Weird Market 2022: All Selected Animation Projects

Weird Market Selection 2022

 The 14th edition of Weird Market selects a total of 170 projects for its official catalog. The city of Valencia, which hosts the event for the first time will host a total of three feature films, seven short films, six animation series, one webseries, four video games, one transmedia project, one comic and one board game will have their prominent space in the programming of this animation, video games, and new media market.

The Cultural Center la Beneficència will be the main venue where those accredited to the event will discover details about three feature films. Three adaptations of books or stories such as the stop-motion production 'Olivia and the Invisible Earthquake' by Irene Iborra, based on the successful children's novel by Maite Carranza: La película de la vida. The feature film is an international and national co-production with the participation of the production companies Citoplasmas Stopmotion, Cornelius Films, Bígaro Films and Vivement Lundi!, the television channels RTVE and TV3, and the institutions ICAA, Ibermedia Program, ICEC, IVAC, among others.

The second tape has another woman in charge, Isabel Herguera. The Goya nominee for the short film 'La gallina ciega' will speak about Sultana’s Dream, an ambitious proposal for animation with a craft style that nourishes on an Indian tale from 1905. The feature film is co-produced by Sultana Films, El Gatoverde Producciones, Abano Producións, Uniko, and Fabian & Fred.

Sultana's Dream


The trio is completed by 'The Treasure of Barracuda'  by Adrià García (Nocturna - Goya Award for Best Animation Film), the leap to the cinema of the homonymous novel by Llanos Campos. Behind this project is the producer Valérie Delpierre (Inicia Films), one of the most important names in recent Spanish audiovisual production with hits to her credit such as Schoolgirls by Pilar Palomero or Summer 1993 by Carla Simón.

Seven short film have been selected. Among them, is 'The Quinta's Ghost' by James A. Castillo. This renowned animator has worked for companies such as Paramount Pictures, Sony or Netflix, on projects as notable as the Oscar-nominated film The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

Goya-nominated filmmakers such as Renato Roldán (Semilla del recuerdo) or Julián Larrauri (personal nomination for Best Production Director for Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible) will also be present. The first one will present 'The Last Spitfire', while Larrauri joins forces with Isabel Núñez to create 'El gran leopardo'.

El gran leopardo

Another leading title will be 'The Hundred Deaths of Peck ' by JuanPe Arroyo Molina. After working on 'Travel by Feet ' by Khris Cembe, Arroyo Molina has developed his professional career from London for various studios and Cartoon Network, now he leaps into directing with the experience of having participated in various roles for the series 'The Amazing World of Gumball '.

Finally, and in relation to Weird Market's close ties with Portugal, the Portuguese short film project 'The Girl with the Occupied Eyes ' by André Carrilho and Blablabla Media will be presented.

In the comics section, the digital and interactive comic project With Money Howls the Wolf by Carlos Valles Lloría and Rubén Rico Miralles and the Valencian team of creators Loopy Teller Studio will be presented.

Six series will be presented in the Mediterranean city. In addition to the aforementioned MiBots Universe, more details will be known about D.J.A (Dreams Jobs Agency) by José Ignacio Molano Silván (Mol), or Brian the Brain, based on the comic by Miguel Ángel Martín, directed by Tomás Peña and produced by Bliss.

Brian the Brain

The creators Diego Porral and Joaquín Garralda team up again after the success of the short film 'Leopoldo From the Bar ', written by both and directed by the first. This time they will seek to capture their personal style in the Manolitos series.

Another important name will be Alfonso Rodríguez 'Duarte ', a renowned professional endorsed by the international success of Pocoyo. On this occasion he will talk about his new work, the series project 'Yanco & Dina and the Dinosaurs ' produced by Zinkia and which already has the support of RTVE for its broadcast on Clan.

The group is completed by 'Firsts de Bambu  (Jorge) Orellanas and Paloma Mora, a co-production between the Chilean Typpo and the Valencian TV ON Producciones and Admirable Films. A creation with a strong informative character that focuses on pioneering women in areas that until their arrival were closed preserves for men.

In the video game sector, we see (among others) 'The Fabulous Fear Machine ' by Fictiorama Studios, the player enters the “Pulp” aesthetic of the 1950s to generate and spread fear through the spread of its legends. Regarding transmedia projects, Pink Noise by Álvaro León Rodriguez and the Valencian company La Mola Films will be presented. A work with its own universe where the world is controlled by cats under a strict totalitarian government; a dystopia in which humans will fight for survival with illustrious women from all eras at the forefront.

The full list of projects selected:

(NB: Only 24 selected projects will be actually presented during the event)


Aki, by Blanca Bonet (TOURMALET FILMS, TIWA STUDIO). Spain
Interns, by Marina Donderis, Marina Cortón and Núria Poveda (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
Buffet Paraíso, by Héctor Zafra (HAMPA STUDIO, WKND). Spain
Bald Bastard, by Felix Bollain (BLISS, LITTLE SPAIN). Spain
Carmela, by Vicente Mallols (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
Caustics, by Luís Soares (FILMES DO GAJO). Portugal
Comedienne, by Javi Alfonso and Majo Giménez (ANIMACTING STUDIOS). Spain
Deserters, by José Luis García García (PAPAGAYO EA). Spain
The Quinta’s Ghost, by James A. Castillo. Spain
Felina, by María Lorenzo. Spain
Fruits Juice, by Juan Crossa (MOVIE DICK). Spain
El gran leopardo, by Isabel Núñez and Julián Larrauri (POKEEPSIE FILMS). Spain
Humbug Manor, by Juan Carlos Mostaza (THE CATHEDRAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS). Spain
The Hundred Deaths of Peck, by JuanPe Arroyo Molina. Spain
Incomplet’s, by Gordeeff. Portugal, Brazil
Biological Invasions. The Case of Ovis Musimon Orientalis on the Island of Tenerife: The Last Mouflon, by Shira Ukrainitz and Omar Al Abdul Razzak (TOURMALET FILMS). Spain
Iris, by João Monteiro (FILMES DA PRAÇA). Portugal
Laundry, by Pablo Muñoz (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
Löyly, by Jordi Francés and Lucía Garcés. Spain
Luna, by Alejandro Baena and Emma Martínez. Spain
Malkoak (The Tears), by Sonia Estévez (TIK TAK ANIMATION). Spain
Mater Benefacta, by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (I+G STOP MOTION, INNOVACIÓ MÉS GESTIÓ EMPRESARIAL). Spain
Honey and Tangerines, by Catarina Calvinho Gil (FILMES DA PRAÇA). Portugal
The Girl with the Occupied Eyes, by André Carrilho (BLABLABLA MEDIA). Portugal
Nanomia, by Iván Martinez Ocaña and Alejandro Diaz Vidal. Spain
The Darkest Nights of ’36, by Paco Sales. Spain, France, Belgium
Drink This Waltzs, by Aitor Herrero (BÍGARO FILMS, ALTUBE FILMEAK). Spain
Noise, by Gerardo León and Alberto Corraliza (TV ON). Spain
Mr Fischer´s Chair, by Xosé Zapata(SYGNATIA, BOAVISTA). Spain, Portugal
Ties, by Pedro Mario Viche (UPV). Spain
To Bird or Not to Bird, by Martín Romero (UNIKO). Spain
A Lifetime, by Bernardo Moll Otto (LA CHULA FILMS). Portugal
All is lost, by Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto (MANSALVA FILMS, MAMMUT FILMS, INAUDITA). Spain
Todo rosa, by Giovanna Lopalco (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS). Spain
The Last Sock, by Carolina Batista (AMARELA MECÂNICA FILMES). Portugal
The Last Spitfire, by Renato Roldan Ramis. Spain
Into the Woods, by Noelia Mª Muíño González. Spain


4 Days Before Christmas, by Miguel Miranda and Steven Majaury (3 DOUBLES PRODUCCIONES, CAPITÁN ARAÑA, PVP MEDIA). Spain, Canada
Sometimes Silence, by Álvaro Robles. Spain
My Grandfather’s Demons, by Nuno Beato (SARDINHA EM LATA, CARETOS, BASQUE FILMS, MIDRALGAR, MARMITA FILMS). Portugal, Spain, France
DinoGames, Adventures in the Metaverse, by Carlos F. de Vigo and Lorena Ares (DR. PLATYPUS & MS. WOMBAT, BELGA PRODUCTIONS, STUDIO RED FROG). Spain, France, Belgium
Draw, by Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti and Xosé Zapata (SYGNATIA). Spain
Isla Sirena, by Eva Pérez Misa. Spain
Life on Mars?, by Raúl Serrano and Daniel Borrego. Spain
Me, a Monster? – Mission Planet Earth, by Belinda Bonan (MOST WANTED STUDIO). Spain
A World of Their Own, by Carmen Cordoba (LA FIESTA PC). Spain
Nayola, by José Miguel Ribeiro (PRAÇA FILMES, IL LUSTER, JPL FILMS, SOIL, LUNA BLUE FILMS), Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands
Norbert, by José Corral Llorente (CAPITÁN ARAÑA, AQUÍ Y ALLÍ FILMS, HALOWAIIAN, VISTA SUR FILMS). Spain, Argentina
I Wish, by Quim Torrents (DEMIRANDA STUDIO). Spain
The Extra Terrestrial Orchestra, by Imanol Zinkunegi and Joseba Ponce (LOTURA FILMS, JARRAITUZ FILMAK). Spain
Rock Bottom, by Maria Trenor (ALBA SOTORRA, JAIBO FILMS, PHANTA ANIMATION). Spain, Netherlands
Super Bernard, by Toni García (APOLO FILMS). Spain
Tad, the Lost Explorer and the Emerald Tablet, by Enrique Gato (T5 CINEMA, LIGHTBOX ANIMATION STUDIOS, IKIRU FILMS, ANAGU, LA TADEOPELICULA). Spain
The Treaseure of Barracuda, by Adrià Garcia (INICIA FILMS). Spain
Una triste historia sobre alguien que pensó que jamás haría nada memorable, by Luis Ponce Segura. Spain
Unicorn Wars, by Alberto Vázquez (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS, UNIKO). Spain, France
Valentina, by Chelo Loureiro (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS). Spain, Portugal


Watercolor Collector Club, by Marco Rodríguez (ETÉREA FILMS). Spain, Mexico
Agents of History, by Rebeca Núñez, Sergio Abad and Sergio Córdoba (PEGATUM TRANSMEDIA). Spain
Aiko, by César Déneken. Spain
Minor Arcana, by Nacho Milán García (LA MADRIGUERA ANIMATION STUDIO). Spain
This is My Name, by Víctor Ferrández (DECER0). Spain
BirdMan & Chick Kid, by Sara Darias Luque. Spain
Bloody Dogs, by Violeta Fellay (MAGO PRODUCTION). Spain
Brian the Brain, by Tomás Peña (BLISS). Spain
Polka Dot Zebra, by Margarida Madeira and Laura Blanco (SYGNATIA, BRO CINEMA). Spain, Portugal
Cornelius, by Marc Torices and Khris Cembe (BLISS). Spain
Cretaceous 96, by Rafael Carmona (LAMAE). Spain
D.J.A (Dream Jobs Agency), by José Ignacio Molano Silván. Spain
This Only Happens in America, by Daniel Fernández Serrano (TROUPE AUDIOVISUAL). Spain
Frank, by Javier Pinto. Spain
The Inner Life, by Vicente Mallols (PANGUR ANIMATION). Spain
Isla Delfina, by Irene García Martín. Spain
KillWurst, by Sara Darias Luque. Spain
The Far and Dead West, by Victor Marin. Spain
Manolitos, by Diego Porral and Joaquín Garralda (JEG PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Marla & The Guardians of Time, by Belinda Bonan and Joan Rubinat (MOST WANTED STUDIO). Spain
Mervyn’s Album, by Jody Ganon (KICK THE DOOR PRODUCTIONS, THE BIG B ANIMATION COMPANY). Germany, Spain
MiBots Universe, by Nathalie Martínez and Maxi Valero (WISE BLUE STUDIOS, FILMAX). Spain
My brother is a T-ReZ, by Javier Peces (MR. KLAUS STUDIO, LUSCO FUSCO). Spain, Portugal
My CocoDraw, by Víctor Ferrández (DECER0). Spain
The Freakids, by Jordi Arencón (APOCALIPSIS PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Unnamed Planet, by Pax Dettoni. Spain
Dusty & Weedy, by Daniel Rodrigo Hitos (LA CAÑA BROTHERS). Spain
Firsts, by Bambu (Jorge) Orellana and Paloma Mora (TV ON, ADMIRABLE FILMS Y TIPPO CREATIVE LAB ). Spain, Chile
Psycorp, by Víctor Marín (INVICTUS DESIGNS PRODUCTIONS). Spain
Puma_Blue, by Noelia Mª Muíño González. Spain, USA
Secret Recess, by Marco Rodríguez (ETÉREA FILMS, DOC GUAU MEDIA). Spain
Audrey’s Shelter, by Alexandre Coste (PEEKABOO ANIMATION, WATCHNEXT MEDIA, IMAGE CIE). Spain, France, Canada
Sex Symbols, by Paloma Mora (ADMIRABLE FILMS). Spain, Belgium
Pet Shop, by Carlos Bleycher, Leonardo Beltrán and Pablo Castillo (TGWW CONTENT DEVELOPMENT STUDIOS, BITLS). Spain
Top Monsters. The Monsters Agency, by Carlos Zuriguel Pérez. Spain, USA
Critical Line, by Vicente Mallols (TV ON). Spain
Yanco & Dina and the Dinosaurs, by Alfonso Rodríguez Duarte (ZINKIA ENTERTAINMENT). Spain
Zoey Oceans, by Alice Guimarães (STUDIO KIMCHI). Spain


Aeterna Noctis, by AETERNUM GAME STUDIOS. Spain
Akita: King Pig Thinks Pig, by KARUMA GAMES. Spain
Arclight Beat, by DIGIPEN BILBAO. Spain
Arruyo, by DIGIPEN BILBAO. Spain
Asakami: a Soul´s Journey, by IROUX WORKS. Spain
Astrosoul, by Alba Rodríguez Novo. Spain
Bigger Than Me, by DEAD PIXEL GAMES. Spain
The Goblin’s Alley, by MEIGA STUDIO. Spain
Cell, by ACARIÑO FILMS. Spain
Curse of the Sea Rats, by PETOONS STUDIO. Spain
Delirium, by BLACKGATE STUDIOS. Spain
Desolatium, by SUPERLUMEN. Spain
Do Not Open, by NOX NOCTIS STUDIOS. Spain
Eclipse, by Jesús Caeiro Aguado and Martina Couceiro Díaz. Spain
Endling Extinction is Forever, by HEROBEAT STUDIOS, HANDY GAMES. Spain, Germany
The Fabulous Fear Machine, by FICTIORAMA STUDIOS. Spain
Han’yo, by DIGIPEN BILBAO. Spain
Hell of an Office, by Víctor Espín. Spain
Hitori Kakurenbo Online, by CODIWANS. Spain
IDEA, by Arturo Monedero. Spain
Injection π23 -Ars Regia-, by ABRAMELIN GAMES. Spain
Intruder in Antiquonia, by ARUMA STUDIOS. Spain
Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara, by CHIBIG, TALPA GAMES, UNDERCODERS. Spain
The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo, by GAMMERA NEST. Spain
MeteoHeroes Saving Planet Earth!, by GAMMERA NEST. Spain
Mika and the Witch’s Mountain, by CHIBIG, NUKEFIST. Spain
Minabo – A Walk Through Life, by DEVILISH GAMES, SPHERICAL PIXEL. Spain
Neon N Bullets, by Luis Román Pose Villalba. Spain
Shadow of Babel, by PEMPEROR GAMES. Spain
Summum Aeterna, by AETERNUM GAME STUDIOS. Spain
Tad the Lost Explorer and the Emerald Tablet, by GAMMERA NEST. Spain
TAPE: Unveil the Memories, by BLACKCHILIGOAT STUDIO. Spain
Treasures of the Aegean, by UNDERCODERS. Spain
Wrestling Story, by AO NORTE. Spain
Yakyosho, by KANASHI STUDIO. Spain


Album of Stories, by Marco Rodríguez (DOC GUAU MEDIA). Spain, Mexico
Anima Historias, by Carolina Rubí García Sánchez Armáss. Mexico
Destiny of Three, by Juan Cereceda. Spain
Devin Colmillos, by Raúl “Robin” Morales (CASA ANAFRE). Mexico
Rock Bottom, by Gabriel Molinaro. Spain
Fantastic Sex Shop, by Daniel Jácome (ALICIA ANIMATION HOUSE, LUNES ANIMATION). Ecuador, Chile
Fridge and TV, by Javi de la Chica (LA PANDA). Spain
Capybara Brothers, by Jeferson Canesso. Brazil, Portugal
Kate vs the Shadows. Argentina, Colombia
Lawless, by Agustín Caporallini aka CARL ‘CJ’ JOHNSON. USA, Japan
Paloma & Ari’s Wonderful Orchard, by Franco Dadone (BULLABESA). Peru
Nicolas – A Vampire in the Classroom, by Jeferson Canesso. Brazil, Portugal
PIM PAM PUM What is it for?, by Alba Chaparro and José Antonio Vaca Cerezo. Spain
The Mermaids’ Reflection, by Ben Manzanera. Spain
Stached, by Sofia Soldevila (PATCH ANIMATION). Spain
Timy Rex, by José Antonio Vaca Cerezo. Spain


Bonelike, by Lucas Cavanna Quero. Spain
Behind the Eyes, by Belén Montero (ABANO PRODUCIÓNS). Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom
Emergence: a Poetic Journey from the Big Bang to Human Consciousness Through Art, Science and Technology, by Joseba Beristain. Spain
Expediente Anunnaki, by Fernando Osuna Mascaró (BARRIOS PRODUCCIONES). Spain
Pink Noise, by Álvaro León Rodríguez (LA MOLA FILMS). Spain
Spanish Chapbooks, by Andrés Guevara. Spain
SAP, by Álex Botana and Jorge Díaz. Spain


The Unmatched Sock, by Charly Astié (EDITIONS LAPIN). France
With Money Howls the Wolf, by Carlos Valles Lloría and Rubén Rico Miralles. Spain
Estoy fatal, gracias, by Lara Pickle (VR EUROPA). Spain
Gnafcac, by Nicolò Santoro and Noemi Rosano. Itay
The Ugliest Woman, by Paco Sales. Spain
MMORI, by Pastaacolazione. Italy
Niihil, by Stygryt (COCO PRESS). Spain
Ragnarök, by Mariano Saura Copete . Spain
Sara, by Pilar Tarifa and Francisco Ballesteros. Spain
Sorunne II, by Guille Rancel and Diego Reinfeld (SPACEMAN PROJECT). Spain
El viaje de Felipe, by Stygryt (COCO PRESS). Spain


Buttons War, by Eduardo J. Toledo and Eloy Toledo. Spain
One of Us, by Asociación Cultural Fractals Educación Artística, Sovint cultura y desarrollo, Fondazione Emmanuel, AMMI, Vice Versa. Spain, Italy, Czech Republic
Pispa, by Rosa Pons and Lenno Verhoog (PONSVERHOOG). Netherlands, Spain
WICCA, by Joan Marc Clofent. Spain

The Weird Animation, Video Games and New Media Event will take place 27 September - 2 October 2022 in Valencia, Spain.

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