Big Noise by King Deluxe

Big Noise by King Deluxe

Despite its initial absurdity, the animated result seems more than satisfying, standing up for the original ambitious idea. Τhe short - produced by King Deluxe, is based on an artistic experiment, the so-called “the corpse project”. This means that different artists collaborate on the same project, giving it though, a more spicy twist; they are not working on the same chunk but every animator takes over where the previous one was left.

This endeavor is presented in the Big Noise, a clip accompanying the Dutch-based Lucinate’s homonymous track. The band’s groovy, soft bassline is asking for a moody, melancholic opening. And it gets it. We are being transferred in a speakeasies-like atmosphere where it comes as more than natural to ornament it with a bit of a murder mystery. Getting into the depths of the detective’s troubling untangling of the mystery when - well, with the help of rituals, star-reading of ancient civilizations and psychedelic enlightenment - where were we left? And what sort of ordeal did this teddy bear go through?

An interesting experiment, done by 9 different animators, brings a charming piece, through its ambiguity.

The artists, in order:

Héloïse Petel

Steve West

Jeremie Carreon

Pranay Patwardhan

Nikita Deshpande

Calvin Xingpei Shen

Gerhard Human

Pierre-Julien Fieux

Andrew Khosravani

Conde Pablo

Big Noise is also the title track of Lucinate's coming album and can be found on this beautiful limited edition 12" vinyl.

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