Russian Animation Artists Against the War


An impressive number of Russian animation artists and animation professionals have unite their voice against the Ukrainian war.

Figures from Yuri Norstein (Hedgegod in the Fog, Tale of Tales) to Igor Kovalyev (Rugrats, Before Love) to Andrey Khrzhanovsky (The Nose or the Conspiracy of the Mavericks) to Konstantin Bronzit (We Can't Live Without Cosmos) and younger directors like Sasha Svirsky, Dina Velikosvkaya and Irina Rubina, are united in the condemnation of war; they emphasize the close ties between the artistic communities of both Russian and Ukrainian animation filmmakers, and advance humanism over militarism.

The full statement:

We strongly believe that a war can bear only death, pain and destruction, and there is no justification for a war. The community of Ukrainian and Russian animation filmmakers is united and inseparable, we have been working together, we have been watching each other’s films for many years. Animation Art is an art, which helps people to feel human. Not to kill, not to destroy. To connect.

Today we see our children, our brothers sent to kill those who they were recently playing in the same yard and watching the same cartoons, without distinguishing between Russian or Ukrainian ones.

Animation and art as a whole have always been radiating the spirit of antimilitarism. We believe that the current military action is targeting not only our Ukrainian friends and colleagues but are also aiming all people, humankind and the Human Being in general.

We are against the war. We do not want the words about our brother nation to turn into a bloodstained nightmare.

There is no justification for bombings and killing!

 Sign the International Petition of Animators Against the Invasion of Ukraine

2 March Update: More than 100 Russian artists and animators along with musicians and sound-designers have made and keep making animated shorts in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We believe peaceful methods are the only answer in resolving any conflicts between countries. Everything that is happening right now in Ukraine is a horrible tragedy. There is no way to justify this terror the war has brought to peaceful Ukrainian people on our behalf. We urge to stop all the military action against Ukraine immediately! We demand Peace! We demand respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine! We demand respect for human life in every country of the world! #animatorsagainstwar

The full list of signatures:

  1. Leonid Shvartsman, artist, director
  2. Yuri Norshtein, director
  3. Andrey Khrzhanovsky, director
  4. Garri Bardin, director
  5. Igor Kovalyev, director
  6. Konstantin Bronzit, director
  7. Vadim Zhuk, screenwriter, poet
  8. Mikhail Lipskerov. Screenwriter
  9. Ivan Maksimov, director, artist, teacher
  10. Mikhail Aldashin, director
  11. Alexey Alekseev, director
  12. Alexey Demin, director
  13. Dmitry Geller. Producer
  14. Ilya Popov, producer
  15. Artyom Vasiliev, producer
  16. Karina Kabanova, producer
  17. Dmitry Vysotsky. Producer
  18. Sergey Vasiliev, composer, director, singer-songwriter
  19. Marina Landa, composer, singer-songwriter
  20. Larisa Malyukova, film critic
  21. Larisa Brokhman, actress
  22. Alla Bossart, journalist, critic
  23. Irina Margolina, producer
  24. Natalya Dabizha, director
  25. Maria Muat, director
  26. Vladimir Golovanov, screenwriter
  27. Marina Kurchevskaya, artist
  28. Elizaveta Skvortsova, director
  29. Mikhail Tumelya. Belarusian director-animator
  30. Marina Moshkova, director
  31. Dmitry Loveyko, producer
  32. Katerina Sokolova, director
  33. Vera Obolonkina, producer
  34. Sasha Svirsky, director
  35. Nadia Svirskaia, curator
  36. Sergey Merinov, director, animator, teacher
  37. Lev Zemlinsky, composer
  38. Pavel Shvedov, film critic, animation historian
  39. Leonid Shmelkov. Producer
  40. Boris Mashkovtsev, producer
  41. Elena Chernova. Producer
  42. Svetlana Filippova, director
  43. Georgy Borodin, animation historian
  44. Nail Mubinov, director, animator
  45. Andrey Sikorsky, artist
  46. Nina Bisyarina, director
  47. Oleg Kozyrev, screenwriter
  48. Alexander Sablukov, producer
  49. Natalya Berezovaya, director
  50. Vladimir Ponomarev, artistic director
  51. Elena Malenkina, producer
  52. Mark Zavadsky, Managing Director
  53. Dina Goder, animation critic
  54. Yakovenko Dmitry, screenwriter
  55. Sveta Nagaeva, director
  56. Sasha Khramtsov, artist
  57. Elena Malenkina, producer
  58. Vadim Sotskov, producer
  59. Igor Melnikov, screenwriter, director
  60. Natalia Rumyantseva, screenwriter
  61. Anastasia Zhakulina, director, artist
  62. Natalya Mirzoyan. Producer
  63. Anna Yudina, screenwriter, director, animator
  64. Stepan Biryukov director
  65. Zoya Trofimova artist and director
  66. Irina Elshanskaya, director, creative producer
  67. Maria Tereshchenko, journalist, screenwriter, producer
  68. Yulia Voitova, director, animator
  69. Artyom Fadeev, sound engineer, composer
  70. Anna Artemyeva director, cameraman
  71. Vladimir Nabatov, producer
  72. Sergey Grabov
  73. Natavan Gabibova, animator
  74. Vera Pavlova, animator
  75. Alexey Tishchenko, pensioner
  76. Roman Safarov, animation director
  77. Polina Manokhina, director, actress, artist, animator
  78. Elizaveta Astretsova, director, animator
  79. Svetlana Andrianova - director, artist, screenwriter
  80. Denis Esin, layout artist, animator
  81. Natalia Drozhzha, cartoonist
  82. Yulia Mikheeva, director, artist, animator
  83. Elena Kalvo animator, director
  84. Elizaveta Khlomova, artist, director
  85. Elena Minaeva, animator
  86. Natalya Malgina, director, animator
  87. Natalia Cherkasova, artist
  88. Alexandra Evseeva, animator, director, producer
  89. Anna Loseva, director, production designer, teacher
  90. Maria Bolshakova, editor, screenwriter
  91. Dima Zhukov, animator
  92. Elena Ermakova, journalist, art critic
  93. Ekaterina Boykova, cartoonist
  94. Yuri Mikhailin, film critic
  95. Lucy Tsoi, producer
  96. Elena Kosinova, animator
  97. Kurkova Lena. Director, animator
  98. Ekaterina Grosheva, animator
  99. Vladimir Li, director
  100. Karina Pogorelova, animator
  101. Anton Skachkov, animator
  102. Katerina Rosinskaya, animator
  103. Anna Volchkova, animator
  104. Svetlana Tolstosheina, artist
  105. Mikhail Ivanchuk, animator
  106. Lela Khitarova, director, editing director
  107. Uliana Sizykh, artist, animator
  108. Semyon Voronin, screenwriter
  109. Yaroslav Yudin, screenwriter
  110. Ksenia Ustyuzhaninova, animator
  111. Alexandra Artemyeva, producer
  112. Yana Zavyalova, animator
  113. Yuri Gnevashev, rigger
  114. Daria Dementieva, animator, director
  115. Ksenia Atmashkina, animator
  116. Alisa Strukova, journalist, editor, artist
  117. Zhanar Kusainova, screenwriter
  118. Yulia Ivanova, screenwriter
  119. Kirill Vorontsov, director, animator
  120. Tatyana Bolotnova, animator, storyboarder
  121. Olga Maslennikova, animator
  122. Valery Kachaev director, screenwriter
  123. Anastasia Rodina producer
  124. Sonya Solo, animator
  125. Stanislav Shakhov, director
  126. Rustem Amirov, director of the animation school
  127. Sergei Brezhnev, screenwriter
  128. Peter Barkov, animator
  129. Sergey Vasilenko, operator
  130. Andrey Berlogov, screenwriter
  131. Dina Berkhout, animator
  132. Alexandra Markina, animator
  133. Valentina Kozyreva, producer
  134. Svetlana Loginova, artist
  135. Elena Pokorskaya, screenwriter
  136. Daria Garchu, executive producer
  137. Alexander Chugunov, animator
  138. Antonina Shmeleva, artist
  139. Anastasia Kuznetsova, animator
  140. Anya Korableva, producer
  141. Julia Vyatkina, artist, screenwriter
  142. Ksenia Molodiakova, producer
  143. Yulia Nikolaeva, producer
  144. Olga Volkova, animator
  145. Alexander Goncharov, animator, director
  146. Evgeny Agabekov producer, screenwriter
  147. Valery Belov, artist
  148. Sergey Kryzhanovsky, vfx-artist
  149. Daria Polyantseva, artist
  150. Andrey Ushakov, director, artist, teacher
  151. Pavel Yakushin, artist
  152. Egor Smirnov, 3d specialist
  153. Anastasia Korzhenevskaya, project coordinator
  154. Svetlana Barabanshchikova, Director for International Development
  155. Alena Yurtaeva, screenwriter
  156. Anna Dogaeva, artist
  157. Pavel Pogudin, director, animator, teacher
  158. Olga Netsvetaeva, draftsman
  159. Lena Mamaeva, artist
  160. Inna Kuzmina, assistant director
  161. Dmitry Kupriyanov, director
  162. Natalya Kurbatova, artist
  163. Inga Kirkizh, screenwriter
  164. Svetlana Demyanova, artist
  165. Yaroslav Tatoshvili
  166. Alexandra Kozlova, editor
  167. Igor Barmin, animator
  168. Dmitry Loik, 3d modeler
  169. Victoria Lazutkina, location assembler
  170. Katya Puzynya, director of the design studio
  171. Anastasia Stavinova, director
  172. Irina Kelner, journalist
  173. Evgenia Kashina, artist
  174. Khitruk Nikolai, sound engineer
  175. Polina Nikiforova, director
  176. Anya Stepanova, director, animator
  177. Pavel Vedernikov, screenwriter and editor
  178. Anna Sharova
  179. Polina Vinogradova, editor
  180. Agvan Khachatryan, producer, CG artist
  181. Anastasia Sokolova, screenwriter
  182. Alexander Kuzenkov, animator
  183. Elizaveta Boyur, artist
  184. Katya Savchuk, director
  185. Alexey Galkin, director, artist, teacher
  186. Margarita Filimonova, line producer
  187. Maria Kornilova editor
  188. Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya, illustrator
  189. Maria Yakushina, director, artist
  190. Daria Yurishcheva, artist and animator
  191. Artem Tsygankov, animator
  192. Alexander Kostromin, animator
  193. Dmitry Abramov, Production Superwire
  194. Olga Badalova, animator
  195. Alexandra Kononova, director, animator
  196. Tatyana Popova, animator
  197. Lyubov Gaydukova, producer
  198. Valery Stepnov
  199. Sergey Artyukh, 3d animator
  200. Maria Semina, director, production designer
  201. Maria Starostina, artist
  202. Albena Milusheva director, animator
  203. Konstantin Brilliantov director, artist
  204. Anna Fedorova, animator
  205. Zhanna Ostrovskaya, HR Director
  206. Anna Kanaicheva, director, artist
  207. Olga Raschinskaya, brand manager
  208. Marina Burlachenko, producer
  209. Nikita Meshcheryakov, director
  210. Maria Chernitsyna, editor, screenwriter, journalist
  211. Zhenya Kabakov - teacher, technologist, promoter of the use of animation in education
  212. Ekaterina Vladislavleva, lawyer
  213. Evgenia Dolinina production designer
  214. Ekaterina Arkhipova, PR manager
  215. Anton Smetankin, producer
  216. Julia Belavina, animation teacher
  217. Kristina Sivkaeva, marketer
  218. Artur Dneprovsky, producer
  219. Alexey Kalmykov, Technology Director
  220. Polina Bakalina, artist, teacher
  221. Sergey Zinevich, film director, editing director
  222. Yulia Osetinskaya, producer
  223. Arina Chunaeva, screenwriter
  224. Ashot Mefodin, director, artist
  225. Katya Ganakh, animator
  226. Ekaterina Zhuzhleva, animation director
  227. Lyubov Romanova, screenwriter
  228. Katya Miloslavskaya, director, artist
  229. Vladimir L-M, artist
  230. Maria Dubrovina, director
  231. Olga Vasilyeva, project manager
  232. Ilya Kupriyanov, 3d specialist, director
  233. Tatyana Polyakova, animator
  234. Anush Mikaelyan, artist
  235. Vera Bekeleva, special effects artist
  236. Victor Fedoseev, producer
  237. Ksenia Yasyrkina, technical artist
  238. Anna Geizhan, screenwriter
  239. Taya Shlepneva, producer
  240. Natela Rekhviashvili, screenwriter
  241. Oksana Nekritova, screenwriter
  242. Vyatkina Daria, artist, director
  243. Vladimir Vishnyakov, animator, artist
  244. Maria Mayorova, artist, animator
  245. Tatiana Petrovska, artist
  246. Ivan Bondarenko, director, animator
  247. Daria Kozyreva
  248. Saule Matvienko, director
  249. Olga Andreeva, festival coordinator
  250. Sabina Fakhrutdinova, director
  251. Dmitry Shlepnev, producer
  252. Angelina Zakharova, artist
  253. Anastasia Monaco, artist
  254. Pavel Loparev, director, producer
  255. Alexander Kolbovsky, film critic
  256. Roza Gimatdinova, director and artist
  257. Natalya Grofpel, director, artist, teacher
  258. Polina Shmygina, director, animator
  259. Valery Kozhin, artist
  260. Evgenia Sheinina, director
  261. Evgeniy Delyusin, director, animator, storyboarder
  262. Marie Lida, producer
  263. Ilya Farb, producer
  264. Elena Britova, artist, director
  265. Alina Tsedenova, student animator
  266. Milana Deripaskina, animator
  267. Andrey Rubetskoy, director, screenwriter
  268. Vadim Bondarev, developer
  269. Elena Filippik, director
  270. Tatyana Podgorskaya artist-animator
  271. Sergey Kapkov, editor
  272. Natalya Tikhomirova, screenwriter, producer
  273. Mikhail Bely, producer
  274. Jasna Rozum, Editor
  275. Leonid Feldman, editing director
  276. Romanova Anna, director
  277. Semyon Kulikov, director
  278. Alexander Elkan, director
  279. Ivana Tatarnikova, artist
  280. Olga Averyanova, animator
  281. Ulyana Shalygina, director, architect
  282. Igor Khilov artist-manufacturer of animated puppets
  283. Ksenia Kmets, animator
  284. Vasily Koretsky, animator, artist
  285. Polina Grekova, director
  286. Nikita Chernov, director, special effects artist
  287. Evgenia Zhirkova, animator, director
  288. Anna Belova, animator, director
  289. Ekaterina Kireeva, director, artist, animator
  290. Natalia Ryss, director
  291. Anastasia Afonina, artist
  292. Anastasia Semenova, artist
  293. Maria Kostyukevich, editor, journalist
  294. Maria Pilipenko, artist
  295. Irina Fomchenko, producer
  296. Ksenia Lugovkina, producer
  297. Lilia Belaya, producer
  298. Artem Budin, animator
  299. Lev Bubnenkov, producer
  300. Mariam Zhordania, student, animator
  301. Dasha Sidlovskaya, director, artist
  302. Alisa Gatenyan, director, artist
  303. Marina Bogacheva, draftsman, phaser
  304. Olga Sinelshchikova, producer
  305. Anastasia Shestopalova, artist
  306. Ksenia Tokareva, director, animator
  307. Tatyana Efimova, producer
  308. Viktor Lykov, student, animator, teacher
  309. Dina Velikovskaya, director, artist, screenwriter
  310. Olga Shanko, illustrator, animator
  311. Igor Domnin vfx-artist
  312. Svyatoslav Ushakov director animator
  313. Ivan Odoevsky, screenwriter
  314. Oktay Yusibov, animator
  315. Dmitry Melnikov, lighting artist
  316. Anastasia Petrova, student director
  317. Taya Makarevich, artist
  318. Victoria Erofeeva, student director
  319. Sofia Abramova, artist
  320. Anastasia Toropova, artist, director
  321. Tatyana Gorelova, artist
  322. Alena Makarova, director, animator, student
  323. Olga Grechanova, animator
  324. Yegor Zubarchuk cartoonist
  325. Sofia Baichuk, animator
  326. Olya Mozharova, animator, theater lighting designer
  327. Maya Zykova, film translator
  328. Denis Malov, sound engineer
  329. Grigorieva Sofya, animator
  330. Tamara Gogishvili, animator
  331. Elena Zamkova, producer
  332. Anastasia Bulgakova, 3d generalist
  333. Anastasia Amirova, artist
  334. Vasily Lapidovsky, sound engineer
  335. Ekaterina Maksimenko, artist
  336. Ksenia Kosinova, coordinator, asset manager, producer
  337. Svetlana Chernyshkova, artist
  338. Evgeny Fadeev, director
  339. Katya Kuznetsova, artist
  340. Denis Litvin, animator, artist, composer, director
  341. Dmitry Purins, animation student
  342. Asya Lukina, animator, artist
  343. Alexandra Kosukhina, animator, illustrator
  344. Daria Lebedeva, animator, artist
  345. Daria Morgunova, screenwriter
  346. Andrey Bakhurin, director
  347. Anna Zibrova artist-animator
  348. Elizaveta Simbirskaya, screenwriter
  349. Maria Koneva, director
  350. Elena Osaulenko, Head of Special Projects
  351. Lidia Utyomova, screenwriter
  352. Vasilissa Smirnova, student animator
  353. Alexandra Pavlova, artist, director
  354. Olga Gataullina, artist
  355. Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya, director
  356. Vera Myakisheva, director
  357. Polina Zelenova, artist
  358. Tatiana Petrovska, artist
  359. Pavel Genender, animator
  360. Valeria Moseevskaya, artist
  361. Margarita Rusakova, animator
  362. Evgenia Baimeeva, artist, student animator
  363. Elena Muchnaya, director
  364. Irina Brizhis artist animator
  365. Victoria Kravtsova, artist
  366. Rinat Gazizov, director
  367. Tatyana Gazizova
  368. Karina Gazizova, Director
  369. Alina Gazizova
  370. Yulianna Kononenko, Animator
  371. Liza Starikova, director
  372. Elizaveta Ivanova, artist
  373. Maria Rakitina, director, animator
  374. Stanislav Shakhov, director
  375. Natalya Ushakova, artist
  376. Yulia Kulikova, director, animator
  377. Maria Ivanova, artist
  378. Galina Sorokina, animator
  379. Tatyana Upkhonova, animator
  380. Victoria Bolotova, International Destination Manager
  381. Roman Tramvay, director, screenwriter
  382. Victoria Burakova, artist
  383. Alina Titorenko, artist, director
  384. Roxana Svechnikova, animator
  385. Alexander Gorlenko, director, animator
  386. Nadezhda Mikhailova, artist
  387. Tatyana Gorbenko, student director
  388. Maria Stepanova, director
  389. Vitaly Shubin, animator
  390. Daria Davydova, studio director
  391. Oleg Kostrov, composer
  392. Olga Goltser, director, animator, artist
  393. Pavel Nikiforov, director, animator
  394. Marina Kletchenkova, 3D animator
  395. Alexandra Loseva, artist, student of the Faculty of Graphic Design
  396. Irina Kodyukova, director, animator, teacher, Belarus
  397. Oleg Troyanovsky, music producer
  398. Natalia Reisner, festival manager
  399. Alexandra Maksimova artist, director
  400. Maria Perevozchikova, designer
  401. Alina Tatarskaya, artist
  402. Natalia Egorova, journalist
  403. Alexey Gorbunov, director
  404. Alexandra Deeva, director, animator
  405. Tatyana Moshkova, director
  406. Ekaterina Kuricheva, teacher, director
  407. Olga Krivets, artist
  408. Alexandra Konstantinova, producer
  409. Anna Darmogray, animator
  410. Irina Sokolova, artist
  411. Sergey Seregin, director, screenwriter, head of the VGIK multimedia directing workshop
  412. Masha Kogan-Lerner, director, teacher
  413. Marina Krasnova, artist
  414. Egor Filippov. Artist, animator, musician
  415. Elvira Gafarova, animator
  416. Alina Osipova, artist, storyboard artist
  417. Sergey Karpov, producer, sound engineer
  418. Danil Lavrikov, director
  419. Valeria Bikmukhametova, artist, animator
  420. Svetlana Razgulyaeva director, artist, animator
  421. Nikolai Bogaevsky, animator, animator director
  422. Elizaveta Salomatina, animator
  423. Andrey Luzanov, artist
  424. Natalya Abramova, director, animator
  425. Vera Vyugina, director, animator
  426. Anastasia Titova, animator
  427. Nigina Rakhmatulloeva, director, animator
  428. Anna Yablokova, artist
  429. Sasha Fandy, artist, director
  430. Polina Legostaeva, screenwriter, producer
  431. Marina Voskanyants, animator
  432. Lyudmila Smolyar, director, animator, student.
  433. Zina Shcherbatova, student, director.
  434. Veronika Veselova, animator
  435. Anna Schweigolts, director, artist
  436. Ivan Ilyin, animator, student
  437. Elena Malova, financier
  438. Tatyana Ilyina, director
  439. Vasily Efremov, director
  440. Inga Korzhneva, director, artist
  441. Boris Korshunov, director
  442. Oksana Ghukasyan, producer
  443. Ekaterina Perevalova, animator
  444. Ekaterina Levicheva, Ph.D., art critic
  445. Ekaterina Gvozdeva, animator
  446. Julia Veselova, student, animator, artist
  447. Matvey Lashko, director, animator
  448. Kirill Meriin, animator
  449. Olga Rogova, artist, animator
  450. Anastasia Makhlina, director, animator
  451. Alexandra Lukina, director
  452. Alexandra Artamonova, animator, animation director
  453. Varvara Arenskaya, animator, director
  454. Elizaveta Krupnova, artist
  455. Anna Demidova, artist, animator
  456. Alexey Gailit director
  457. Olga Chicherova, artist
  458. Danila Kekhler, artist
  459. Angelina Arakelyan, student, animator
  460. Anna Mohon, student, animator
  461. Maria Puchkova, artist, animator
  462. Konstantin Arefiev, composer
  463. Ksenia Sazonova, editor, animator, artist
  464. Anna Golovina, animator
  465. Nikita Slichny, storyboard artist, artist, animator
  466. Artem Zbarsky, producer and voice actor
  467. Sofia Dugina, artist
  468. Julia Prytula, animator
  469. Daria Volchok, director
  470. Ekaterina Biryukova, screenwriter
  471. Alexey Zakatov, animator
  472. Ivan Zemskov, administrator, producer
  473. Elena Gutman, animation director, animator
  474. Alexandra Moiseeva, animator
  475. Jan Skakov, student of animation direction
  476. Maria Kalinina, animator
  477. Masha Rumyantseva, artist
  478. Alexandra Krylatkova, artist
  479. Aglaya Schmidt, producer
  480. Anna Ryzhkova, student, director, animator
  481. Renata Aimaletdinova, 3d animator
  482. Alexandra Kovtun, director
  483. Natalia Bulgakova, marketer, pr-manager, organizer of the festival
  484. Irina Litmanovich, director, artist, screenwriter
  485. Valentin Sidorenko, artist, director
  486. Kristina Boyakrina, illustrator, designer
  487. Alexandra Krivitskaya, student animator
  488. Dmitry Kapin, screenwriter
  489. Christina Kesler, student, director, animator
  490. Irina Zarya, artist
  491. Svetlana Malashina, screenwriter
  492. Irina Ksenofontova, artist, designer
  493. Anton Mikhailov, producer
  494. Larisa Shirshova, animator
  495. Oksana Bronevitskaya, director
  496. Valeria Makarova, producer
  497. Zoya Kireeva, director
  498. Varya Yakovleva, director, artist
  499. Irina Kisel, texturist, lighter, renderer
  500. Ilya Yudovich, director, animator, artist
  501. Ekaterina Vedernikova, producer
  502. Irina Rubina, director
  503. Max Kulikov, director
  504. Maria Koropova, translator
  505. Yulia Zhdanova, artist
  506. Yuri Tomilov, director, animator
  507. Anna Borisova, director
  508. Maria Mikulich, student, animation director
  509. Alexander Tarkhov, rigger
  510. Anastasia Kaledina, screenwriter
  511. Irina Khodyreva, producer
  512. Vitalina Turulo, artist
  513. Anna Lyubimtseva, director
  514. Maria Mezhennaya, artist
  515. Evgeny Potashnik, producer
  516. Evdokia Geller, artist, animator
  517. Nadya Fedyaevskaya, producer
  518. Vladislav Akimov, layout artist
  519. Tanya Gagarin, artist
  520. Maria Philonets animator
  521. Yura Boguslavsky, director
  522. Alexey Yushenkov, animation restorer
  523. Anton Grishin, producer
  524. Anna Kaliakparova, animator, artist
  525. Victoria Agafonova, student of animation direction, screenwriter
  526. Maria Chaika, animator
  527. Victoria Aksenova, festival project manager
  528. Liana Niyazgulova, artist
  529. Pavel Muntyan, producer
  530. Sofia Ostrovskaya, artist
  531. Sergey Gordeev, director, animator
  532. Sonya Melamud, director and animation designer
  533. Evgenia Golubeva, director and screenwriter
  534. Evgeny Rybakov, head of Youtube direction
  535. Fedor Yudin, director, animator
  536. Ekaterina Mikhailova, director
  537. Aytach Mikayilova, producer
  538. Maria Savelyeva, director and artist
  539. Anastasia Lunkova, producer
  540. Maria Semenkovskaya, composer
  541. Katya Polosukhina. Screenwriter
  542. Olga Karengina, director
  543. Evgeny Dvoskina. Painter
  544. Ibragim Botashev, animator
  545. Inna Evlannikova, director
  546. Varvara Gorshkova, artist
  547. Pavel Piskun, animator
  548. Sasha Vorobieva, animation artist
  549. Ilya Gilmanov, animator
  550. Alena Tomilova, director, animator
  551. Galina Shakhova, director, animator
  552. Yulia Alyokhina, artist, web designer
  553. Elena Shchichkina, producer
  554. Eliza Olkinitskaya, artist, animator
  555. Kristina Gazizova, animator
  556. Tatyana Poliektova, director, animator
  557. Daria Mikhailova, animator, student - animation department / director of animation and computer graphics
  558. Maxim Dolzhansky
  559. Vera Apollonova
  560. Marina Antonova, animation supervisor
  561. Nadia Mira, director, artist
  562. Daria Gakova, license manager
  563. Igor Apollonov, compositing supervisor
  564. Liza Konysheva, animator
  565. Ekaterina Boguslavskaya, artist
  566. Olga Demidova, artist
  567. Stepan Durov, motion designer, art director
  568. Dmitry Mosyagin, producer
  569. Oksana Bondarenko. compuser
  570. Alexander Lebedev, technical supervisor
  571. Dina Rothwein, editor
  572. Salavat Shaikhinurov, art director, production designer
  573. Tatyana Pavlova, producer
  574. Elena Chirkova, producer
  575. Sasha Veselov, director
  576. Oksana Guseva, artist, production designer
  577. Ekaterina Zakharchenko, animator
  578. Angelina Alekhina, animator, artist
  579. Elena Sychkina, director, animator
  580. Elizaveta Shatskaya, artist
  581. Svyatoslav Suchkov, animation artist, director
  582. Valeria Korotina, screenwriter
  583. Dayana Emtyl, animator
  584. Nikita Pogodaev, director
  585. Maria Afonina, director and artist
  586. Vadim Badyanov, artist, animator
  587. Anastasia Zhuravleva, director
  588. Pridnya Anastasia artist-animator
  589. Ksyusha Vasilyeva, designer
  590. Anastasia Bobrova, student of animation direction
  591. Vasily Chirkov, director, animator
  592. Yulia Milekhina director
  593. Nikolai Shikhachevsky, artist, animator, director
  594. Ivan Khanzhin, director, animator
  595. Ilya Maksimov, director
  596. Alina Senina, director
  597. Oksana Baturina, artist
  598. Ksenia Shatilova, animator
  599. Alexandra Shadrina, director
  600. Alexandra Afanasieva, artist
  601. Andrey Ryabovichev, artist
  602. Anna Zimina, curator
  603. Anastasia Zaiko, illustrator, animator
  604. Liana Makaryan, director
  605. Masha Kislenko, animator
  606. Anna Isakova, animator
  607. Daria Golubeva, artist
  608. Yuri Stepanov, producer
  609. Lev Murzenko, screenwriter
  610. Yulia Kardonova, artist
  611. Vasily Kazmin, editor
  612. Aid Levashov, animator
  613. Ekaterina Fadeeva, head teacher
  614. Svetlana Toropchina, composer
  615. Chris Robinson, Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada)
  616. Stas Metelsky, artist
  617. Vladimir Tyutikov, editing director, documentary cameraman
  618. Kirill Shakhtarin, director
  619. Pasha Potekhin, storyboard artist, director, creative producer
  620. Alexey Yasulovich
  621. Tamu Townsend, Montreal, Canada
  622. Ramona Mori, animator
  623. Zaur Nabiev, animator
  624. Lyubov Sobol, animator
  625. Vladimir Leschiov, director
  626. Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya, illustrator
  627. Valeria Isaenko, 3d animator
  628. Yaroslava Motsak, illustrator
  629. Evgenia Lisitsyna, illustrator
  630. Nadezda Borisevich, mixed media artist, Seattle, WA
  631. Yana Goncharova, illustrator
  632. Ekaterina Belyaeva, animator
  633. Anastasia Gorelik, illustrator
  634. Maria Russkikh, designer.
  635. Venya Ezhikov, animator
  636. Natalia Zarali, artist, designer
  637. Natalya Galchenko, illustrator
  638. Yulia Shchigal, illustrator
  639. Ekaterina Mineeva, illustrator
  640. Natalia Avdeeva, curator
  641. Shemelina Natalia, illustrator
  642. Marina Dmitrieva, 3D animator
  643. Andrey Levy, designer
  644. Sofia Kiyashko, animator
  645. Anna Budanova, director
  646. lizaveta Mikhailova-Belotserkovets, artist-designer-poster
  647. Maria Remizova, illustrator
  648. Luda Dyachkova artist
  649. Varvara Kutuzova, spectator
  650. Anna Kuzina, animator
  651. Alena Dushenkova, illustrator
  652. Igor Sapozhkov, artist
  653. Mityukevich Anastasia, illustrator, designer
  654. Prokhor Zhurakovsky, animator, director
  655. Olga Marieta, illustrator
  656. Ksenia Gavrilova, animator
  657. Irene Sparre, Danish animation producer
  658. Alexandra Bizyaeva, director
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