Rabbitland wins Crystal Bear at Berlinale

Rabbitland by Ana Nedeljković  and Nikola Majdak  tells the story of mindless rabbits (they have holes in their heads instead of brains), who live in a perfectly ordered world of poverty and everyday elections. However, the Evil Girls (photo) seem to fake the democratic elections.

This allegorical tale about democracy and the role of the citizen was awarded the Crystal Bear for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival 2013 (Generation 14plus).


In the Generation14Plus section of  the Berlinale the jury members are no older than those of the audience. Eleven children and seven teens award the best films with Crystal Bears.

The director Ana Nedeljković was born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia.She is a painter, installation artist and also creates animation, and is a champion of art education. Nikola Majdak was born born in Slovenia, former Yugoslavia. He has worked for twenty years as a freelance cinematographer, animator, director and lecturer.

Rabbitland has also been developed as an installation. Read the official synopsis of the film.


The rabbits are blissfully happy. Nothing awful can happen to them because they are at the top of the evolutionary tree: they have no brain. The rabbits live in the ruins of Rabbitland – the perfect democracy. Every day, its inhabitants go out to vote. And every day they vote for the same representatives. After the polling they all go home, watch the results on TV, and are happy. So happy in fact, that it is creepy. A scathing portrait of utopia, brilliantly animated in plasticine.


Director: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak,jr./ Animation: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak,jr./ Production design: Ana Nedeljković/ Story: Ana Nedeljković/ Character design: Ana Nedeljković/ Director of photography: Nikola Majdak, jr./ Editing: Srđan Radmilović/ Color grading: Ivan Šijak/ Music: Dušan Petrović/ Sound: Vladimir Janković/ Narrator: Maša Mileusnić/ Voices: Natalija Gajić, Vladislava Đorđević/ Title Design: Aleksandra Jovanić/ thx: Andraž Kosmač, Matt Prodger, Stevan Vuković

Production: BAŠ ČELIK and ARHITEL
Supported by: Film Center Serbia and City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Culture
Production: September 2012

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