SAM (Orti) is a Spanish stop-motion animator, who takes inspiration from Almodovar to present his adult, comedy horror situations. Watch the trailer & a second clip (The People's Princess) from his upcoming feature film, POS ESO.

 The film synopsis (via starts with the world renowned dancer, La Trini, whose husband and great matador, died as a result of a domestic accident. As if this were not enough her son Damian has begun to show signs of unexplained psychological disorder. The church and Father Lenin intervene, and all supernatural accidents start to unveil.

This clay stop-motion film is based on real events. POS ESO trailer seems like a welcome parade through cemetery, flamenco nights and the feeling of guilt.

A second teaser tells more about The People's Princess (La Princessa del Pueblo):


SAM's last short film, the hilarious Frankenstein melodrama, Vicenta, garnered more than 75 awards internationally (including a Goya nomination), and qualified for the 2012 Academy Awards.

POS ESO is to be completed in autumn 2013.


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