the ice. And then, all of a sudden explosions erupt from subterranean volcanoes. The ice begins to melt; a global warming concludes the giants' deep slumber and new life begins. The creatures crawl forth, out of the ice. With the aid of slow motion, Seto fictionalises the unfolding of events. Liberated from time and space, she draws ever closer to the proceedings, in extreme close-ups.

PLANET Σ is the third part of her planet series.


What is reality and what is imagination? Who defines the boundaries?

A gifted pianist plays piano. The piano reflects the pianist's emotion, exploding every dimension.


As does the emotion: the man misses his daughter, is no longer allowed to see her. Had the man seen a doctor however, he would most likely have been diagnosed with a psychosis.





Wayne Griffiths, Head of Sales Germany AUDI AG with the winner of the Audi Short Film Award 2015 Momoko Seto at the Award ceremony in Berlin © Getty Images/AUDI AG

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