The Battle of San Romano by Georges Schwizgebel

The Battle of San Romano by Georges Schwizgebel

A movement within a painting, which begins with the savagery of a battle and comes to a halt in a rendition of a masterpiece of the 15th Century; 'The Battle of San Romano' by Paolo Uccello.

Swiss animation director and artist Georges Schwizgebel, from Le vol d' Icare (1974) till his latest 'Darwin's Notebook' (2020) is a committed auteur of the impressions, solidly rooted in both art, history and human empathy -without many cuts in between.

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Animated film, acrylic on cell
DCP 2K digital, 2’25’’, 1 :89, 5.1
June 2017
Réalisation : Georges Schwizgebel
Music & Sound design : Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Sound mix : Pierre Yves Drapeau
Compositing : Jonathan Laskar, papier perforé
Color grading :Boris Rabusseau, freestudios
Production : Studio GDS, Schwizgebel
© 2017 Schwizgebel

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